Table of contents for Bigfoot : the life and times of a legend / Joshua Blu Buhs.

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Dramatis Personae
One. Wildmen
	Wildmen through History
	The Abominable Snowman
	The Life and Times of Bigfoot
Two. Yeti. 1951¿1959
	The Yeti, Science, and Zadig¿s Method
	Britain Hunts the Yeti
	America Hunts the Yeti
	What the Evidence Told
Three. Sasquatch. 1929¿1958
	The Great Sasquatch Hunt
	The Kidnapping of Albert Ostman
	¿Occam¿s Razor Cuts on the Side of the Sasquatch¿
	Slick Eyes the Sasquatch
Four. Big Foot. 1958
	The Folkloric Origins of Bigfoot
	Big Foot Makes the Papers
	The Confirmed and Converted Confront Bigfoot
	¿Maybe Bigfoot is Lost Relative of Old ¿Sasquatch¿¿
Five. ABSMery. 1959¿1961
	The (Weird, Wacky) Wonderful World of Ivan T. Sanderson
	The Pacific Northwest Expedition
	Enter Peter Byrne
	The Wipe: Or True¿s Trouble with Truth, and Ivan Sanderson¿s
Six. Melting the Snowman. 1961¿1967
	Melting the Snowman
	Sanderson¿s Failed Debunking of the Debunking
	The Quiet Years
	Big Foot Daze
Seven. The Return of Bigfoot. 1967¿1980
	Bigfoot Filmed!
	Making Sense of the Movie
	The Return of Bigfoot
	Bozo, the Minnesota Iceman
	Bigfoot on Tour
	The Secret of Sasquatch
Eight. A Contest for Dignity. 1969¿1977
	The Bigfoot Community
	The Center that Wasn¿t
	Hoaxing, the Unconquerable Problem
	The Laugher Curtain
Nine. Cryptozoology. 1978¿1990
	Grover Krantz, Sasquatch Scientist
	Anthropology of the Unknown
	Science Police
	¿Definitive Proof¿
	Arrested by the Science Police
Ten. The Death of Bigfoot? 1980¿2002
	The Green Man
	The Death of Bigfoot
	¿The Most Abominable Hoaxer¿
	Bigfoot is Dead! Long Live Bigfoot!
	Not The End, but An End
	Curse of the Sasquatch
	Archival Collections
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