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Acknowledgements	ix
1 Introduction	xxx
Produsage in Context	xxx
	Notes	xxx
2 The Key Characteristics of Produsage	xxx
From Industry to Internet, from Consumption to Usage	xxx
From Usage to Produsage	xxx
The Key Principles of Produsage	xxx
	Open Participation, Communal Evaluation	xxx
	Fluid Heterarchy, Ad Hoc Meritocracy	xxx
	Unfinished Artefacts, Continuing Process	xxx
Common Property, Individual Rewards	xxx
Impacts and Implications of Produsage	xxx
Notes	xxx
3 Open Source Software Development: Probabilistic Eyeballs	xxx
Scratching the Itch	xxx
A Community of Equ(ipotenti)als	xxx
From Plausible Promise to Tangible Outcomes	xxx
Open Source Effects	xxx
	Notes		xxx
4 News Blogs and Citizen Journalism: Perpetual Collaboration in Evaluating the News	xxx
Beyond Gatekeeping	xxx
Toward Gatewatching	xxx
Gatewatcher Community Heterarchies	xxx
Unfinished Artefacts, Continuing Process	xxx
Individual Rewards from News Produsage	xxx
New Spaces for Journalism	xxx
From Casual Collapse to Renaissance	xxx
Toward the Inevitable	xxx
	Notes	xxx
5 Wikipedia: Representations of Knowledge	xxx
Creating Wikipedia	xxx
Wikipedia as Produsage	xxx
Controlling Wikipedia	xxx
Criticizing Wikipedia	xxx
Disrupting Wikipedia	xxx
Educating Wikipedia Users	xxx
	Notes	xxx
6 Wikipedia and Beyond: The Palimpsest of Human Knowledge	xxx
Governing Wikipedia	xxx
Accrediting Wikipedians	xxx
Beyond Wikipedia	xxx
Non-Encyclopedic Knowledge Spaces	xxx
Beyond the Encyclopedia?	Xxx
	Notes	xxx
7 Folksonomies: Produsage and/of Knowledge Structures	xxx
Tagging, Linking, Browsing	xxx
Curating the Cosmopedia	xxx
Folksonomies	xxx
Folksonomies and Taxonomies	xxx
A Casual Collapse of Taxonomies?	Xxx
	Notes	xxx
8 Folks and Experts: Beyond the Pro/Am Divide	xxx
Restoring the Expert? Citizendium and Beyond	xxx
A Continuum from ¿Pros¿ to ¿Ams¿	xxx
The Long Tail of Expertise	xxx
Layers of Knowledge, Lines of Desire	xxx
	Notes	xxx
9 The Art of Produsage: Distributed Creativity	xxx
Sites of Creative Produsage	xxx
	Text: Universes of Fan Fiction	xxx
	Images: Flickr and Collaborative Curation	xxx
	Music: Asynchronous Collaboration on ccMixter	xxx
	Video: Mashups on YouTube	xxx
	Distributed Multimedia Creativity: OurMedia and Beyond	xxx
The Produsage of Creative Distribution Systems	xxx
The Culture of Sharing Culture	xxx
Industry Impacts	xxx
The Audience Is Dead	xxx
	Notes	xxx
10 Media and Creative Industries: New Opportunities or Casual
Collapse?	Xxx
Copyright, Users¿ Rights?	Xxx
The Produsage of Marketing	xxx
From Produser to Producer?	Xxx
The New Creative Industries	xxx
	Notes	xxx
11 The Produsage Game: Harboring the Hive of Produsers	xxx
Produsing the Space	xxx
Produsing in the Space	xxx
New Internal and External Economies?	Xxx
Imagining a Produsage-Based World	xxx
Produsing Sociality	xxx
	Notes	xxx
12 Social Produsage: Questions of Reputation and Trust	xxx
From Social Networks to the Internet of Things	xxx
Produsing Society?	Xxx
A Networked Society of Produsers	xxx
Merit, Reputation, and Trust	xxx
	Notes	xxx
13 A Produsage Commons: Intellectual Property in Prodused Artefacts	xxx
No Tragedy	xxx
Corporate Property, Common Property	xxx
Beyond Cognitive Capitalism	xxx
Communities as Copyright Holders	xxx
	Notes	xxx
14 Educating Produsers, Produsing Education: Produsage and the Academy	xxx
From Literacies to Capacities	xxx
A Casual Collapse of Conventional Education?	Xxx
The Tip of the Iceberg	xxx
Re-Opening Academia	xxx
	Notes	xxx
15 Produsing Democracy	xxx
From Industrial to Produsage Politics	xxx
Moving toward Molecular Democracy?	Xxx
Demodynamics vs. Democracy	xxx
Toward Renaissance?	Xxx
	Notes	xxx
16 Conclusion: Production, Produsage, and the Future of Humanity	xxx
Turning Artefacts into Products	xxx
Turning Products into Artefacts	xxx
Reconciling Production and Produsage	xxx
Produsage Futures	xxx
Produsing the Global Renaissance	xxx
	Notes	xxx
17 Bibliography	xxx

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