Table of contents for The complete compost gardening guide / Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Martin.

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Part 1 
Getting Started with Compost Gardening
1: Gardening in Garbage
Seeing Is Believing * Who Owns Compost? * Why Compost? * Can You Have Too Much? * Bold Bacteria * Fantastic Fungi * Health Food for Soil * Composting Fast, Composting Slow * Gardening in Super Soil 
2: Tools for the Composter's Garden
Tools: Few and Frugal * Five Foundation Tools for Your Composter's Garden * Tools for Transporting Materials * Tools for Cutting and Chopping * Maintenance and Monitoring Tools * Evaluating Your Compost * Know Your Needs
3: Materials for the Composter's Garden
Getting to Know Compostable Materials * Import Solutions, Not Problems * Balancing Browns and Greens * Compost Your Way to a Better Garden * Gathering the Goods, Starting in the Kitchen * Turn Garden Refuse to Garden Rewards * Leaves and Pine Straw * Composting Grass Clippings * Composting Manure * Hay and Straw * Paper and Cardboard to Compost * Wood Chips and Sawdust * Purchasing Compost * Compost Activators * Odds and Ends for the Composter's Garden * Bypass the Pile * Adventures in Composting
Part 2: Compost Gardening Techniques
4: Banner Batches
Making Compost in Piles, Heaps, Bins, and Pens * Making Fast Banner Batches * Working with Slow Banner Batches * Resourceful Compost Enclosures * Curing Finished Compost
5: Comforter Compost and Grow Heaps
Working with Comforter Compost * Managing Moisture * Getting Started with Grow Heaps * Grand Finales for Comforter Compost and Grow Heaps 
6: Composting Underground in Craters, Trenches, and Holes
The Compost Problem Solver * Secrets of the Subsoil * Working with Layered Craters * Pretty Pits-of-Plenty * Working with Treasure Troughs * Hard-Working Honey Holes * Dig into Compost Gardening Methods
7: Catch-and-Release Vermicomposting
Vermicompost Basics * The Who's Who of Garden Earthworms * Getting Started in Catch-and-Release Vermicomposting * Fostering Worm-Colonized Compost Heaps * Keeping Worm-Colonized Compost Heaps * Keeping Worms in Indoor Bins * Caring for Captive Worms * Harvesting Finished Vermicompost * Sifting and Storing Cermicompost * Best Uses for Vermicompost * Stay Focused on the Big Picture * 
8: Making the Most of Your Compost
The Hows and Whys of Compost Screening * Getting Rid of Unwanted Seeds * Is Compost Your Cup of Tea? * Using Compost to Make Special Soils * Making Special Soils * Rejuvenating Designer Dirt * Composting in Wild Company * Do Animals Make Compost? * Hosting Garden Allies
3: Plants for the Composter's Garden
MycoRhizo Walk of Fame
How Plants Interact with Compost
The Legume Family
The Tomato Family 
The Cucumber Family 
Compost Fodder Crops

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