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Counter LIST of ARTICLES: Acid Rain. Agriculture and Grazing on Arids Lands. Agroecology. Air Pollution and Forests. Antarctic Marine Food Webs. Aquatic Weeds. Arboreta. Artificial Habitats for Fish. Aspects of the Environmental Chemistry of Elements. Atmosphere-Terrestial Ecosystem Modeling. Atmospheric Ozone and the Biological Impact of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation. Bioregradation of Pollutants. Biodiversity. Biodiversity, Processes of Loss. Biodiversity, Economic Appraisal. Biodiversity, Values and Uses. Biogeochemical Cycles. Biogeochemistry. Biological Communities of Tropical Oceans. Biological Control. Biological Engineering for Sustainable Biomass Production. Biomass Burning. Biosphere Reserves. Bird Communities. Bog Ecology. Captive Breeding and Management of Endangered Species. Community Based Management of Common Property Resources. Conservation Agreements, International. Conservation Programs for Endangered Plant Species. Continental Shelf Ecosystems. Controlled Ecologies. Coral Reef Ecosystems. Deciduous Forests. Deforestation. Desertification: Causes and Processes. Deserts. Deserts, Australian. Diversity Crises in the Geologic Past. Duties to Endangered Species. Ecological Energetics of Ecosystems. Ecological Energetics of Terrestrial Vertebrates. Ecological Restoration. Ecology and Genetics of Virulence and Resistance. Ecology of Mutualism. Ecology of Size, Shape, And Age Structure in Animals. Ecology, Aggregate Variables. Ecophysiology. Ecosystem Integrity. Impact of Traditional Peoples. Ecotoxicology. Environmental Radioactivity and Radiation. Environmental Stress and Evolution. Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Concepts in Ecological Models. Eutrophication. Everglades, Human Transformations of a Dynamic Ecosystem. Evolution and Extinction. Evolutionary History of Biodiversity. Evolutionary Taxonomy Versus Cladism. Farming, Dry Land. Fire Ecology.Fish Conservation. Fish Ecology. Foraging Strategies. Foraging By Ungulate Herbivores. Forest Canopies. Forest Clear-Cutting, Soil Response. Forest Genetics. Forest Hydrology. Forest Insect Control. Forest Pathology. Forest Stand Regeneration, Natural and Artificial. Forests, Competition and Succession. Galapagos Islands. Gene Banks. Germplasm Conservation. Global Anthropogenic Influences. Global Carbon Cycle. Grassland Ecology. Great Plains, Climate Variability. Greenhouse Gases in the Earth's Atmosphere. Hydrologic Needs of Wetland Animals. Industrial Development, Arctic. Insect Demography. Insect Interactions with Trees. Intertidal Ecology. Introduced Species. Introduced Species, Zebra Mussels in North America. Invertebrates, Freshwater. Island Biogeography, Theory and Applications. Keystone Species. Krill, Antarctic. Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone. Landscape Ecology. Life Histories. Limnology, Inland Aquatic Ecosystems. Mammalian Reproductive Strategies, Biology of Infanticide. Management of Large Marine Ecosystems. Marine Biology, Human Impacts. Marine Biology, Human Impacts. Marine Microbial Ecology. Marine Productivity. Mass Extinction, Biotic and Abiotic. Modeling Forest Growth. Molecular Evolution. Nature Preserves. Nitrogen Cycle Interactions with Global Change Porcesses. Nitrous Oxide Budget. Northern Polar Ecosystems. Nutrient Cycling in Forests. Nutrient Cycling in Tropical Forests. Ocean Ecology. Packrat Middens, Archives of Desert Biotic History. Paleolimnology. Parasitism, Ecology. Park and Wilderness Management, Physiological Ecology of Forest Stands. Plant Conservation. Plant Ecophysiology. Plant Sources of Natural Drugs and Compounds. Plant-Animal Interactions. Plant and High CO2. Pollution Impacts on Marine Biology. Pollution of Urban Wet Weather Discharge. Population Regulation. Population Viability Analysis. Range Ecology and Grazing. Restoration Ecology. Rhizosphere Ecophysiology. River Ecology. Sahara. Sahel, West Africa. Seed Banks. Seed Dispersal, Germination and Flowering Strategies of Desert Plants. Sex Ratio. Shifting Cultivation. Soil Ecosystems. Soil Management in the Tropics. Speciation. Speciation and Adaptive Radiation. Species Diversity. Terrestrial Halophytes. Territoriality. Traditional Conservation Practices. Tragedy of the Commons. Tundra, Arctic and Sub-Arctic. Virgin Forests and Endangered Species, Northern Spotted Owl and Mt. Graham Red Sqirrel. Wastewater Treatment Biology. Wastewater Treatment for Inorganics. Water Quality Improvement Functions of Wetlands. Wetland Restoration and Creation. Wetlands Ecology. Wild Crops. Wildlife Management. Wildlife Radiotelemetry. Zoological Parks. Subject Index. Author Index.

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