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Table of Contents
Part I. Laboratory Hematology
1. Examination of the Blood and Bone Marrow
		Sherrie L. Perkins
2. Clinical Flow Cytometry	
		Frixos Paraskevas
3. Cytogenetics	
Sheila N. J. Sait and Maria R. Baer
4. Molecular Biology and Hematology	
Rebecca L. Shattuck-Brandt and Stephen J. Brandt 
Part II. The Normal Hematologic System
Section 1. Hematopoiesis
5. Origin and Development of Blood Cells	
		Mark J. Koury, Nadim Mahmud, and Melissa M. Rhodes
Section 2. The Erythrocyte
6. Erythropoiesis	
Emmanuel N. Dessypris and Stephen T. Sawyer
7. The Mature Erythrocyte
Marilyn J. Telen 
8. Destruction of Erythrocytes	
Bertil Glader
Section 3. Granulocytes and Monocytes
9. Neutrophilic Leukocytes	
Keith M. Skubitz
10. The Human Eosinophil	
Redwan Moqbel, Solomon O. (Wole) Odemuyiwa, Paige Lacy, and Darryl J. Adamko
11. Basophilic Leukocytes: Mast Cells and Basophils	
A. Dean Befus and Judah A. Denburg
12. Mononuclear Phagocytes
Gregory A. Taylor and J. Brice Weinberg
13. Phagocytosis
		Frixos Paraskevas
Section 4. The Lymphocytes
14. Lymphocytes and Lymphatic Organs
		Frixos Paraskevas
15. B Lymphocytes
		Frixos Paraskevas
16. T Lymphocytes and Natural Killer Cells
Frixos Paraskevas
17. Effector Mechanisms in Immunity
		Frixos Paraskevas
Section 5. Hemostasis
18. Megakaryocytes 
		Kenneth Kaushansky 
19. Platelet Structure and Function in Hemostasis and Thrombosis
David C. Calverley and Christiane D. Thienelt
20. Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis
	Kathleen Brummel-Ziedins, Thomas Orfeo, Nancy Swords Jenny, Stephen J. 
	Everse, and Kenneth G. Mann
21. Endothelium: Angiogenesis and the Regulation of Hemostasis 
		Paul J. Shami and George M. Rodgers 
Part III. Therapeutic Modalities
22. Red Cell, Platelet, and White Cell Antigens
		Kathryn E. Webert, James W. Smith, Donald M. Arnold, Howard H. W. 
			Nancy M. Heddle, and John G. Kelton
23. Transfusion Medicine
Susan A. Galel, Dorothy D. Nguyen, Magali J. Fontaine, Lawrence Tim 
Goodnough, and Maurene K. Viele
24. Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Vijayakrishna K. Gadi and Richard A. Nash 
25. Gene Therapy for Hematologic Disorders
		John F. Tisdale, Jay N. Lozier, Stacey A. Goodman, and Cynthia E. Dunbar
Part IV. Disorders of Red Cells
Section 1. Introduction
26. Anemia: General Considerations
Robert T. Means Jr. and Bertil Glader
Section 2. Disorders of Iron Metabolism and Heme Synthesis
27. Iron Deficiency and Related Disorders
	Nancy C. Andrews
28. Sideroblastic Anemias
Sylvia S. Bottomley
29. Hemochromatosis
Corwin Q. Edwards
30. Porphyria
Sylvia S. Bottomley
Section 3.	Hemolytic Anemia
31. Hereditary Spherocytosis, Hereditary Elliptocytosis, and Other Disorders 
Associated with Abnormalities of the Erythrocyte Membrane
	Patrick G. Gallagher and Bertil Glader
32. Hereditary Hemolytic Anemias Due to Red Blood Cell Enzyme Disorders
Bertil Glader
33. Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
	Richard C. Friedberg and Vandita P. Johari
34. Alloimmune Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus and Newborn
		Anne F. Eder and Catherine S. Manno
35. Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
Charles J. Parker and Russell E. Ware
Section 4. Hereditary Disorders of Hemoglobin Structure and Synthesis
36. Acquired Nonimmune Hemolytic Disorders
Robert T. Means Jr. and Bertil Glader
37. Sickle Cell Anemia and Other Sickling Syndromes
	Winfred C. Wang
38. Thalassemias and Related Disorders: Quantitative Disorders of Hemoglobin 
Caterina Borgna-Pignatti and Renzo Galanello
Section 5. Other Red Cell Disorders
39. Hemoglobins with Altered Oxygen Affinity, Unstable Hemoglobins, M-
Hemoglobins, and Dyshemoglobinemias 
	Martin H. Steinberg
40. Megaloblastic Anemias: Disorders of Impaired DNA Synthesis
Ralph Carmel
41. Inherited Aplastic Anemia Syndromes
	Akiko Shimamura and Blanche P. Alter
42. Acquired Aplastic Anemia
Robert A. Brodsky
43. Red Cell Aplasia 
Emmanuel N. Dessypris and Jeffrey M. Lipton
44. Congenital Dyserythropoietic Anemias
Sunitha N. Wickramasinghe and Bertil Glader
45. Anemias Secondary to Chronic Disease and Systemic Disorders
Robert T. Means, Jr.
46. Anemias During Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period
Robert T. Means, Jr.
47. Anemias Unique to the Newborn Period
Robert D. Christensen and Robin K. Ohls
48. Erythrocytosis
		Robert T. Means, Jr.
Part V. Disorders of Hemostasis and Coagulation
Section 1. Introduction
49. Diagnostic Approach to the Bleeding Disorders
George M. Rodgers and Christopher M. Lehman
Section 2. Thrombocytopenia
50. Thrombocytopenia: Pathophysiology and Classification
George M. Rodgers
51. Thrombocytopenia Caused by Immunologic Platelet Destruction
Christiane D. Thienelt and David C. Calverley
52. Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura, Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome, and 
Related Disorders
	Han-Mou Tsai
53. Miscellaneous Causes of Thrombocytopenia
Neeraj Agarwal and George M. Rodgers
Section 3. Other Disorders of Primary Hemostasis
54. Bleeding Disorders Caused by Vascular Abnormalities
Matthew M. Rees and George M. Rodgers[dm1]
55. Essential Thrombocythemia and Thrombocytosis 
Ayalew Tefferi
56. Qualitative Disorders of Platelet Function
Thomas J. Kunicki and Diane J. Nugent
Section 4. Coagulation Disorders
57. Inherited Coagulation Disorders
	Kenneth D. Friedman and George M. Rodgers
58. Acquired Coagulation Disorders
George M. Rodgers
Section 5. Thrombosis
59. Thrombosis and Antithrombotic Therapy
Steven R. Deitcher and George M. Rodgers
Part VI. Nonmalignant Disorders of Leukocytes, the Spleen, and/or Immunoglobins
60. Diagnostic Approach to Malignant and Nonmalignant Disorders of the Phagocytic 
and Immune Systems
		Thomas L. McCurley and John P. Greer
61. Neutropenia
Raymond G. Watts
62. Qualitative Disorders of Leukocytes
Keith M. Skubitz
63. Abnormalities of the Monocyte-Macrophage System: The Lysosomal Storage 
Margaret M. McGovern and Robert J. Desnick
64. Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis
Suman Malempati and H. Stacy Nicholson
65. Pathology of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis and Other Histiocytic Proliferations
Lawrence M. Weiss and Karen L. Chang
66. Infectious Mononucleosis and Other Epstein-Barr Virus-Related Disorders
		Thomas G. Gross
67. Primary Immunodeficiency Syndromes
Anthony R. Hayward
68. Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Elaine M. Sloand and Jerome E. Groopman
69. Disorders of the Spleen
		Matthew Porembka, Majella Doyle, and William C. Chapman
70. Tumors of the Spleen
Daniel A. Arber
Part VII. Hematologic Malignancies
Section 1. General Aspects
71. Hematopoietic Tumors: Principles of Pathologic Diagnosis
Daniel A. Arber and John B. Cousar
72. Complications of Hematopoietic Neoplasms
Madan H. Jagasia
73. Principles and Pharmacology of Chemotherapy
		Kenneth R. Hande
74. Immunotherapy
Adetola A. Kassim, Sattva S. Neelapu, Larry W. Kwak, and Luc Van Kaer
75. Supportive Care in Hematologic Malignancies
Madhuri Vusirikala
Section 2. The Acute Leukemias
76. Molecular Genetics of Acute Leukemia
Mary Ann Thompson
77. Diagnosis and Classification of the Acute Leukemias and Myelodysplastic 
David R. Head
78. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Adults
Haruka Itakura and Steven E. Coutre
79. Acute Myeloid Leukemia in Adults
		Maria R. Baer and John P.Greer
80. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children
James A. Whitlock and Paul A. Gaynon
81. Acute Myelogenous Leukemia in Children
Robert J. Arceci and Richard Aplenc
82. Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia
Steven L. Soignet and Peter Maslak
83. Myelodysplastic Syndromes
	Alan F. List, Avery A. Sandberg, and Donald C. Doll
Section 3. Myeloproliferative Disorders
84. Pathology of the Myeloproliferative Diseases
Tracy I. George
85. Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
	Kaaren K. Reichard, Richard S. Larson, and Ian Rabinowitz
86. Polycythemia Vera
Robert T. Means, Jr.
87. Primary Myelofibrosis 
Ayalew Tefferi
88. Systemic Mastocytosis
Alexandra S. Worobec and Dean D. Metcalfe
Section 4. Lymphoproliferative Disorders
89. Diagnosis and Classification of Lymphomas
William R. Macon, Thomas L. McCurley, Paul J. Kurtin, and Ahmet Dogan
90. Molecular Genetic Aspects of Non-Hodgkin Lymphomagenesis
Stephan W. Morris, Andreas Rosenwald, Louis M. Staudt, and Justus Duyster 
91. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in Adults
John P. Greer and Michael E. Williams
92. Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in Children
John T. Sandlund and Frederick G. Behm
93. Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia	
James B. Johnston, Matt Seftel, and Spencer B. Gibson
94. Hairy Cell Leukemia
David Szwajcer and James B. Johnston
95. Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma: Mycosis Fungoides and Sezary Syndrome 
John A. Zic, Amy C. Musiek, Claudio A. Mosse , John P. Greer
Section 5. Plasma Cell Dyscrasias
96. Hodgkin Lymphoma
Richard S. Stein and David S. Morgan
97. Practical Aspects of the Clinical Approach to Patients with Monoclonal 
Immunoglobulin Disorders
		Philip R. Greipp and Rafael Fonseca
98. Monoclonal Gammopathies of Undetermined Significance and Smoldering Multiple 
	Robert A. Kyle, MD
99. Multiple Myeloma
	Angela Dispenzieri
100. Immunoglobulin Light-Chain Amyloidosis (Primary Amyloidosis)
Morie A. Gertz, Martha Q. Lacy, Angela Dispenzieri, and Suzanne R. Hayman 
101. Waldenstr¿m Macroglobulinemia
Rafael Fonseca and Stephen M. Ansell
102. Cryoglobulinemia and Heavy Chain Disease
	Angela Dispenzieri, Morie A. Gertz,	and Thomas E. Witzig
A. Clusters of Differentiation
Frixos Paraskevas
B. Normal Blood Values: Selected Health-Associated Values for Neonatal, Pediatric, 
and Adult Populations
Sharon M. Geaghan
C. Comparative Hematology 
Harvey A. Ragan

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