Table of contents for The mentalist's handbook : an explorer's guide to astral, spirit, and psychic worlds / Clint Marsh ; illustrations by Jeff Hoke.

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Foreword by Jeff Hoke
The Camelopard
Instructions for Recording Experiments
Lesson One: The Nature of Aether
@TOC2:The Basics of Meditation and Visualization--The Basics of Meditation--An Initial Meditation-- The Basics of Visualization--A Simple Visualization--The Importance of Imagination--A Description of the Aetheric Plane--Imagining the Aetheric Plane--The Location of This Place--¿What Good Is the Aetheric Plane?¿ --The Nature of Aether--Aether as a Substance--The Sculptor¿s Studio--Some Questions About the Sculptor¿s Studio--Aether and the Supernatural World--Two Bodies in One Person--Visualizing the Aetheric Body--Visualization and Memory--Observation and Memory--Memory of the Commonplace--The Mentalism Connection--Psychisms--Astral Projection--Spiritism--Mind Is Matter, Matter Is Mind--Letters from Aspirants¿¿¿¿[page #] 
@TOC1:Lesson Two: Aetheric Beings
@TOC2:The Aetheric Plane, Its Worlds and Vibrations--The Astral World--The Elemental World--The Elysian World, or Elysium--An Introduction to Vibrational Theory--All is Aether--Below and Above the Material--Elemental Vibration--Perception and Reality in the Aether--Inky Flares--An Aetheric Bestiary--Astral Hounds--Animal Spirits--Departed Spirits--Devas--Dweller on the Threshold--Elementals (Nature Spirits)--Elementals (Thought-Forms)--False Gods--Gestalts--Ghosts--Ghost Star--Lost Soul--Manifested Spirits--Phantoms (Plant and Object Doubles)--Poltergeists--Projected Astral Bodies of Mentalists--Revenants--Secret Masters--Star Guides--Vapors--Wraiths¿¿¿¿[page #]
@TOC1:Lesson Three: Aetheric Exercises
@TOC2:Entering the Lower Astral Vibration--The Body¿s Aetheric Links--Activating the Aetheric Links--Daily Exercises for Mentalists--The Aetheric Dozen--Grounding the Aetheric Body--Visualizing the Aetheric Plane--Visualizing the Aetheric Body--Gathering Personal Aether--Transferring Personal Aether to the Abdomen--Transforming Personal Aether--Transferring Personal Aether to the Chest--Ejecting Personal Aether--Manipulating Local Aether--Manipulation Aether at a Distance--Drawing Aether to the Body--Distributing Personal Aether --Starter Psychisms--An Initial Exercise in Clairvoyance--An Initial Exercise in Telepathy--An Initial Exercise in Telekinesis--Adjusting Your Daily Routine--Healthy Materialism¿¿¿¿[page #]
@TOC1:Lesson Four: Ascension
@TOC2:Internal Aether--Strengthening Internal Aether--Common Questions About Internal Aether--Many Bodies, One Self--The Sublime Bodies-- ¿Initial Exercises--Awake Around the Block--Getting to Know You--A Material Dissolution--A Separate Self--Projecting the Astral Body--Ascension--Your Astral Neighborhood--Going Higher--Psychic Residue--Aetheric Housekeeping--Dissolution of Everyday Objects--The Dweller on the Threshold--Crossing the Threshold--Going On¿¿¿¿[page #]
@TOC1:Lesson Five: The Spirit World
@TOC2:The Living and the Dead--Centuries of Spiritism--Spiritism Today--Questions from Readers--Aether and the Afterlife--Where Do We Go When We Die?--A Word for Believers--Another for Nonbelievers--The Nature of Spirits--Human Spirits--Animal Spirits--Phantoms--Mediums Among Us--The New New World--Strengthening Attention--The Power of Phantoms--A Phantom Companion--Reaching Out--Sensing Spirits--Spiritism in Everyday Life--Spirits Surround Us--Even You¿¿¿¿[page #] 
@TOC1:Lesson Six: Mental Influence
@TOC2:Visualizing the Invisible--A Complete Picture--The Shape of Thoughts--The Nature of Thought-Form Elementals--Clairvoyance and Aetheric Gradation-- A Clairvoyant Exploration--Telekinetic Influence and Emotion--Bowls of Emotion--Further Telekinetic Experiments--The Thought-Clouds of Telepathy--Telepathic Conversation--The Unspoken Message--The Ethics of Mentalism¿¿¿¿[page #] 
@TOC1:Index of Exercises by Title¿¿¿¿[page #]
Index of Exercises by Topic¿¿¿¿[page #]
Acknowledgments¿¿¿¿[page #]
Aetheric Beings Identification Chart¿¿¿¿¿¿.inside dust jacket 

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