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Contributors to Davidson¿s Principles and Practice of Medicine
1. Good medical practice
2. Ageing and disease
3. Critical care and emergency medicine
4. Poisoning
5. Infectious diseases
6. Critical biochemistry and metabolism
7. Kidney and urinary tract disease
8. Cardiovascular disease
9. Respiratory disease
10. Endocrine disease
11. Diabetes mellitus
12. Gastrointestinal and nutritional disorders
13. Liver and biliary tract disease
14. Blood disorders
15. Musculoskeletal disorders
16. Neurological disease
17. Skin disease
18. Therapeutics and prescriptions
19. Major investigations
20. OSCEs
In the 56 years since Davidson¿s Principles and Practice of Medicine was first published, the rapid growth in the understanding of pathophysiology, in the variety of available diagnostic tests and in the range of possible treatments has posed an increasing challenge to those seeking to summarise clinical medicine in a single textbook. An inevitable consequence has been a parallel growth in the physical size of all the major textbooks, including Davidson¿s. This First Edition of Davidson¿s Essentials of Medicine seeks to complement the parent volume by helping those who also need portable information to study on the move ¿ whether commuting, travelling between training sites and during remote attachments and electives. 
For the first time, the core content from Davidson¿s 20th Edition has been updated and condensed to a size which can easily accompany readers on their travels. Although the text is concise, every effort has been made to maximise the readability and to avoid dry and unmemorable lists; then intention has been to produce a genuine miniature textbook. The text draws directly on the enormous depth and breadth of experience of the parent Davidson¿s writing team and presents the essential elements in a format to suit hand luggage. Key Davidson¿s illustrations have been adapted and retained, and several new ¿added value¿ sections have been included. A chapter on Major Investigations introduces the reader to the key diagnostic tests; examples of typical OSCE scenarios are illustrated to prepare the reader for this ubiquitous examination format; and a chapter on Therapeutics describes the typical clinical use of the major drug groups.
In an age when on-line information is ever more accessible to doctors in training, most still agree that there is no substitute for the physical page when systematic study is needed. With this book, we hope that the proven value of the parent Davidson¿s can be augmented by making the essential elements accessible while on the move. 
First Editions are always written in a spirit of optimism, yet with the realisation that the enterprise is at best a judgement of the readers¿ needs. As such, your feedback and suggestions for improvement would be most welcome and valued. 
Edinburgh 2009
I am very grateful to Nicki Colledge and Brian Walker for their invaluable help and guidance in the early stages of the project, to my enthusiastic team of chapter editors, and to the original Davidson¿s chapter authors without whom the project would not have been possible. Thanks also to Laurence Hunter, Clive Hewat and Wendy Lee at Elsevier for their constant support and meticulous attention to detail. Finally I would like to thank my family for their encouragement during the gestation of this book.
Edinburgh 2009
Sir Stanley Davidson (1894¿1981)
Davidson¿s Principles and Practice of Medicine was the brainchild of one of the great Professors of Medicine of the 20th century. Stanley Davidson was born in Sri Lanka and began his medical undergraduate training at Trinity College, Cambridge; this was interrupted by World War I and later resumed in Edinburgh. He was seriously wounded in battle, and the carnage and shocking waste of young life that he encountered had a profound effect on his subsequent attitudes and values.
In 1930 Stanley Davidson was appointed Professor of Medicine at the University of Aberdeen, one of the first full-time Chairs of Medicine anywhere and the first in Scotland. In 1938, he took up the Chair of Medicine at Edinburgh and was to remain in this post until retirement in 1959. He was a renowned educator and a particularly gifted teacher at the bedside, where he taught that everything had to be questioned and explained. He gave most of the systematic lectures in Medicine himself, which were made available as typewritten notes that emphasised the essentials and far surpassed any textbook available at the time.
Principles and Practice of Medicine was conceived in the late 1940s with its origins in those lecture notes. The First Edition, published in 1952, was a masterpiece of clarity and uniformity of style. It was of modest size and price, but sufficiently comprehensive and up to date to provide students with the main elements of sound medical practice. More than half a century after its first publication, his book continues to inform and educate students, doctors and health professionals all over the world, and is the basis from which Davidson¿s Essentials of Medicine has been derived.
Contributors to Davidson¿s Principles and Practice of Medicine
The core of this book is based on the contents of Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine, with material extracted and re-edited to suit the format of this book. Although some chapters and topics have of necessity been cut or substantially edited, authors of all chapters drawn upon have been acknowledged here in recognition of their contribution to the parent textbook.
Chris Allen MA MD FRCP
Consultant Neurologist, Addenbrooke¿s Hospital,
Cambridge, UK
Jeffrey K. Aronson MA MBChB DPhil FRCP FBPharmacolS FFPM(Hon)
Reader in Clinical Pharmacology, University of
Oxford, UK
Honorary Consultant Physician, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Trust,
Oxford, UK
Peter Bloomfield MD FRCP FACC
Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh;
Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK
Nicholas A. Boon MD FRCP(Ed) FESC
Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh;
Honorary Reader, University of Edinburgh, UK
Andrew W. Bradbury BSc MB ChB MD MBA FRCS(Ed)
Sampson Gamgee Professor of Vascular Surgery and Head
of Educational Quality and Enhancement, College of Medical
and Dental Sciences, University of Birmingham; Consultant Vascular 
and Endovascular Surgeon, Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Director and Chief Executive, Pathology North, Royal North Shore
Hospital, Sydney;
Clinical Professor in Pathology, Northern Clinical School,
University of Sydney;
Adjunct Professor in Science and Technology, University of Technology,
Sydney, Australia
Mark Byers MRCGP DA DipIMC
Lieutenant-Colonel, 3 Close Support Medical
Regiment, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, UK
Roger William Chapman BSc MD(Lond) FRCP(Lond)
Consultant Gastroenterologist/Hepatologist, John
Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford; Honorary Senior Lecturer
in Medicine, Oxford University Clinical Medical
School, Oxford, UK
Jane Collier MD FRCP
Consultant Hepatologist, John Radcliffe Hospital,
Oxford, UK
Jenny I.O. Craig MD FRCP(Ed) FRCPath
Consultant Haematologist, Addenbrooke¿s Hospital,
Cambridge, UK
Allan D. Cumming MBChB MD FRCP(Ed) FRCP(Lond)
Director of Undergraduate Learning and Teaching and
Professor of Medical Education, University of
Edinburgh; Consultant Renal Physician, Royal Infirmary
of Edinburgh, UK
Martin Dennis MD FRCP(Ed)
Professor of Stroke Medicine, University of
Edinburgh, UK
Michael Doherty MA MD FRCP
Professor of Rheumatology, University of Nottingham;
Consultant Rheumatologist, City Hospital,
Nottingham, UK
Michael John Field MD BS BSc FRACP
Professor of Medicine, University of Sydney; Associate
Dean and Head, Northern Clinical School, Royal
North Shore Hospital of Sydney, Australia
Miles Fisher MD FRCP(Glas) FRCP(Ed)
Consultant Physician, Glasgow Royal Infirmary;
Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow,
Brian M. Frier BSc(Hons) MD FRCP(Ed) FRCP(Glas)
Consultant Physician, Department of Diabetes, Royal
Infirmary of Edinburgh; Honorary Professor of
Diabetes, University of Edinburgh, UK
Jane Goddard PhD FRCP(Ed)
Consultant Nephrologist, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh;
Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK
Ian S. Grant FRCP(Ed) FRCP(Glas) FFARCSI
Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia,
Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, UK
Neil Grubb MD MRCP
Consultant in Cardiac Electrophysiology, Royal
Infirmary of Edinburgh; Honorary Senior Lecturer,
University of Edinburgh, UK
Professor of Public Health, University of Glasgow, UK
Peter Clive Hayes MD PhD FRCP
Professor of Hepatology and Honorary Consultant
Gastroenterologist, Scottish Liver Transplant Unit and
Gastroenterology and Liver Unit, Royal Infirmary of
Edinburgh, UK
J. Alastair Innes PhD FRCP(Ed)
Consultant Physician and Honorary Reader in
Respiratory Medicine, Western General Hospital,
Edinburgh, UK
Professor of Medicine, Christian Medical College,
Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India
Alison L. Jones BSc(Hons) MD FRCP(Ed) FRCP FiBiol
Professor of Medicine and Clinical Toxicology, 
School of Medicine and Public Health, 
University of Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia
Lakshman Karalliedde MBBS DA FRCA
Medical Toxicologist, Chemical Hazards and Poisons Division,
Health Protection Agency;
Visiting Senior Lecturer, King¿s College London, Department of Public 
Health Sciences, School of Medicine, London, UK
Peter C. Lanyon DM FRCP MRCGP
Consultant Rheumatologist, University Hospital,
Queen¿s Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK
Diana N.J. Lockwood BSc MD FRCP
Professor of Tropical Medicine, London School of
Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; Consultant Physician
and Leprologist, Hospital for Tropical Diseases,
London, UK
Christopher A. Ludlam MBChB BSc PhD FRCP FRCPath
Professor of Haematology and Coagulation Medicine,
University of Edinburgh; Director, Haemophilia and
Thrombosis Centre, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK
Christian J. Lueck PhD FRCP FRCP(Ed) FRACP
Head, Department of Neurology, Canberra Hospital;
Associate Professor, Australian National University
Medical School, Canberra, Australia
D.B.L. McClelland PhD(Leiden) FRCP FRCPath
Consultant, Scottish National Blood Transfusion
Service, Edinburgh, UK
Sara Marshall MRCP(Eire) FRCPath(UK) PhD
Professor of Clinical Immunology, University of Dundee, UK
David E. Newby PhD DM FRCP
Professor of Cardiology, University of Edinburgh, UK
David Richard Oxenham FRCP(Ed) FAChPM
Medical Director, Marie Curie Hospice, Edinburgh;
Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK
Kelvin R. Palmer MD FRCP(Ed) FRCP(Lond) FRCS(Ed)
Consultant Gastroenterologist, Western General
Hospital, Edinburgh, UK
Simon Paterson-Brown MS MPhil FRCS
Consultant General and Upper Gastrointestinal
Surgeon, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, UK
Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK
Ian D. Penman MD FRCP(Ed)
Consultant Gastroenterologist, Western General
Hospital, Edinburgh; part-time Senior Lecturer,
University of Edinburgh, UK
Stephen Potts MA MRCPsych
Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist, Royal Infirmary of
Edinburgh; Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer,
University of Edinburgh, UK
Stuart H. Ralston MD FRCP FMedSci FRSE
ARC Professor of Rheumatology, University of
Edinburgh; Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist,
NHS Lothian, Edinburgh, UK
Jonathan L. Rees BMedSci FRCP FRCP(Ed) FMedSci
Grant Chair of Dermatology, University of Edinburgh;
Honorary Consultant, Lothian Health, University
Hospitals Division, Edinburgh, UK
Peter T. Reid MD FRCP(Ed)
Consultant Physician and Honorary Senior Lecturer in
Respiratory Medicine, Western General Hospital,
Edinburgh, UK
Olivia M.V. Schofield FRCP(Ed)
Consultant Dermatologist, Royal Infirmary of
Edinburgh, UK
Gordon R. Scott BSc FRCP
Consultant in Genitourinary Medicine and Honorary
Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh, UK
Michael C. Sharpe MA MD FRCP FRCP(Ed) FRCPsych
Professor of Psychological Medicine and Symptoms
Research, University of Edinburgh, UK
Laurence H. Stewart MD FRCS(Ed) FRCS(Urol)
Consultant Urological Surgeon, Western General
Hospital, Edinburgh, UK
Clinical Director, Sydney South West Pathology
Service; Associate Professor of Biochemistry, University
of Sydney, Australia
Mark W.J. Strachan BSc(Hons) MD FRCP(Ed)
Consultant Physician, Western General Hospital,
Edinburgh; Part-time Senior Lecturer, University of
Edinburgh, UK
David Richmond Sullivan FRACP FRCPA
Senior Staff Specialist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital,
Camperdown, New South Wales; Clinical Associate
Professor, University of Sydney, Australia
Christopher B. Summerton MA MD FRCP FRCP(Ed)
Consultant in Gastroenterology and General
Medicine, Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust,
Manchester, UK
Shyam Sundar MD FRCP(Lond) FAMS FNA
Professor of Medicine, Institute of Medical Sciences,
Banaras Hindu University, India
W.T. Andrew Todd BSc FRCP FRCPS(Glas)
Consultant Physician, Lanarkshire Area Infectious
Diseases Unit, Monklands Hospital, Airdrie; Honorary
Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow, UK
David F. Treacher MA FRCP
Consultant Physician in Intensive Care, Guy¿s and
St Thomas¿ NHS Trust, London, UK
Neil Turner PhD FRCP
Professor of Nephrology, University of Edinburgh;
Honorary Consultant Nephrologist, Royal Infirmary of
Edinburgh, UK
Ed Wilkins FRCP FRCPath
Consultant Physician in Infectious Diseases, North
Manchester General Hospital, Manchester, UK

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