Table of contents for Global ethics : seminal essays / Thomas Pogge, Keith Horton.

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Preface	xv
Introduction	xxvii
1. Peter Singer	1
Famine, Affluence, and Morality
2. Garrett Hardin	15
Lifeboat Ethics: The Case Against Helping the Poor
3. David Luban	29
Just War and Human Rights
4. Michael Walzer	51
The Moral Standing of States: A Response to Four Critics
5. Michael W. Doyle	73
Kant, Liberal Legacies, and Foreign Affairs, Part I
6. Charles R. Beitz	107
Cosmopolitan Ideals and National Sentiment
7. Alasdair MacIntyre	119
Is Patriotism a Virtue?
8. Onora O¿Neill	139
Rights, Obligations and World Hunger
9. Amartya Sen	157
The Concept of Development
10. Avishai Margalit and Joseph Raz	181
National Self-Determination
11. Henry Shue	207
Subsistence Emissions and Luxury Emissions
12. Susan Moller Okin	233
Gender Inequality and Cultural Differences
13. Amartya Sen	259
Population: Delusion and Reality
14. Samuel Scheffler	291
 Individual Responsibility in a Global Age
15. Richard Rorty	313
Who Are We? Moral Universalism and Economic Triage
16. Peter Unger	325
 Sections 1-3 of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of 
Living High and Letting Die 
17. Thomas Hurka	379
The Justification of National Partiality
18. Charles Taylor	405
Conditions of an Unforced Consensus on Human Rights
19. John Rawls	431
§15 and §16 of The Law of Peoples
20. Stephen M. Gardiner	447
The Real Tragedy of the Commons
21. David Miller	481
Distributing Responsibilities
22. Richard W. Miller	507
Moral Closeness and World Community
23. Thomas Pogge	531
 ¿Assisting¿ the Global Poor
24. Alison M. Jaggar	565
¿Saving Amina¿: Global Justice for Women and Intercultural Dialogue
Index	605

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Globalization -- Moral and ethical aspects.