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i. Dedication and Acknowledgments
ii. Contributors
Introduction, by Pat Harrigan and Noah Wardrip-Fruin
I: Authoring
1) Truths Universally Acknowledged: How the "Rules" of 
Doctor Who Affect the Writing
Lance Parkin
2) In What Universe? 
Walter Jon Williams
3)Two Interviews About Doctor Who
Paul Cornell and Kate Orman
4)On Writing Cerebus
Dave Sim
5) The Archdiocese of Narrative 
Rafael Alvarez
6) Intellectual Property Development In the Adventure Games 
Industry: A Practitioner's View
Robin D. Laws
7) Multi-Campaign Setting Design for Role-Playing Games
Kenneth Hite
8) World Without End: The Delta Green Open Campaign Setting
A. Scott Glancy
9) La Vie d'Arthur, Conflict and Cooperation in The Great 
Pendragon Campaign
Greg Stafford
10) The Game Master and the Role-playing Game Campaign
Monte Cook
11) Alice and Dorothy Play Together
Richard A. Bartle
12) My Story Never Ends
Ken Rolston
13) Storytelling in a Multiplayer Environment
Matthew P. Miller
14) A Brief History of Spore
Chaim Gingold
15) Spaces Between: Traveling Through Bleeds, Apertures, 
and Wormholes Inside the Database Novel
Norman M. Klein
16) Where Stones Can Speak: Dramatic Encounters in 
Interactive 3D Virtual Reality
Tamiko Thiel
17) Moving in Place: The Question of Distributed Social 
Adriene Jenik and Sarah Lewison
18) Breeze Avenue Working Paper
Richard Grossman
II: Exploring
1) The Long Arm of Fantômas
David Kalat
2) With Strange Aeons: H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos as 
One Vast Narrative
Robert M. Price
3) "Deep is the well of the past. Should we not call it 
bottomless?": Thomas Mann's Joseph and His Brothers
William E. McDonald
4) Henry Darger's Search for the Grail in the Guise of a 
Celestial Child
Michael Bonesteel
5) Miss Fury and the Very Personal Universe of Tarpe Mills 
Trina Robbins 
6) Black Lightning's Story
Stanford Carpenter
7) See the Strings: Watchmen and the Under-Language of 
Stuart Moulthrop
8) Managing Multiplicity in Superhero Comics: An Interview 
with Henry Jenkins
Sam Ford
9) Lost and Long-Term Television Narrative
David Lavery
10) Reconnoitering the Rim: Thoughts on Deadwood, and Third 
Sean O'Sullivan
11) Absent Epic, Implied Story Arcs, and Variation on a 
Narrative Theme: Doctor Who (2005¿) as Cult/Mainstream TV 
Matt Hills
12) "Vaster than Empire(s), and More Slow": The Politics 
and Economics of Embodiment in Doctor Who
Anne Cranny-Francis and John Tulloch
13) War Stories: Board Wargames and (Vast) Procedural 
Matthew Kirschenbaum
14) Epic Spatialities: The Production of Space in Final 
Fantasy Games
William H. Huber
15) Arachne challenges Minerva: The Spinning-out of Long 
Narrative in World of Warcraft and Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Tanya Krzywinska
16) Competing Narratives in Virtual Worlds
Ren Reynolds
17) Warcraft Adventures: Texts, Replay and Machinima in a 
Game-Based Storyworld
Henry Lowood
18) All in the Game: The Wire, Serial Storytelling and 
Procedural Logic
Jason Mittell
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