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About the Author
1. Introduction
2. History 
?	The Drake Well, 1850s
?	California, Late 1800s
?	The Middle East, 1900s
3. Cable-Tool and Rotary Drilling
?	Cable-Tool Drilling
?	Rotary Drilling
o	Rotating Systems
o	Fluid Circulation
4. Rotary Rig Types
?	Land Rigs
?	Mobile Offshore Rigs
o	Bottom-Supported Unit MODUs
?	Submersibles
¿	Posted-Barge Submersibles
¿	Bottle-Type Submersibles
¿	Arctic Submersibles
¿	Inland Barge Rigs
?	Jackups
o	Floating Units
?	Semisubmersibles
?	Drillships
5. People and Companies
?	Operating Companies
?	Drilling Contractors
?	Drilling Contracts
?	Service and Supply Companies
?	People
o	Drilling Crews
?	Rig Superintendent and Assistant Rig Superintendant
?	Driller and Assistant Driller
?	Derrickman
?	Floorhands (Rotary Helpers or Roughnecks)
o	Drilling Crew Work Shifts
o	Crew Safety
o	Other Rig Workers
?	The Company Representative
?	Area Drilling Superintendent
?	Offshore Personnel
?	Office Personnel
6. Oil and Gas: Characteristics and Occurrence
?	Natural Gas
o	Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
o	Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
o	Natural Gas Liquid (NGL)
?	Crude Oil 
?	Refined Hydrocarbons
?	Oil and Gas Reservoirs
o	Characteristics of Reservoir Rocks 
o	Origin and Accumulation of Oil and Gas
o	Petroleum Traps
?	Structural Traps
¿	Fault Traps
¿	Anticlinal Traps
?	Stratigraphic Traps
?	Other Traps
?	Finding Petroleum Traps
?	Types of Wells
7. The Drill Site
?	Choosing the Site
?	Preparing the Site
o	Surface Preparation
o	Earthen Pits
o	Cellars
o	Rathole
o	Mousehole
o	Conductor Hole
?	Moving Equipment to the Site
o	Moving Land Rigs
o	Moving and Setting Up Offshore Rigs
8. Rigging Up
?	Substructures
?	The Drawworks
?	Raising the Mast or Derrick
o	Derrick and Mast Heights
o	Mast Load Ratings
?	Rigging Up Additional Equipment
?	Offshore Rig Up
9. Rig Components
?	Power System
o	Mechanical Power Transmission
o	Electrical Power Transmission
?	Hoisting System
o	The Drawworks
o	The Catheads
o	The Blocks and Drilling Line
o	Masts and Derricks
?	Rotating Systems
o	Rotary-Table System
?	Turntable
?	Master Bushing and Kelly Drive Bushing
?	Kelly
?	Swivel
o	Top Drive
o	Down Hole Motor
o	The Drill String
o	Bits
?	Roller Cone Bits
?	Drag Bits
?	Weight on Bit and Rotating Speeds
?	Circulating System
o	Drilling Fluid
o	Circulating Equipment
10. Normal Drilling Operations
?	Drilling the Surface Hole
?	Tripping Out With a Kelly System
?	Tripping Out With a Top-Drive Unit
?	Tripping Out With a Pipe Racker
?	Running Surface Casing
?	Cementing
?	Tripping In
?	Drilling Ahead
11. Formation Evaluation
?	Examining Cutting and Drilling Mud
?	Well Logging
?	Drill Stem Testing
?	Coring
12. Completing the Well
?	Plugging and Abandoning a Well
?	Completing a Producing Well
?	Production Tubing
?	Perforating
?	Well Testing and Treating
o	Acidizing
o	Fracturing
o	Gravel Packing
13. Special Operations
?	Directional Drilling
o	Slide Drilling with a Motor
o	Rotary Steerable Assemblies
?	Fishing
?	Well Control
14. Rig Safety and Environmental Concerns
15. Conclusion
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