Table of contents for The first circle : a novel / Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn ; translated by Harry T. Willetts.

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Introduction, by Edward E. Ericson, Jr. 
Author's Note
1	Torpedo	XX
2	A Miscue	XX
3	Sharashka	XX
4	A Protestant Christmas	XX
5	Boogie-Woogie	XXX
6	A Peaceful Existence	XXX
7	A Woman's Heart	XXX
8	"Oh, Moment, Stay!"	XXX
9	The Fifth Year in Harness	XXX
10	The Rosicrucians	XXX
11	The Enchanted Castle	XXX
12	Number Seven	XXX
13	He Should Have Lied	XXX
14	The Blue Light	XXX
15	A Girl! A Girl!	XXX
16	A Troika of Liars	XXX
17	Hot Water	XXX
18	"Oh, Wonder-Working Steed"	XXX
19	The Birthday Hero	XXX
20	A Study of a Great Life	XXX
21	Give Us Back the Death Penalty!	XXX
22	The Emperor of the Earth	XXX
23	Language as an Instrument of Production	XXX
24	The Abyss Beckons Again	XXX
25	The Church of Nikita the Martyr	XXX
26	Sawing Wood	XXX
27	A Bit of Methodology	XXX
28	The Junior Lieutenant's Job	XXX
29	The Lieutenant Colonel's Job	XXX
30	A Puzzled Robot	XXX
31	How to Darn Socks	XXX
32	On the Path to a Million	XXX
33	Penalty Marks	XXX
34	Voice Prints	XXX
35	Kissing Is Forbidden	XXX
36	Phonoscopy	XXX
37	The Silent Alarm	XXX
38	Be Unfaithful to Me!	XXX
39	Fine Words, Those, "to the Taiga!"	XXX
40	A Rendezvous	XXX
41	And Another One	XXX
42	And among [?]the Kids	XXX
43	A Woman Was Washing the Staircase	XXX
44	Out in the Open	XXX
45	The Running Dogs of Imperialism	XXX
46	The Castle of the Holy Grail	XXX
47	Top-Secret Conversation	XXX
48	The Double Agent	XXX
49	Life Is Not a Novel	XXX
50	The Old Maid	XXX
51	Fire and Hay	XXX
52	To the Resurrection of the Dead!	XXX
53	The Ark	XXX
54	Leisure Amusements	XXX
55	Prince Igor	XXX
56	Winding Up the Twentieth	XXX
57	Prisoners' Petty Matters	XXX
58	A Banquet of Friends	XXX
59	The Buddha's Smile	XXX
60	But We Are Given Only One Conscience, Too	XXX
61	The Uncle at Tver	XXX
62	Two Sons-in-Law	XXX
63	The Diehard	XXX
64	Entered Cities First	XXX
65	A Duel Not by the Rules	XXX
66	Going to the People	XXX
67	Spiridon	XXX
68	Spiridon's Criterion	XXX
69	Behind a Closed Visor	XXX
70	Dotty	XXX
71	Let's Agree That This Didn't Happen	XXX
72	Civic Temples	XXX
73	A Circle of Wrongs	XXX
74	Monday Dawn	XXX
75	Four Nails	XXX
76	Favorite Profession	XXX
77	The Decision Taken	XXX
78	The Professional Party Secretary	XXX
79	The Decision Explained
80	One Hundred and Forty-Seven Rubles	XXX
81	The Scientific Elite	XXX
82	Indoctrination in Optimism	XXX
83	The King of Stool Pigeons	XXX
84	As for Shooting . . .	XXX
85	Prince Kurbsky	XXX
86	No Fisher of Men	XXX
87	At the Fount of Science	XXX
88	The Leading Ideology	XXX
89	Little Quail	XXX
90	On the Back Stairway	XXX
91	Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here	XXX
92	Keep Forever	XXX
93	Second Wind	XXXX
94	Always Caught Off-Guard	XXXX
95	Farewell, Sharashka	XXXX
96	Meat	XXXX

Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication:

Soviet Union -- Politics and government -- 1917-1936 -- Fiction.
Soviet Union -- Politics and government -- 1936-1953 -- Fiction.
Political persecution -- Soviet Union -- Fiction.