Table of contents for Mirroring people : the new science of how we connect with others / Marco Iacoboni.

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I. 	Monkey See, Monkey Do	
	1. Neuro This!	
	2. Brain Surprises	
	3. The Fab Four	
	4. Mirrors in the Brain	
	5. I Know What You Are Doing	
	6. I Know What You Are Thinking	
	7. I Can Hear What You Are Doing	
	8. Mirroring Tool Use	
	9. I Know That You Are Copying Me
II. 	Simon Says	
	1. Copycat Cells	
	2. Resonating Bodies	
	3. Do What I Say, Not What I Do	
	4. Harry Potter and Professor Snape	
	5. Getting a Grip on Other Minds	
III. 	Grasping Language	
	1. Do You See What I Am Saying?	
	2. Hand to mouth	
	3. From Brain Mapping to Brain Zapping	
	4. Body Heat	
	5. Chat Rooms	
	6. Mirroring Speech and Other Sounds	
IV. See Me, Feel Me	
	1. Zidane¿s Headbutt	
	2. Humans or Chameleons?	
	3. Empathic Mirrors	
	4. I Feel Your Pain	
	5. Maternal Empathy	
V. 	Facing Yourself	
	1. Is it You Or is it Me?	
	2. The Mirror Recognition Test	
	3. Another Me	
	4. Zapping the Self	
	5. Two Sides of the Same Coin	
VI. Broken Mirrors	
	1. Baby Mirrors	
	2. The Teen Brain	
	3. Imitation and Autism	
	4. The Mirror Neuron Hypothesis of Autism	
	5. Broken Mirroring	
	6. Fixing the Broken Mirrors	
VII. Super Mirrors and the Wired Brain	
	1. Dark Waves in the Brain	
	2. In the Depth of the Human Brain	
	3. The Jennifer Aniston Cell	
	4. In Search of Super Mirror Neurons	
VIII. The Bad and the Ugly: Violence and Drug Abuse	
	1. The Bad: The Controversy about Media Violence	
	2. Are We Autonomous Agents? Mirror Neurons and Free Will	
	3. The Ugly: Addiction and its Relapse after Quitting	
IX. Mirroring Wanting and Liking	
	1. The Neuroscience of Buying	
	2. The One Nighter: ¿Instant Science¿ and the Super Bowl	
	3. Mirroring Ads	
	4. The Effects of Negative Ads	
X. 	Neuropolitics	
	1. Theories of Political Attitudes	
	2. Mirroring and the Political Junkie Brain	
	3. Brain Politics	
XI. Existential Neuroscience and Society	
	1. Mirror Cells Between Us	
	2. The Problem of Intersubjectivity	
	3. A New Existentialism	
	4. Neuroscience and Society	

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