Table of contents for Byzantine trade, 4th-12th centuries : the archaeology of local, regional and international exchange : papers of the thirty-eighth Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, St John's College, University of Oxford, March 2004 / [edited by] Marlia Mundell Mango.

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Section I Mapping trade
1. Marlia Mundell Mango		Byzantine trade: local, regional, interregional, and 					 international
2. Emilie Savage-Smith		Maps and trade
3. Sean Kingsley			Mapping trade by shipwrecks
4. Olga Karagiorgou		Mapping trade by the amphora
Section II Local trade and production: shops and workshops
5. Yoram Tsafrir 			Trade, workshops and shops at Bet Shean /
					 Scythopolis, 4th - 8th centuries
6. Elizabeth Rodziewicz		Ivory, bone, glass and other production at 
 					 Alexandria, 5th - 9th centuries
7. Rossina Kostova			Polychrome ceramics in Preslav, 9th - 11th centuries:
					 where were they produced and used?
Section III Regional markets
8. Agnès Vokaer			Brittle Ware trade in Syria between the 5th and 8th 					 centuries
9. Mark P.C. Jackson		Local painted pottery trade in early Byzantine
10. Nergis Günsenin			Ganos wine and its circulation in the 11th century
Section IV Product tracking: pottery, glass, and metal fine wares
11. Pamela Armstrong		Trade in the east Mediterranean in the 8th century 
12. Ioanna Dimopoulos		Trade of Byzantine red wares, end of the 11th - 13th
13. Hallie Meredith-Goymour	Evaluating the movement of open-work glassware in late antiquity
14. Natalija Ristovska		Distribution patterns of Middle Byzantine painted 
15. Marlia Mundell Mango		Tracking Byzantine silver and copper metalware, 
					 6th - 12th centuries
Section V International trade: exports and imports
16. Michael Decker			Export wine trade to West and East
17. Hiromi Kinoshita		Foreign glass excavated in China from the 4th to 12th
18. Philip M. Kenrick		On the Silk Route: imported and regional pottery at
19. Anne McCabe			Imported materia medica, 4th - 12th centuries, and
 					 Byzantine pharmacology
Section VI Internation trade: to West, South, East, and North
20. Ewan Campbell and 		Byzantine trade to the edge of the world: 
 Christopher Bowles		 Mediterranean pottery imports to Atlantic Britain in 
 					 the 6th century
21. Christopher Salter		Tin extraction in the southwest of England: a 
					 resource for Mediterranean metalworkers in late 
22. Sean Kingsley			Great voyages, great ocean-going ships?
			South and East
23. Steven Sidebotham		Northern Red Sea ports and their networks in the 
					 late Roman/Byzantine period
24. David Phillipson			Aksum, the entrepôt, and highland Ethiopia, 3th ¿ 
					 12th centuries
			East and West
25. David Jacoby			Venetian commercial expansion in the eastern
 					 Mediterranean, 9th - 11th centuries
26. Irina Andreescu and 		The glass mosaics at Torcello: new interpretations of Julian Henderson			 production and distribution based on the chemical 
					 analysis of glass mosaic tesserae
27. Jonathan Shepard		`Mists and portals': the Black Sea's north coast
28. Nikolaj Makarov			Rural settlement and trade networks in northern 
					 Russia, AD 900 - 1250

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