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Table of Contents
Part I. Foundations of Integrated Behavioral Consultation Service
Chapter 1. Building an Integrated Primary Care Service
Chapter 2. Conducting the Initial Consultation Appointment
Chapter 3. Common Behavioral and Cognitive Interventions in Primary Care
Chapter 4. Cultural Competence 
Part II. Common Behavioral Health Concerns in Primary Care
Chapter 5. Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia
Chapter 6. Health Behaviors: Tobacco Use, Overeating, and Physical Inactivity
Chapter 7. Diabetes
Chapter 8. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chapter 9. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma
Chapter 10. Cardiovascular Disease 
Chapter 11. Pain Disorders	
Chapter 12. Alcohol and Prescription Medication Misuse
Chapter 13. Sexual Dysfunctions
Chapter 14. Special Considerations for Older Adults
Chapter 15. Women¿s Health
Chapter 16. Health Anxiety (Hypochondriasis)
About the Authors
Exhibit 1.1		Provider Survey
Exhibit 1.2		Behavioral Health Consultant Marketing Brochure
Exhibit 1.3		Consultation Request
Exhibit 1.4		Problem of the Week Sample Flyer
Exhibit 2.1 		Patient Behavioral Health Consultation Information Handout
Exhibit 2.2 		Functional Analysis of the Problem
Exhibit 2.3 		Behavioral Prescription Pads
Exhibit 3.1 		Deep Breathing Handout
Exhibit 3.2 Cue-Controlled Relaxation Handout
Exhibit 3.3 How to Question Stressful/Angry/Anxious/Depressed Thinking Handout
Exhibit 3.4 	Strategies to Improve Motivation to Change Handout
Exhibit 3.5 Problem Solving Worksheet
Exhibit 3.6 Monitoring Behavioral Triggers Handout
Exhibit 3.7 Stimulus Control Plan Handout
Exhibit 3.8 Assertive Communication Handout
Exhibit 5.1 		Depression Spiral Handout
Exhibit 5.2 Common Symptoms of Anxious Worry Handout
Exhibit 5.3 	Worry Management Handout
Exhibit 5.4		Panic Disorder Handout
Exhibit 5.5 		Situational Exposure Hierarchy Handout
Exhibit 5.6 		Primary Care PTSD Screen (PC-PTSD)
Exhibit 5.7 		The Insomnia Severity Index
Exhibit 5.8 		Improving Sleep Through Behavior Change Handout
Exhibit 5.9	 	Sleep Restriction Handout
Exhibit 6.1		Tobacco Cessation Handout
Exhibit 6.2		Goal Setting for Weight Loss Handout
Exhibit 6.3 		Personal Food Diary Handout
Exhibit 6.4 		The C.A.M.E.S.¿ Principle for Improvement Handout
Exhibit 6.5 		Modifying Eating Habits Handout
Exhibit 6.6 		Weight Maintenance Handout
Exhibit 6.7 		Increasing Physical Activity Handout
Exhibit 8.1 		What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Handout
Exhibit 8.2 		Behavioral Health Consultant Introduction/ IBS Explanation Script
Exhibit 8.3 		Additional Questions for a Focused IBS Assessment Physical/Medical Factors
Exhibit 8.4 		Weekly IBS Symptom and Stress Monitoring Diary
Exhibit 8.5 		IBS Diet Monitoring Handout
Exhibit 9.1 		Sample Assessment Questions for COPD
Exhibit 9.2 		Pursed-Lip Breathing Handout
Exhibit 9.3 		Shortness of Breath Cycle for COPD and Asthma Handout
Exhibit 9.4 		Sample Assessment Questions for Asthma
Exhibit 9.5 		Patient Asthma Diary Handout
Exhibit 9.6 		Factors that May Worsen Asthma Handout
Exhibit 10.1 		Assessment Questions for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
Exhibit 10.2 		High Blood Pressure Handout
Exhibit 10.3 		Diet Change Handout
Exhibit 11.1 		Gate Control Model of Pain Handout
Exhibit 11.2 		Understanding Chronic Pain Handout
Exhibit 11.3 		TRUE or FALSE: Common Pain Beliefs Handout
Exhibit 11.4 		Five Steps For Managing Intense Pain Episodes Handout
Exhibit 11.5 		Monitoring Pain Handout
Exhibit 12.1 		Common Mistakes/Assumptions About Alcohol Handout
Exhibit 12.2 		Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)
Exhibit 12.3 		Four A¿s for Managing Alcohol Consumption Handout
Exhibit 12.4 		CAGE-AID
Exhibit 13.1 		Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction Handout
Exhibit 13.2 		Questions and Answers about Erectile Dysfunction Handout
Exhibit 13.3 		Recommended Readings for Improving Intimacy and Sex Handout
Exhibit 13.4 		Sexual Problems and Self-Help Interventions Handout
Exhibit 13.5 Gaining Control over Premature Ejaculation
Exhibit 13.6 		Sample Assessment Questions for Female Orgasmic Disorder
Exhibit 13.7 Enhancing Arousal and Orgasm: Developing Helpful Beliefs Handout
Exhibit 14.1 	 	GDS 5 / 15 Geriatric Scale
Exhibit 14.2 		Bereavement, Grief, Mourning Handout
Exhibit 15.1 		Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)
Exhibit 15.2 		Additional Functional Assessment Questions for Hot Flashes
Exhibit 15.3 		Hot Flash Symptom Diary
Exhibit 15.4 		Managing Menopausal Hot Flashes With Reassuring Thinking Handout
Exhibit 16.1 		Health Anxiety Inventory Short Version
Exhibit 16.2 		Additional Functional Analysis Questions Specific for Health Anxiety
Exhibit 16.3 		Health Anxiety Handout
Exhibit 16.4 		Treatment for Health Anxiety Handout
Exhibit 16.5 		Stress Response and How It Can Impact You Handout
Exhibit 16.6 		 Your Physical Reactions to Stress Handout

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