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Table of Contents
		Front Matter
Part I	Marketing Your Business Online with YouTube
	1	How YouTube Can Help You Market Your Business
	2	Developing Your YouTube Marketing Strategy
	3	Tips for Producing More Effective YouTube Videos
Part II	Producing Your YouTube Videos
	4	Understanding Audio/Video Technology
	5	Shooting Webcam Videos
	6	Shooting Semi-Pro Videos
	7	Shooting Professional Videos
	8	Editing and Enhancing Your Video
Part III	Managing Your YouTube Videos
	9	Uploading Your Videos to YouTube
	10	Creating a YouTube Presence
	11	Incorporating YouTube Videos on Your Own Website
Part IV	Working with YouTube Video Blogs
	12	Managing a Video Blog
	13	Integrating Text Blogs and Video Blogs
	PROFILE 4	Stone Brewing Company
Part V	Promotion and Monetization
	14	Tracking Performance
	15	Promoting Your YouTube Videos
	16	Generating Revenues from Your YouTube Videos
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