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Introduction to the third edition
About the author
Other works by Alan Weiss
Chapter 1: Establishing Goals and Expectations (Including Your Own)
You will be what you decide to be, nothing less, nothing more
¿ Starting at square zero: financial needs
¿ Personal attributes: the investment from within
¿ Focus: we're all working part-time
¿ Why collaboration can kill you
¿ Summary
¿ Questions and Answers
Chapter 2: Physical Space and Environmental Needs
Act like you have a business and you'll have one
¿ Alternative work spaces
¿ The basics around you
¿ Beyond the basics
¿ Communicating at the speed of light
¿ Getting some help from some friends
¿ Questions and Answers
Chapter 3: Sorting Out the Legal, Financial, and Administrative
First, let's kill all the lawyers
¿ Legal requirements and organizational options
¿ Accounting, financial, and tax matters¿exploiting opportunities
¿ Finding a banker and obtaining credit
¿ Other professional help
¿ Questions and Answers
Chapter 4: Marketing 101
Creating a marketing gravity for your business
¿ Creating a press kit
¿ Stationery and related image products
¿ Networking
¿ Pro bono work
¿ Listings, ads, and passive sources
¿ Summary
¿ Questions and Answers
Chapter 5: Advanced Marketing
Creating a brand¿
¿ Establishing a web site
¿ Publishing
¿ Obtaining media interviews
¿ Speaking
¿ Newsletters
¿ Questions and Answers
Interlude: Leveraging Technology
How to get started at the speed of light
¿ The importance of being earnest
¿ The budget sampler
¿ Best practices in leverage
Chapter 6: Initiating the Sales Process and Acquiring Business
Building relationships
¿ Finding the right buyer
¿ What to do about gatekeepers
¿ Gaining conceptual agreement
¿ Creating a succession of "yeses"
¿ Questions and Answers
Chapter 7: Closing the Sale
How to write proposals and cash checks
¿ The nature of excellent proposals
¿ The nine steps of great proposals
¿ When to follow up
¿ Eight rules for a command appearance
¿ Ten steps to follow if the buyer is non-responsive
¿ Horrors, what if the buyer says "NO": six steps to redemption
¿ Questions and Answers
Chapter 8: Establishing Fees
If you bill by the hour you cheat your client and yourself
¿ The fallacy and lunacy of time-based fees and per diems
¿ Preparing and educating the client
¿ Fifty-one ways to increase your fees
¿ Summary
¿ Questions and Answers
Chapter 9: Moving to the Next Level
You may be ready for dramatic growth before you know it
¿ Finding resources: the pros and cons of staffs
¿ Business planning
¿ Creating passive income
¿ Working internationally
¿ Investing in longer term potential
¿ Summary
¿ Questions and Answers
Chapter 10: Giving Yourself Permission to Succeed
How to continue to grow by paying back
¿ Maximize retirement investing
¿ Mentoring
¿ Professional growth
¿ Retainers
¿ Selective project acquisition
¿ Travel
¿ Celebrity status
¿ The firm's future
¿ Giving back
¿ Questions and Answers
Chapter 11: The Quick Start
How to hit the consulting ground running at full speed
¿ First dimension: creating infrastructure
¿ Second dimension: reaching out for business
¿ Summary
* Questions and Answers
A. Business Plan to Attract Investment
B. Sample "To Do" Lists
C. Office Equipment Recommendations
D. Trade Associations, Professional Groups, Publicity Sources
E. Sample Biographical Sketch for a New Consultant
F. Sample Position Paper
H. Sample Magazine Inquiry Letter
I. Glossary

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