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Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics, 4/e
Carey, Crocker, Coleman, Elias, Feldman (Eds.)
Final Version of TOC- May 19, 2008
	The purpose of this absolutely final version of the Table of Contents is to aid in the process of production of the galley proofs and pages for the book from the mass of completed chapter manuscripts. The Editors were asked to review this list to eliminate any mistakes as to authors or primary editorial responsibilities. There have been some changes in authors and editors since the previous TOC of June 2006. The younger editors (Coleman, Elias, and Feldman) need consult with the older guys (Carey and Crocker) at this point only if they wish to.
	The name of the chief author, to whom the galleys should be sent for approval, is underlined. (Need to clarify existence of two underlined names for Chapters 23 and 27.) In some cases all the authors¿ names do not appear on this list.
Preface- Carey and other editors. Ed- Carey
1) History of D-B Pediatrics ¿Feldman and Sutciffe. Ed- Feldman.
Part I ¿ Life Stages-
 2) Pregnancy, Birth, and the Newborn Period-Peter Gorski, Ed. Feldman
3) Infancy and Toddler Years ¿ Marilyn Augustyn, and Barry Zuckerman, Deborah Frank..Ed. Feldman
 4) Preschool Years- Sara Hamel and Amanda Pelphrey. Ed. Feldman
 5) Middle Childhood- Marsha Rappeley and James Kallman,. Ed. Feldman
 6) Adolescence-, Marianne Felice.and William Garrison. Ed. Feldman
7) Normal differences in temperament and behavioral adjustment- Carey, Au + Ed
Part II ¿Environmental Influences- Family and Social. 
8) Importance of the environment- conceptual basis- Loe and Feldman-. Ed. Feldman
9) Variations in Family Composition ¿Craig Garfield. Ed. Carey
10) Variations in Family Function- Stephen Ludwig, Ed. Carey.
 11) Brothers and Sisters- Perri Klass, M.D.. Ed. Coleman
12) Separation, Divorce, and Remarriage ¿ Lane Tanner, Ed. Coleman 
13) Adoption and Foster Family Care- Laurie Miller, M.D. Ed. Carey 
14) Critical Family Events- William Cohen, M.D. Ed. Coleman
15) Peers-Lisa Younglade. Ed. Carey.
16) Child Care ¿ Daniel Moran. Ed. Carey.
17) School environments- Paul Dworkin, Ed. Coleman 
18) Neighborhood and Community- Lynne Huffman + Paul Wise. Ed. Carey.
19) Culture and Ethnicity- Sara Harkness, & Charles Super, Ed. Carey
20) Electronic Media ¿Victor Strasburger. Ed.- Coleman
21) Disasters ¿Joseph Hagan,M.D. Ed. Coleman.
Part III ¿Biological Influences- 
22) Bio-medical basis of development and behavior- Ellen Roy Elias,
		Au + Ed.
23) Central Nervous System Disorders¿ Kelly Knupp + Julie Parsons. Ed. Elias.
24) Chromosomal and X-linked MR Disorders ¿Anne Chun-hui Tsai,, Laura Pickler, Nicole Tartaglia, and Randi Hagerman,.¿.Ed. Elias
25) Down Syndrome- William Cohen, Ed. Elias.
26) Genetic Syndromes- Virginia Proud, + Ellen Elias. Ed. Elias..
27) Prematurity- Marilee Allen,M.D. and Mary Leppert ¿Ed. Elias.
28) Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection ¿ Sharon Nichols, , John Farley, Ed. Elias
29) Malnutrition ¿ Nancy Krebs, and Marilyn Stevenson, RD, Ed. Elias.
30) Inborn errors of metabolism ¿ Jeff Chinsky + Robert Steiner, Ed. Elias.
31) Toxins ¿ Fred Henretig,. Ed- Carey
Part IV ¿ General physical illness- Developmental-Behavioral Aspects
 32) Acute Minor Illness- William Carey, Au + Ed.
33) Hospitalization, Surgery, and Medical Procedures- Ellen Perrin, M. D. and D.Shipman, M,D, Ed. Carey
34) Early Health Crises and Vulnerable Children ¿Bryan Forsyth, Ed. Carey.
35) Chronic Illness-James Perrin, M.D. and Ute Thyen, M.D, Ed. Carey
36) Life-Threatening and Terminal Illness ¿Linda Gudas, Ph.D.,and Gerald Koocher, Ph.D Ed. Carey.
37) Death of child and grief of the family- William Coleman, M. D. and Julius Richmond, M.D. Ed. Coleman
Part V ¿Outcomes- Behavioral and Emotional- 
A) Social relationships-
38) Social Ability and Inability- Robin Hansen and Gordon Ulrey.; Ed. Feldman.
39) Oppositional behavior, non-compliance-Wm.Barbaresi. M.D.; Ed. Feldman..
40) Aggression, Violence, and Delinquency-Stephen Leff, Callista Tulleners, and Jill Posner. Ed. Feldman. . 
41) Social withdrawal or isolation- Raymond Starr and Howard Dubowitz, Ed. Feldman .
42) Adjustment disorders-Robert Needlman, M.D. Ed. Feldman.
 43) Sexuality, its development and problems.-Jennifer B. Hillman and 	Michael Spigarelli. Ed. Feldman
B) Self-relations- self-esteem, care, and control
 44) Self-esteem- -. Carol Dweck and Allison Master. Ed. Feldman
45) Substance use, abuse, and dependence and other risk taking- John Knight, M.D. Ed. Feldman.
 46) Self-control or regulation: Karen Olness, M.D. Ed. Feldman.
 (Consider adding to title of chapter: ¿Normal development to clinical 	conditions¿ to differentiate contents from Chapter 91.)
C) Internal Status- feelings and thoughts
47)- Major disturbances of emotion and mood- Amy Chung and Peter Jensen, Ed. Feldman.
48) Major disturbances of thought- Antonio Hardan and A. Gilbert- Ed. Feldman.
49) Emotional problems of children with developmental disabilities- L. Szymanski Ed. Feldman.
D) Coping/problem solving
50) Coping strategies- O.J.Sahler, and John E. Carr. Ed. Feldman.
Part VI- Outcomes- School Function and Other Task Performance
51) School achievement and underachievement- Lynn Wegner, Ed. Coleman.
 52) Gifted child- Mary C. Kral, Ph.D., Ed. Carey
53) Adaptation and Maladaptation in school- Terry Bravender, Ed-. Coleman.
54) Attention and deficits of attention-.Leonard Rappaport, M.D., and Lisa Albers, M.D. Ed. Carey.
55) Cognitive function and problems in learning- .Mel Levine,M.D. Ed- Carey
Part VII- Outcomes- Physical functioning- 
56) Recurrent Pains ¿Tonya Palermo, Ph.D., and Lonnie Zeltzer, M.D. Ed. Carey.
 57) Colic or prolonged crying¿Carey- Au +, Ed..
58) Common Feeding Problems ¿ Martin Stein,M.D. Ed. Carey.
59) Disordered Eating Behaviors: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa. Eric Sigel, M.D., Ed. Carey.
60) Failure to Thrive ¿Patrick Casey, M.D. Ed. Carey.
61) Obesity ¿Lawrence Hammer, M.D., Ed. Carey.
62) Urinary function and enuresis ¿Alison Schonwald, M.D. and Ramzi Nasir, M.D. Ed. Carey.
63) Bowel function and encopresis ¿Carolyn Bridgemohan, M.D.and Laura Weissman, M.D. Ed. Carey.
64) Sleep Disorders ¿ Judith Owens, M.D. Ed. Carey.
65) Repetitive Behaviors and Tics¿ Nathan Blum, M.D.,Ed. Carey.
Part VIII- Outcomes- Developmental - 
66) Motor Dysfunction- Paul Lipkin, M.D. Ed. Elias.
67) Cerebral Palsy ¿Ann Tilton, M..D. Laurie Glader, M.D. Ed. Elias
68) Intellectual Disability ¿Ellen Elias, Allen Crocker, Ed. Elias 
69) Autism and Related Disorders ¿Fred Volkmar, M.D., and Lisa Weisner,M.D.. Ed. Elias.
 70) Hearing Impairment ¿Desmond Kelly, M.D. Ed. Elias
 71) Visual Impairment ¿Stuart Teplin,; J.C.Greeley; T.Anthony- Ed. Elias.
72) Disorders of Speech and Language ¿Heidi Feldman, Au + Ed..
73) Other sensory problems-Jane-Case-Smith, and Karen Ratliff-Schaub, Ed. Elias.
74) The Child with Multiple Disabilities ¿Ellen Elias, Au. + Ed. .
Part IX ¿ Assessment- 
75) The Interview ¿ Esther Wender, M.D.,Ed. Carey
76) The Physical Examination- Heidi Feldman, M.D. Au + Ed..
77) Psychological Testing- General principles- Raymond Sturner, M.D. Ed. Carey
78) Assessment of Behavioral Adjustment and Behavioral Style-William Carey, M.D. Au. + Ed..
79) Developmental Screening and Assessment: Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers ¿Martin Stein, M. D. + Meghan Lukasik. Ed. Carey
80) Developmental Assessment of the School-Aged Child ¿Kathleen Selvaggi Fadden. Ed. Crocker.
81) Assessment of Intelligence- Helen Tager-Flusberg.-Ed. Crocker 
82) Educational Assessment ¿ Martha Reed-Ed. Crocker.
83) Neuropsychological Assessment ¿ Jane Bernstein. Ed. Crocker.
84) Diagnostic Studies of the Central Nervous System- David Urion. Ed. Crocker.
85) Comprehensive Formulation of Assessment ¿William B. Carey, Au. + Ed..
Part X¿ Management and Treatment- 
86) Parent Counseling ¿Barton Schmitt, M.D. Ed. Feldman.
87) Behavior Management ¿Jack Nassau, Gary Buchanan, and Pamela High, Ed. Feldman.
88) Crisis management¿ Mirna Farah, M.D.. and Thomas Chun, M.D.- Ed-Carey
89) Psychotherapy ¿Michael Jellinek, M.D. Jane Caplan, plus one additional author. Ed. Feldman
90) Psychopharmacology-. Richard D¿Alli, M.D. + John Walkup. Ed-Coleman
91) Self-Regulation Training¿ Dale Sussman, M.D. Ed. Crocker
92) Early Intervention Services ¿ Penny Hauser-Cram. Ed. Crocker
93) Special Education Services ¿Louise Kaczmarek Ed. Crocker.
94) Arts Therapies ¿Donna Chadwick Ed. Crocker.
95) Alternative Therapies ¿Challman. Ed. Crocker
96) Transition to Adulthood- Melissa Thingvoll and Steven Sulkes- Ed. Feldman.
 Part XI ¿ Legal, Administrative, and Ethical Issues 
97) Legal Issues ¿ Mary Ann Chirba-Martin.Ed. Crocker..
98) Legislation for the Health, Welfare, and Education of Children- Judy Palfrey . Ed. Crocker.
99) (Developmental-Behavioral) Health Care Systems- John Moeschler . Ed. Crocker..
 100) Ethics- Peter Smith. Ed. Crocker.
101) The Right to Be Different: ¿Au-The Editors. Ed. Crocker.
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