Table of contents for Language for a new century : contemporary poetry from the Middle East, Asia, and beyond / edited by Tina Chang, Nathalie Handal, and Ravi Shankar.

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ContentsForeword	000Preface	000Acknowledgments	000A Note on Surnames	000In the Grasp of Childhood FieldsJoseph O. Legaspi Ode to My Mother's Hair	000Jennifer Kwon Dobbs Elegy for Pure Music	000Tenzin Tsundue Exile House	000Nick Carb¿ Directions to My Imaginary Childhood	000Ha Jin Homework	000Alvin Pang String Theory	000Tanikawa Shuntaro° In Praise of Goldberg	000V¿nus Khoury-Ghata Our cries, she used to say	000Pak Chaesam The Road Back	000Xuan Quynh The Blue Flower	000Vikram Seth Suzhou Park	000Hamid Ismailov The Shaping Clay	000Mong-Lan Overhearing Water	000Romesh Gunesekera Turning Point	000Rajinderpal S. Pal proof	000Kyi May Kaung Eskimo Paradise	000Cyril Wong Practical Aim	000Chin Woon Ping In My Mother's Dream	000Dilawar Karadaghi A Child Who Returned from There Told Us	000Nguyen Quang Thieu The Habit of Hunger	000Aku Wuwu tiger skins	000Jon Pineda My Sister, Who Died Young, Takes Up The Task	000Kimiko Hahn Things That Are Full of Pleasure; 	000Leong Liew Geok Dismantling the Wayang Stage	000Rajendra Kishore Panda from Bodhinabha: The Sky Vision	000Abdellatif La¿bi Untitled	000Shukrulla The Age of My Father	000Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni The Walk	000Luis Cabalquinto Depths of Field	000Parsed into ColorsDavid Avidan Dance Music	000Xue Di The Wanderer	000Diana Der-Hovanessian Two Voices	000Jessica Hagedorn Motown/Smokey Robinson	000Mamdouh Adwan Tired of Soliloquies	000Kamaran Mukri Star, Bird & Autumn	000Noozar Elias Stars and the Dawn	000Manju Kanchuli The Way of A River, The Forest, Night	000Fazil H¿sn¿ Dag%larca Dead	000Kitamura Taro° excerpts from "A Man of the Port"	000Leung Ping-kwan Postcards of Old Hong Kong	000Ravi Shankar Exile	000Taha Muhammad Ali Postoperative Complications Following the Extraction of Memory	000Yan Li Warm Inspiration	000Nirmalendu Goon Firearm	000Patrick Rosal About the White Boys Who Drove By a Second Time to Throw a Bucket of Water on Me	000Gregory Djanikian The Boy Who Had Eleven Toes	000Cesar Ruiz Aquino She Comes with Horns and Tail	000Ishigaki Rin Plucking Flowers	000Kazi Nazrul Islam I Sing of Equality	000Firuza Mammadli Leaning My Shoulder to the Sun	000Xie Ye At Last I Turn My Back	000Mohan Koir¿l¿ It's a Mineral, the Mind	000Tsuji Yukio Rum and Snow	000K. Dhondup Exile	000Mohja Kahf Lifting the Hagar Heel	000Purna Bahadur Vaidya Water Is Water	000Wadih Sa'adeh Genesis	000Yong Shu Hoong Chicago	000Kim Cheng Boey Wanton with James	000Issa Makhlouf We Travel	000Saqi Farooqi An Injured Tomcat in an Empty Sack	000Zakariyya Muhammad Everything	000Muhammed al-Acha'ari excerpt from "Little Wars"	000Syed Shamsul Haq Poem 240	000Unsi al-Haj Is This You or the Tale?	000Yi Sha excerpt from "Wonders Never Cease"	000Nazik al-Mala'ika Insignificant Woman	000Meena Alexander Floating on Fifth	000Bimal Nibha Cycle	000Gieve Patel Squirrels in Washington	000Sa'adyya Muffareh excerpt from "The Spell of Blazing Trees"*	000Nurit Zarhi "For they are at the center of my life"	000Wing Tek Lum The Butcher	000Ahmad 'Abd al-Mu'ti Hijazi The Lonely Woman's Room	000Hatif Janabi Paradises, Soldiers, and Stags	000Li-Young Lee Immigrant Blues	000Barouyr Sevag The Analysis of Yearning (Garod)	000Shirley Geok-lin Lim Scavenging on Double Bluff	000Slips and AtmosphericsYang Lian Knowing	000Rukmini Bhaya Nair Genderole	000Cathy Park Hong Ontology of Chang and Eng, the Original Siamese Twins	000Che Qianzi Sentences	000Jos¿ Garcia Villa The Anchored Angel	000Fatima Mahmoud excerpt from "What Was Not Conceivable"	000Arun Kolatkar The Alphabet	000Lawrence Joseph Then	000Brian Kim Stefans from The Screens	000Habib Tengour The River of the Cyclops	000Prageeta Sharma A Brazen State	000Mei-mei Berssenbrugge Safety	000Sarah Gambito Scene: a Loom	000Katayoon Zandvakili The Eglantine Deal	000Aimee Nezhukumatathil By the Light of a Single Worm	000Marilyn Chin Tonight While the Stars are Shimmering (New World Duet)	000John Yau In the Fourth Year of The Plague	000Ahmad Dahbour The Hands Again	000Lale M¿ld¿r 311	000Tada Chimako Haiku	000Taufiq Rafat Lights	000Yeow Kai Chai Quarterly Report No. 7: Epiphytes and Vetiver Control	000Kitasono Katue Oval Ghost	000Tan Lin excerpt from "BlipSoak01"	000Wafaa' Lamrani A Talisman	000Monica Youn Stereoscopes	000Bahtiyar Vahapzade Pauses	000Arvind Krishna Mehrotra The World's a Printing House	000Etel Adnan Insomnia	000Alamgir Hashmi Snow	000Abed Ismael The Poem; The Mirage	000Arundhathi Subramaniam Strategist	000Marjorie Evasco Dreamweavers	000Khaled Mattawa Texas in the Afternoon	000Tsai Yim Pui enchantress	000Yu Jian excerpts from Anthology of Notes	000Baha Zain Language	000Vidhu Aggarwal Customs House	000Ouyang Yu A poem, long overdue	000Jalal el-Hakmaoui You Hear Me Jim Morrison?	000B. S. Mardhekar The Forests of Yellow Bamboo Trees	000Paolo Javier DJ Cam1	000Salim Barakat Index of Creatures	000Ricardo M. de Ungria Notations on the Prospects for Peace	000Srikanth Reddy Loose Strife with Apiary	000Jenny Boully from The Body	000Michael Ondaatje Proust in the Waters	000Earth of Drowned GodsSaadi Youssef America, America	000Latif Nazemi A Word for Freedom	000Sesshu Foster Gigante	000R. Cheran I Could Forget All This	000Muhammad al-Maghut After Long Thinking	000Jeet Thayil Spiritus Mundi	000Kedarnath Singh An Argument About Horses	000Fadwa Tuqan My Freedom	000Pham Tien Duat In the Labor Market at Giang Vo	000Shang Qin Flying Garbage	000Aharon Shabtai Our Land	000Abbas Beydoun White Lie	000Hsien Min Toh Crow-Shooters	000Suheir Hammad nothin to waste	000Fawzia Afzal-Khan Amazing Grace	000Marne L. Kilates Python in the Mall	000S. Sivasegaram Ahalya	000Mohammad Kazem Kazemi excerpt from "Return"	000Rafiq Azad Give me Bhaat, Bastard	000Linh Dinh Eating Fried Chicken	000'Abd-Allah al-Baraduni From Exile to Exile	000Pireeni Sundaralingam Letters from Exile	000Carolyn Marie Souaid Apology to Orhan Pamuk	000Meng Lang Facing a Nation	000Walid Bitar A Moral Climate	000Monzer Masri A Dusty Skull	000Nadia Anjuman The Silenced	000Xiong Hong Dark Associations	000Hayan Charara Thinking American	000Hilmy Salem Trembling	000Hasab al-Shaikh Ja'far Signature	000Ketaki Kushari Dyson A Woman Reflects on Mutability	000Ashur Etwebi Politics	000Taslima Nasrin At the Back of Progress	000Khalil Reza Uluturk The Poet's Voice	000Luisa A. Igloria Hill Station	000Duo Duo When People Rise from Cheese Statement #1	000Prathibha Nandakumar At the Staircase	000Yang Mu Fallen Leaves	000Mahmoud Darwish In Jerusalem	000Vijay Seshadri The Disappearances	000Buffaloes Under Dark WaterFatma Kandil The Islands	000Lisa Asagi Physics	000Kim Su%ng-hu%i Sun Mass	000Mani Rao ñ	000Rick Barot Many Are Called	000Zhang Er Blue	000Eileen Tabios Tercets from The Book of Revelation	000C. Dale Young Proximity	000Buddhadeva Bose Rain and Storm	000Ch¿gyam Trungpa Haiku	000Eva Ranaweera The Poson Moon	000Paul Tan The Sentry at Mutianyu Speaks to the Astronaut	000Muhammad al-Ghuzzi A Dream	000Melih Cevdet Anday Vertigo	000Qasim Haddad All of Them	000Moniza Alvi The Wedding	000Arthur Sze Labrador Tea	000Angkarn Kalayanaphong Scoop Up the Sea	000Luis H. Francia Gathering Storm	000Takahashi Mutsuo The Dead Boy	000Taher Riyad excerpt from "Signs"	000Wang Xiaoni White Moon	000Tamura Ryuichi A Thin Line	000Yao Feng The Poet's Lunch	000Kunwar Narain The Rest of the Poem	000Sajjad Sharif Horse	000Rachida Madani excerpt from "Tales of a Severed Head"	000Monica Ferrell Mohn Des Ged¿chtnis	000Nacera Mohammadi Weeping	000Hung Hung Woman Translating, or La Belle Inf¿d¿le	000Arthur Yap Night Scene	000Shiraishi Kazuko Travel Again; The Time I Am Heading For Is May	000Joy Kogawa To Scuttle the Moon	000Erkin Vahidov Blue Rays	000Sherko Bekes excerpt from "Butterfly Valley"	000To Thuy Yen The Deserted Caf¿	000Suerkul Turgunbayev Night	000Tina Chang Origin & Ash	000Anjum Hasan A Place Like Water	000Edgar B. Maranan Climbing Mt. Iraya	000Ziba Karbassi Carpet Garden	000Bhanu Kapil from The Wolf Girls of Midnapure	000Chuan Sha The Wolves Are Roaring	000Adrian A. Husain Crocodiles	000Sankha Ghosh Four Poems from Panjore DanRer Shabda (Oars in My Ribs)	000Al-Saddiq al-Raddi Song	000A. K. Ramanujan The Black Hen	000Montri Umavijani A Revisit	000Manjul Sky	000Ranjit Hoskote Moth	000Rajee Seth It Can't Ever See; The Sky	000Roy Miki About	000Ling Yu excerpts from "Turtle Island Aria II"	000Esmail Khoi Of Sea Wayfarers	000Manohar Shetty Spider	000Malathi Maitri She Who Threads the Skies	000Amal Dunqul The City of Wrecked Ships	000Koike Masayo Antelope	000Atamurad Atabayev Depth: A Sonnet	000Nathalie Handal Autobiography of Night	000R. Zamora Linmark excerpt from "What Some Are Saying About The Body"	000Apostrophe in the ScriptureN¿zim Hikmet Angina Pectoris	000Keki N. Daruwalla Gujarat 2002	000Adonis excerpts from "Diary of Beirut Under Siege, 1982"	000Gu Cheng excerpts from "Eulogy World"	000Jean Arasanayagam Nallur, 1982	000Granaz Moussavi Camouflage Costumes	000Bryan Thao Worra Burning Eden One Branch at a Time	000Lam Thi My Da Bomb Crater Sky	000Jam Ismail Casa Blanca	000Faiz Ahmed Faiz Once Again the Mind 	000Yehuda Amichai I Was Not One of the Six Million. And What Is the Span of My Life? Open Shut Open	000To Huu Pham Hong Thai	000Jayanta Mahapatra A Kind of Happiness	000Maya Bejerano The Pecan Leaves	000Ghassan Zaqtan Black Horses	000Barbara Tran Lineup	000Muhammad "Afifi Matar Recital	000Kim Kwang-kyu North South East West	000Y Nhi excerpt from "Letter in Winter"	000D. H. Melhem Mindful Breathing	000Joko Pinurbo Coming Home at Night	000Amir Or Blow Job	000Waleed Khazindar At Least	000Saniyya Saleh Blind Boats	000Ahmad Shamlu Greatest Wish Song	000Amjad Nasser One Evening in a Caf¿	000Bejan Matur Time Consoled in the Stone	000H. S. Shiva Prakash Eleven Rudras	000U Sam Oeur The Fall of Culture	000Mammad Araz If There Were No War	000Shamsur Rahman Into Olive Leaves	000Sitor Situmorang In Answer to Father's Letter	000Kadhim Jihad South	000Sholeh Wolp¿ One Morning, in the LA Times	000Shin Kyo%ng-nim Ssitkim Kut; A wandering spirit's song	000Naomi Shihab Nye The Word PEACE	000Chen Li War Symphony	000This House, My BonesSudeep Sen A Blank Letter	000Samuel Hazo Just Words	000Jibananda Das Banalata Sen	000Xi Chuan excerpts from "Misfortune"	000Partaw Naderi Lucky Men	000Oktay Rifat Beyond the Seven Hills	000Samih al-Qasim excerpt from "An Inquest"	000Banira Giri Kathmandu	000Simin Behbahani Homeland Once More, I'll Build You	000Nadia Tu¿ni Cedars	000Asadullah Habib The Story of My Country	000Garrett Hongo Chikin Hekka	000Al Mahmud Deathsleep	000Choman Hardi Summer Roof 	000Bhupi Sherchan Cursed House	000Dilip Chitre Ode to Bombay	000Amin Kamil In Water	000Ravil Bukharaev The Wey	000Luo Zhicheng On Encountering Sorrow	000Mohammad Rafiq No One Belonging to Me	000Vivek Narayanan The Dump	000Gevorg Emin Small	000Wong Phui Nam excerpts from Against the Wilderness	000Bei Dao Black Map	000Yasmine Gooneratne Washing the Grain	000Louise Ho POP SONG 1 "At Home in Hong Kong" 1964	000M. Athar Tahir Carpet Weaver	000I·lhan Berk Istanbul	000Bino A. Realuyo Filipineza	000Gurbannazar Eziz The Eastern Poem	000Abd al-Aziz al-Maqalih Ma'reb Speaks	000Kirpal Singh Two Voices	000Brian Komei Dempster Your Hands Guide Me Through Trains	000Hassan Najmi Train Station	000Ak Welsapar Midday	000Dorji Penjore I Want My Soil Back	000Nguyen Duy The Father	000Dom Moraes Gondwana Rocks	000G¿mino H. Abad Jeepney	000G. S. Sharat Chandra In the Third Country	000Edip Cansever Bedouin	000Al-Munsif al-Wahaybi In the Arab House	000Agnes S. L. Lam Eighteen Haikus for Xiamen	000Merlie M. Alunan The Neighbor's Geese	000Bashir Sakhawarz Kabul Behind My Window	000Sohrab Sepehri At the Hamlet of Gulestaneh	000Zhai Yongming The Black Room	000Salma Khadra Jayyusi A Tale	000Peter Balakian Mandelstam in Armenia, 1930	000U Tin Moe Desert Years	000Suji Kwock Kim The Korean Community Garden	000Gyalpo Tsering The Nomad III	000Farah Didi Dying for a Himalayan Dream	000Elmaz Abinader This House, My Bones	000Bowl of Air and ShiversSarat Kumar Mukhopadhyay To God	000Tsering Wangmo Dhompa One more say	000Pimone Triplett A Vision of St. Clare	000Russell C. Leong Tian Qiao / Sky Bridge	000Sargon Boulus How Middle-Eastern Singing Was Born	000Agyeya Quietly	000Goenawan Mohamad A Tale	000Ko Un from Flowers of a Moment	000Liu Kexiang Natural Science Teacher	000Muhammad Haji Salleh the forest last day	000Muhammed al-Faituri A Scream	000Beh¿et Necatigil Phosphorus	000Viswanatha Satyanarayana Song of Krishna (5)	000Kim Nam-jo Foreign Flags	000Nissim Ezekiel The Hill	000Suyunbay Eraliev Beginning	000Lisa Suhair Majaj Reunion	000K. Satchidanandan Stammer	000Dahlia Ravikovitch Grand Days Have Gone By Her	000Rafiq Raaz Seven Sparks	000Yona Wallach Tuvia	000Saksiri Meesomsueb excerpt from "Tutka Roi Sai (Sand Trace Doll)"	000Eunice de Souza Sacred River	000Eric Gamalinda Valley of Marvels	000Indran Amirthanayagam Yamoussoukro, With Cathedral	000Woeser Midnight, on the Fifth Day of the Fourth Month in the Tibetan Calendar	000Cathy Song Breaking Karma	000Yusuf al-Khal Retaliation	000Najwan Darwish Clouds	000Nazeeh Abu Afash excerpt from "The Wolf's Hour"	000Fehmida Riyaz Iqleema	000Amrita Pritam excerpt from "Creation Poems"	000Abdul Bari Jahani Messenger	000Ku Sang This Year	000Sujata Bhatt Black Sails	000Suresh Parshottamdas Dalal Prose Poem	000Abdullah Habib al-Maaini Noon	000Sasaki Mikiro The Procession	000Badr Shakir al-Sayab Wafiqa's Casement	000Shanta Acharya Highgate Cemetery	000Shiv Kumar Batalvi Turbaned One	000Rahman Rahi Redemption	000Toya Gurung After a Turn Around the Temple	000Saif al-Rahbi Clump of Grass	000Eshqabil Shukur The Corpse of a Sufi	000Suad al-Kawari Comfort for a Lonely Woman	000Debjani Chatterjee Swanning In	000Sally Ito Alert to Glory	000Ngodup Paljor Ways of the World	000Amina Sa¿d on the seventh day of my birth	000Andr¿e Chedid To Each of the Dead	000Edith L. Tiempo Rowena, Playing in the Sun	000Phan Nhien Hao Trivial Details	000Masud Khan The Age of Commerce	000Eugene Gloria Allegra with Spirit	000Attil¿ Ilhan The Dead Grow Old	000Hilary Tham Mrs. Wei on Piety	000Abdallah Zrika excerpt from "Black Candle Drops"	000Dan Pagis Ein Leben	000Nujoum al-Ghanim Sand in Flames	000Alfred A. Yuson Dream of Knives	000Sapardi Djoko Damono Walking Behind the Body	000Buddhadhasa Bhikkhu Blind Eyes, Eyes That See	000Oliver de la Paz Aubade with Bread for the Sparrows	000Ayukawa Nobuo In a Dilapidated House	000Muhammad Hasan 'Awwad Secret of Life and Nature	000Michelle Yasmine Valladares Manga	000Du Thi Hoan Dhyana Land	000The Quivering WorldEvelyn Lau 50 Bedtime Stories	000Bibhu Padhi Pictures of the Body	000Qian Xi Teng three love objects	000Xi Xi Sonnet	000Ustad Khalilullah Khalili Quatrains	000Agha Shahid Ali Ghazal 	000M. A. Sepanlu The Terrace of Dead Fishermen	000Nathan Zach As Agreed	000Abdul Wahab al-Bayati Aisha's Profile	000R. Parthasarathy East Window	000Ishle Yi Park Portrait of a Bronx Bedroom	000Justin Chin Eros in Boystown	000Timothy Liu FIVE RICE QUEENS	000Ito° Hiromi Near Kitami Station on the Odakyu° Line	000Forugh Farrokhzad Sin	000Zheng Danyi but love	000Kishwar Naheed Non-Communication	000Abd el-Monem Ramadan Preparation for Our Desires	000Salah 'Abd al-Sabur The Gist of the Story	000Kazim Ali Said in the Rain	000Sufia Kamal Mother of Pearls	000Zareh Khrakhouni Measure	000Bozor Sobir Letters	000Sylva Gaboudikian What I Notice	000Perveen Shakir Consolation	000Shu Ting A Night at the Hotel	000Hong Yun-suk Ways of Living 4	000Thanh Thao Adornments	000Wang Ping Wild Pheasant	000Ahmad-Reza Ahmadi I Did Not Expect	000Cecep Syamsul Hari Wooden Table	000Laurence Wong Dawn in the Mid-Levels	000Rishma Dunlop Saccade	000Kim Su-yo%ng Variations on the Theme of Love	000'Enayat Jaber Circle	000Medaks¿ Envy	000Mureed Barghouthy Desire	000Priya Sarukkai Chabria Flight: In Silver, Red and Black	000Fawziyya Abu Khalid To a Man	000So% Cho%ng-ju Barley-Time summer	000Abdullah Goran Women and Beauty	000Muhammad Bennis Love Is Eternity's River	000Partow Nooriala Are You a Snake?	000Bassam Hajjar Hatred	000Nader Naderpour The Sculptor	000O°oka Makoto Rocking Horse	000Agnes Lam the red grapefruit	000Reetika Vazirani Quiet Death in a Red Closet	000Dorothea Rosa Herliany Saint Rosa, 1	000Zahrad Who Struck First?	000Nabila Azzubair The Closed Game	000Harris Khalique She and I	000Hsia Y¿ Fusion Kitch	000Huu Thinh Poem Written by the Sea	000Nizar Qabbani What Is Love?	000Author Biographies	000Translator Biographies	000Country Index	000Language List	000Editor Biographies	000Permissions Acknowledgments	000Index	000

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