Table of contents for He's a stud, she's a slut and 49 other double standards every woman should know / by Jessica Valenti.

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1. He's a Stud, She's a Slut
2. He's Chill, She's on the Pill
3. He's Rough, She's Dainty
4. He's a Hero, She's a Damsel
5. He's Metrosexual, She's Anorexic
6. He's "Lucky," She's Lolita
7. He's a Bachelor, She's a Spinster
8. He Can Be a Beast, She Must Be a Beauty
9. He's a Hipster, She's a Ho
10. He's Gonna Be a Success, She Gonna Be a Stay-at-Home Mom 
11. He's a Politician, She's a Fashion Plate 
12. He's a Romeo, She's a Stalker
13. He's Tough, She's a Tomboy 
14. He's Angry, She's PMSing
15. He's Distinguished, She's Driving Miss Daisy
16. He's Manly, She's Sasquatch
17. He's Successful, She's a Showoff
18. He's SuperDad, She's ShittyMom
19. He's the Boss, She's a Bitch
20. He's Well Paid, She's Screwed
21. He's Gay, She's a Fantasy 
22. He's Himself, She's Mrs. Himself
23. He's Getting an Education, She's Getting in His Way
24. He's Independent, She's Pathetic
25. He's a Celeb, She's a Mess
26. He's Husky, She's Invisible
27. He's a Man, She's a Mom
28. He's Dating a Younger Woman, She's a Cougar
29. He's Drunk, She's a Victim
30. He's Stoic, She's Frigid
31. He's Covered, She's Screwed
32. He's Represented, She's a Token	
33. He's Neat, She's Neurotic
34. He's Fun, She's Frivolous 
35. He Walks Freely, She Gets Harassed 
36. He's a Porn Watcher, She's the Show 
37. He's Hot and Heady, She's Brainy or Boobilicious
38. He's an Activist, She's a Pain in the Ass
39. He's a Person, She's a Commodity
40. He's a Public Figure, She's a Virgin/Whore
41. He's Got GI Joe, She's Got Barbie
42. He's Paying Less, She's Paying More 
43. He's Pussy Whipped, She's a "Good Girlfriend"
44. He's Protected, She's Property 
45. He's Fondling, She's Feeding 
46. He's Childless, She's Selfish
47. He's Funny, She's Annoying
48. He's Dating, She's Taken
49. He's Rugged, She's Rude
50. He's Plain, She's Vain

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