Table of contents for I, II & III John : a commentary / Jidith M. Lieu.

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1. The First, Second, and Third Letters of John?
	1.1 John
	1.2 Letters
2. The Setting of the Letters
	2.1 Author and Audience
	2.2 Situation
3. The Thought of the Letters
	3.1 Argument and Style
	3.2 Johannine Tradition
	3.3 The Thought of the Letters
	3.4 Background
4. The Reception of the Letters and Their Importance in Recent Study
	4.1 Reception and Text
	4.2 The Importance of the Letters
5. Translation and Language	
1 John 1:1-4	The Prologue
	1:1-3 		The Opening
	1:4 		The Purpose in writing
1 John 1:5¿2:2	Living in the Light of God
	1:5		God is Light
	1:6-10		Saying and Doing
	2:1-2		The Assurance of Forgiveness
1 John 2:3-11	From Knowledge of God to Love of a Fellow Believer
	2:3-6		Knowledge and Obedience
	2:7-11		Hearing the Command and Loving a Fellow Believer
1 John 2:12-17	Encouragement to Persevere
	2:12-14		Children, Fathers, and Youths
	2:15-17		Do Not Love the World
1 John 2:18-28	Standing Firm Against Deceit
	2:18-23		The Appearance of the Antichrists
	2:24-28		The Call to Remain Faithful
1 John 2:29--3:12	The Identity of Those Who Are (or Who Are Not) Children of 
	2:29¿3:3		The Confidence of the Children of God
	3:4-10a		The Two Ways
	3:10b-12		Justice and Love as the Marks of the Children of God
1 John 3:13-24	Love within the Community and Confidence before God
	3:13-18		The Bonds of love
	3:19-24		Confidence before God
1 John 4:1-6	Testing the Spirits
1 John 4:7¿5:4	The Love which is God's
	4:7-10		In Celebration of God's Love
	4:11-16		God's Love as the Source of Our Love
	4:17-19		Confidence in Love
	4:20¿5:4		Obedience to God and Love for Others
1 John 5:4-13	Belief in the Son of God
	5:4-8		Jesus, the Son of God
	5:9-12		God's Own Testimony to the Son of God
	5:13		"This is Why I Have Written"
1 John 5:14-21	Exercising the Privileges of Life
	5:14-17		Seeking Life
	5:18-21		The Ultimate Confidence
2 John
	1-3		The Greeting
	4-8		Encouragement to Steadfastness
	9-13		Holding on to the Teaching
3 John
	1-4		Opening Pleasantries
	5-12		The Test of Loyalty
	13-14		Closing Formalities
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