Table of contents for Family violence : reclaiming a theology of nonviolence / Elizabeth Soto Albrecht.

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Introduction: Naming the Problem
	Alarming Reality
	My Social Context
	The Theology of Nonviolence
	Family Violence?The Image of a Tree
1	Examining the Leaves?Naming the Problem
	Guiding Questions
	Nonviolence as a Tool
	Definitions and Concepts: Violence and Nonviolence
	Definition of Family Violence
	The Leaves: Forms of Family Violence
	The Concept of Family
	The Roots of Violence
	A Theology of Nonviolence
	Improving the Quality of Life in the Family
	Signs of Violence Present in Us
	The Role of the Church
	Signs of Despair and Signs of Hope
2	Branches That Connect: Some Dimensions of the Problem
	A Common Story
	Social Analysis
	The Cultural Factor of Patriarchy
	Social and Economic Factors
	The Role of Anger and Lack of Self-Control
	Psychological and Emotional Factors
	Child Abuse
	Caring for the Family
	Striving for Change: A Hopeful Horizon
	Signs of Hope
2	Nutrients within the Trunk: Claiming a Theology of Nonviolence from Mennonite Peace Theology
	A Voiceless Voice, Still in the Margin
	The Anabaptist Movement
	The Mennonites in North America
Toward a Theology of Nonviolence: The Movements of the 1960s and 1970s
The Shortcomings of the Nonviolence Movement
Working with a Feminist Perspective on Scripture
Connections between the Teachings in Scripture and Family Violence
Identifying the Strength of Our Theology
Putting the Tools to Work
4	Exposing the Roots in Search of a Healthier Tree
	Confession of Reality
	The Normalization of Violence
	What Keeps the Silence?
	Family Violence: A Traumatic Experience
	Exposing the Roots of Violence: A Biblical Reinterpretation
	A Feminist Anabaptist Reading
	What Can Churches Learn from Mark 9:42-50?
	A Model for Intervention and Prevention
	Nonviolent Parenting
	Family Therapy and Violence
	Confronting the Roots of Violence
	Transformation as a Goal
	Signs of Hope in the Midst of Despair
5	Peace That Brings Healing
	Building a Culture of Peace
	Human Rights and Peace in the Family
	Working for Change
	Discovering the Resiliency of Each Family
	Signs of Hope among Church Organizations
	Returning to the Guiding Question
	Health and Healing Journeys
	Constructing a Culture of Peace
	Returning to ?See, Judge, Act?
	Signs of Hope
	The Equation of ?Separate But Equal?
	Challenges Ahead
	A Reflection

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Church work with problem families.
Family violence -- Religious aspects -- Christianity.