Table of contents for A history of Victorian literature / James Eli Adams.

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<set as chpt> Introduction. Locating Victorian Literature
	Byron Is Dead: Cultural Contexts
	The Literary Field
	An Age of Prose
	The Situation of Poetry
	Closet Drama to Music Hall: Victorian Theater
	The Novel after Scott
Part One. ¿The Times are Unexampled¿: Literature in the Age of Machinery, 1830-1850
	History and Belief: Constructing the Man of Letters
	The Situation of Poetry
	An Extinct Volcano: Theater in the 1830s
	Forms of Fiction in the Early 1830s
	The Accidental Novelist: Dickens and the Genres of Fiction
	Poetry after the Annuals
	The Importance of Elsewhere: Literature of Travel
	History and Heroism
	¿Chartism Rages While Jack Sheppard Reads¿: The Novel in 1839
	The Domestic Ideal
	From Silver-Fork to Farce: The Energies of Comic Fiction
	Poetry in the Early 40s
	Poetry and Labor
	Past and Present: Forms of Medievalism
	The Novel and ¿The Two Nations¿
	¿What¿s Money after All?¿
	Domesticity and Salvation: Religion and Romance in Novels of the 1840s
	The Novel of Development
	The Arguments of Poetry: Art, Politics, and Faith
	Staving off Catastrophe: In Memoriam
Part Two. Crystal Palace and Bleak House: Expansion and Anomie, 1851-1873
	The Novel and Society
	Crimea and the Forms of Heroism
	Spasmodics and Other Poets
	The Power of Art
	Two Gueniveres: The Situation of Women
	Dreams of Self-Fashioning: Identity and Agency in Mid-Victorian Literature
	Narrating Nature: Darwin and Natural History
	Novels and their Audiences: Mudie and the Monthlies
	Literature for Children
	Poetry in the Early 60s
	The Pursuit of Perfection: Criticism and Belief
	The Shock of the New: Poetry and Its Audiences
	The Hellenic Tradition
	Domesticity, Politics, Empire: The Novel in the Later 1860s
	The Novel after Dickens
	Poetry and Epic
	Poisonous Honey and Fleshly Poetry
Part Three. The Rise of Mass Culture and the Specter of Decline, 1873-1901
	Science, Materialism, and Value
	Twilight of the Titans: Poetry in the 1870s
	The Decline of the Marriage Plot
	The Aesthetic Movement
	Aesthetic Poetry
	Life Writing
	Morality and the Novel
	The arrival of Kipling
	Romance and the Forms of Belief
	Sex and Danger, Romance and Science
	Fictions of the Artist
	¿The Slanting Suns of Aged Civilizations¿: Decadence
	Drama in the 1880s
	The New Woman in Fiction
	Decadence and Poetry
	The Poetry of London
	¿The Aesthetic Cult is Over¿: The Scandal of Wilde
	Poetry after Wilde
	Fictions of Decline

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English literature -- 19th century -- History and criticism.
Literature and society -- Great Britain -- History -- 19th century.