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 TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423535"Introduction	 PAGEREF _Toc174423535 \h 8
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423536"Who is this Book for	 PAGEREF _Toc174423536 \h 9
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423537"How this Book is Organized	 PAGEREF _Toc174423537 \h 10
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423538"Chapter Two ¿ Blog 101: Everything You Need to Know about Blogging	 PAGEREF _Toc174423538 \h 16
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423539"What is a Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423539 \h 16
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423540"History of the Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423540 \h 18
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423541"The Construction of a Blog?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423541 \h 19
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423542"What do I need to Create My Own Blog?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423542 \h 21
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423543"Blog Software & Blog Hosting Options	 PAGEREF _Toc174423543 \h 21
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423544"Our Blog Case Study	 PAGEREF _Toc174423544 \h 27
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423545"Who Blogs?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423545 \h 30
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423546"Blog vs Content Management Systems	 PAGEREF _Toc174423546 \h 31
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423547"Understanding Pings and Trackbacks	 PAGEREF _Toc174423547 \h 31
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423548"Blogging & SPAM	 PAGEREF _Toc174423548 \h 34
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423549"Blog Software Comparison and Reviews	 PAGEREF _Toc174423549 \h 35
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423550"Full Service Blog Provider (hosted on their Web Server);	 PAGEREF _Toc174423550 \h 36
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423551"Independent Blog Software (hosted on your Web Server);	 PAGEREF _Toc174423551 \h 38
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423552"Freeware Blog Software (hosted on their (or your) Web Server);	 PAGEREF _Toc174423552 \h 43
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423553"Chapter Three ¿ Blogging & Your Business: How Blogging can Increase Profits	 PAGEREF _Toc174423553 \h 46
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423554"Business Blog Communications ¿ How does it all Work?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423554 \h 48
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423555"Why start a Blog for your Business, Organization or Cause?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423555 \h 50
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423556"Okay, I have a Blog for my Business, Organization or Cause, Now What?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423556 \h 54
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423557"Does my Business, Organization or Cause need a Blog?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423557 \h 54
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423558"Business Blogging Guidelines and Recommendations	 PAGEREF _Toc174423558 \h 56
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423559"Chapter Four ¿ Blogging Etiquette: Learn the Rules Before you Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423559 \h 58
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423560"Blogging Etiquette Advice	 PAGEREF _Toc174423560 \h 58
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423561"Chapter Five ¿ How to Write a Great Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423561 \h 66
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423562"How Important is Your Blog Content?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423562 \h 66
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423563"Guidelines for Writing Blogs	 PAGEREF _Toc174423563 \h 68
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423564"How to Write Comments on Blogs	 PAGEREF _Toc174423564 \h 72
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423565"Guidelines for Blog Comments	 PAGEREF _Toc174423565 \h 73
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423566"Chapter Six ¿ Building a Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423566 \h 75
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423567"Blogger	 PAGEREF _Toc174423567 \h 75
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423568"Hosting a Blogger.COM Blog on your Own Web Server	 PAGEREF _Toc174423568 \h 89
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423569"WordPress	 PAGEREF _Toc174423569 \h 94
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423570"Features of WordPress	 PAGEREF _Toc174423570 \h 94
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423571"Establishing a WordPress Account	 PAGEREF _Toc174423571 \h 96
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423572"Customizing your WordPress Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423572 \h 99
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423573"Office 2007 and Blog Posts	 PAGEREF _Toc174423573 \h 104
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423574"Other Free Blogging Applications	 PAGEREF _Toc174423574 \h 106
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423575"Movable Type (	 PAGEREF _Toc174423575 \h 106
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423576"Live Journal (	 PAGEREF _Toc174423576 \h 106
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423577"Clear Blogs (	 PAGEREF _Toc174423577 \h 106
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423578"Soul Cast (	 PAGEREF _Toc174423578 \h 107
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423579" (	 PAGEREF _Toc174423579 \h 107
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423580"ExpressionEngine (	 PAGEREF _Toc174423580 \h 107
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423581"TeamPage5 (	 PAGEREF _Toc174423581 \h 107
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423582"Commercial Blogging Applications	 PAGEREF _Toc174423582 \h 108
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423583"TypePad (	 PAGEREF _Toc174423583 \h 109
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423584"Miniweb 2.0 Blog Writer (	 PAGEREF _Toc174423584 \h 109
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423585"Chapter Seven ¿ The Relationship between your Blog and Your Web Site	 PAGEREF _Toc174423585 \h 113
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423586"Linking to your Blog from Your Website	 PAGEREF _Toc174423586 \h 114
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423587"How your Blog will Help your Web Site	 PAGEREF _Toc174423587 \h 115
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423588"You Web Site Blog Domain	 PAGEREF _Toc174423588 \h 116
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423589"Chapter Eight ¿ Blogging and Web Site Traffic	 PAGEREF _Toc174423589 \h 118
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423590"Optimizing your Blog for SEO/Web Site Traffic	 PAGEREF _Toc174423590 \h 118
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423591"Optimizing your Web Site for Google	 PAGEREF _Toc174423591 \h 123
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423592"Site Status Wizard	 PAGEREF _Toc174423592 \h 124
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423593"Google Webmaster Tools	 PAGEREF _Toc174423593 \h 125
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423594"Adding your Web Site to Google	 PAGEREF _Toc174423594 \h 129
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423595"Search Engine Optimization for your Web Site	 PAGEREF _Toc174423595 \h 129
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423596"Successful Search Engine Optimization	 PAGEREF _Toc174423596 \h 131
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423597"Meta Tag Definition and Implementation	 PAGEREF _Toc174423597 \h 132
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423598"The Title Tag	 PAGEREF _Toc174423598 \h 133
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423599"The Description Tag	 PAGEREF _Toc174423599 \h 134
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423600"The Keywords Tag	 PAGEREF _Toc174423600 \h 135
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423601"The Robots Tag	 PAGEREF _Toc174423601 \h 136
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423602"Other Meta Tags	 PAGEREF _Toc174423602 \h 136
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423603"ALT Tags	 PAGEREF _Toc174423603 \h 137
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423604"How to use the correct keywords	 PAGEREF _Toc174423604 \h 138
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423605"Optimization of Web Page Content	 PAGEREF _Toc174423605 \h 140
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423606"Tips for Web Site Optimization	 PAGEREF _Toc174423606 \h 141
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423607"Web Design & Optimization Sources	 PAGEREF _Toc174423607 \h 144
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423608"Establish links with reputable Web sites	 PAGEREF _Toc174423608 \h 145
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423609"How to establish a Reciprocal Link Program	 PAGEREF _Toc174423609 \h 145
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423610"Establish a Web site privacy policy	 PAGEREF _Toc174423610 \h 146
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423611"Establish an ¿about us¿ page	 PAGEREF _Toc174423611 \h 146
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423612"Establish a testimonials page	 PAGEREF _Toc174423612 \h 146
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423613"Establish a money-back guarantee	 PAGEREF _Toc174423613 \h 147
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423614"How Do Search Engines Work?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423614 \h 147
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423615"Crawler-based search engines	 PAGEREF _Toc174423615 \h 148
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423616"Human-powered search directories	 PAGEREF _Toc174423616 \h 148
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423617"Hybrid or Mixed search engines	 PAGEREF _Toc174423617 \h 148
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423618"Using a Search Engine Optimization Company	 PAGEREF _Toc174423618 \h 149
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423619"Search Engine Registration	 PAGEREF _Toc174423619 \h 151
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423620"Submitting to Human-Powered Search Directories	 PAGEREF _Toc174423620 \h 152
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423621"Submitting to crawler search engines	 PAGEREF _Toc174423621 \h 153
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423622"Using search engine submission software	 PAGEREF _Toc174423622 \h 153
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423623"Paying for Search Engine Submissions	 PAGEREF _Toc174423623 \h 154
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423624"Search Engine Optimization Checklist	 PAGEREF _Toc174423624 \h 154
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423625"Free Web Site Search Engine Submission Sites	 PAGEREF _Toc174423625 \h 156
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423626"Free Web Site Optimization Tools	 PAGEREF _Toc174423626 \h 156
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423627"Web Site Design & Optimization Tools	 PAGEREF _Toc174423627 \h 157
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423628"Other Tips for Increasing Web Site/Blog Traffic	 PAGEREF _Toc174423628 \h 159
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423629"Things NOT to do on a Web Site (or Blog for that matter)	 PAGEREF _Toc174423629 \h 159
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423630"Chapter Nine ¿ Promoting your Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423630 \h 161
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423631"Free Techniques to Promote your Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423631 \h 161
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423632"Chapter Ten ¿ The Legalities of Blogging	 PAGEREF _Toc174423632 \h 165
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423633"The Intent of the Communications Decency Act	 PAGEREF _Toc174423633 \h 167
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423634"The Communications Decency Act US Code Title 47 Section 230	 PAGEREF _Toc174423634 \h 168
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423635"Bloggers vs. Journalists	 PAGEREF _Toc174423635 \h 172
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423636"Can Bloggers Publish Whatever they Want?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423636 \h 173
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423637"How am I protected as a Blogger?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423637 \h 174
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423638"How Do I Avoid Legal Problems?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423638 \h 174
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423639"Blogging Legal Review	 PAGEREF _Toc174423639 \h 175
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423640"Chapter Eleven ¿ Introduction to RSS Feeds, ATOM Atom, and Syndication	 PAGEREF _Toc174423640 \h 181
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423641"Creating an RSS Feed in WordPress	 PAGEREF _Toc174423641 \h 185
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423642"Creating an ATOM Atom Feed in Blogger	 PAGEREF _Toc174423642 \h 188
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423643"FeedBurner	 PAGEREF _Toc174423643 \h 189
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423644"Chapter Twelve ¿ How to Make Money with Blogging	 PAGEREF _Toc174423644 \h 192
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423645"Google Adsense & your Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423645 \h 192
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423646"How to Set up your Google AdSense Campaign	 PAGEREF _Toc174423646 \h 194
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423647"Google AdSense Program Policies	 PAGEREF _Toc174423647 \h 197
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423648"Setting up Google AdSense on your Web Site	 PAGEREF _Toc174423648 \h 203
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423649"How to Set up your Google AdSense Referrals	 PAGEREF _Toc174423649 \h 206
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423650"Hints & Tips for Maximizing Google AdSense on your Web Site or Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423650 \h 208
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423651"Get Paid for Blogging	 PAGEREF _Toc174423651 \h 210
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423652"Chapter Thirteen ¿ The Future of the Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423652 \h 216
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423653"Chapter Fourteen - Summary	 PAGEREF _Toc174423653 \h 219
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423654"Chapter Fourteen ¿ Blogging Profiles & Case Studies	 PAGEREF _Toc174423654 \h 221
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423655"Content Robot	 PAGEREF _Toc174423655 \h 221
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423656"ContentRobot Case Studies	 PAGEREF _Toc174423656 \h 223
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423657"Bazaarvoice: Business Blog Design Complements Corporate Website	 PAGEREF _Toc174423657 \h 223
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423658"Beneath the Cover / Push the Key: Content + Technology	 PAGEREF _Toc174423658 \h 223
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423659"Bite of the Best: Blog-Powered Website	 PAGEREF _Toc174423659 \h 225
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423660"GrokDotCom: Newsletter to Blog Conversion	 PAGEREF _Toc174423660 \h 226
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423661"New School Selling: Blog-Powered Website and Newsletter	 PAGEREF _Toc174423661 \h 227
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423662" Membership Blogging	 PAGEREF _Toc174423662 \h 228
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423663"Team Timex Blog: Athlete Blogging	 PAGEREF _Toc174423663 \h 229
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423664"Outsourcing vs In-House Blog Development	 PAGEREF _Toc174423664 \h 230
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423665"So You¿re Ready to Blog But Don¿t Want to Go it Alone?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423665 \h 230
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423666"Chapter Sixteen ¿ Interviews with Professional Bloggers	 PAGEREF _Toc174423666 \h 237
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423667"Interview with Stefan Mischook	 PAGEREF _Toc174423667 \h 237
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423668"Interview with Justin Premick	 PAGEREF _Toc174423668 \h 240
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423669"Interview with Headsetoptions	 PAGEREF _Toc174423669 \h 246
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423670"Interview with Jim Durbin	 PAGEREF _Toc174423670 \h 250
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423671"Interview with Meryl K. Evans	 PAGEREF _Toc174423671 \h 254
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423672"Interview with Smorty.COM	 PAGEREF _Toc174423672 \h 261
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423673"Interview with Paul Stamatiou	 PAGEREF _Toc174423673 \h 263
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423674"Interview with Gregory A. White	 PAGEREF _Toc174423674 \h 266
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423675"Interview with Jack Humphrey	 PAGEREF _Toc174423675 \h 270
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423676"Interview with Patsi Krakoff & Denise Wakeman	 PAGEREF _Toc174423676 \h 276
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423677"Interview with Jens Meiert	 PAGEREF _Toc174423677 \h 284
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423678"Interview with John Paul Micek	 PAGEREF _Toc174423678 \h 289
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423679"Interview with Greg Richards	 PAGEREF _Toc174423679 \h 298
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423680"Chapter Seventeen ¿ Expert Opinions, Advice and Suggestions	 PAGEREF _Toc174423680 \h 303
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423681"How To Avoid Blog Burnout	 PAGEREF _Toc174423681 \h 303
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423682"Advice for Bloggers	 PAGEREF _Toc174423682 \h 306
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423683"7 Questions To Ask Yourself BEFORE Staring A Business Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423683 \h 308
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423684"How To Build Traffic To Your Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423684 \h 313
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423685"The Do's and Don'ts of Marketing to Bloggers	 PAGEREF _Toc174423685 \h 318
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423686"Starting a new blog? Get your own domain name!	 PAGEREF _Toc174423686 \h 322
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423687"Email Newsletters, Magazines and Blogs	 PAGEREF _Toc174423687 \h 324
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423688"Will Spam-Blogging Be The Death Of Blogging?	 PAGEREF _Toc174423688 \h 326
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423689"It's a Big, Blog World Out There: Five Quick Tips to Building a Better Blog	 PAGEREF _Toc174423689 \h 329
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423690"Corporate Primer on Blogs	 PAGEREF _Toc174423690 \h 340
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423691"How to Get Your Blog Noticed Quickly and Widely	 PAGEREF _Toc174423691 \h 348
HYPERLINK \l "_Toc174423692"Chapter Seventeen ¿ Blogging Glossary	 PAGEREF _Toc174423692 \h 352

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