Table of contents for Textbook of human metabolism in health and disease / Miriam D. Rosenthal and Robert H. Glew.

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Human Metabolism in Health and Disease
Miriam D. Rosenthal and Robert H. Glew
Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to metabolism 
2. Enzymes 
3. Digestion and absorption 
4. Glycolysis 
5. The TCA Cycle
6. Electron transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation
7. Pentose phosphate pathway 
8. Glycogen 
9. Gluconeogenesis 
10. Beta-oxidation 
11. Fatty acids synthesis
12. Triacylglycerols
13. Ethanol
14. Phospholipid metabolism
15. Eicosanoidsÿ 
16. Glycolipids and Glycoproteins 
17. Cholesterol synthesis and transport
18. Steroid and bile acid synthesis 
19. Nitrogen homeostasisÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ 
20. Amino acid metabolism 
21. Sulfur Metabolism
22. Folate & B12 (One Carbon) 
23. Purines and pyrimidines 
24. Heme 
25. Integration of metabolism 

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Metabolism -- Disorders.
Metabolic Diseases.