Table of contents for The impact of globalization on Japan's public policy : how the government is reshaping Japan's role in the world / edited by Hiroshi Itoh ; with a foreword by Bogdan Mieczkowski.

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Table of Contents
Abbreviations		vii
List of Tables		x
Foreword Bogdan Mieczkowski	xi
Acknowledgements		xiii
Chapter 1
Introduction 			1 
 	Hiroshi Itoh 
Chapter 2 	23
Foreign Policy Making: Reflections of Former Ambassador 		
 	Yuji Kurokawa
Chapter 3 		
Japan's Policies toward Ukraine: Reflections of Former Ambassador	39
	Yuji Kurokawa
Chapter 4 		
The Liberalized Immigration Policy 	57	 
	Nobutaka Shinomiya
Chapter 5 	75
Japan's ODA and National Security 		
 Naoto Yoshikawa 
Chapter 6 		 
Japan's whaling policy: Rejection of an international norm 	91
	Keiko Hirata
Chapter 7 		 
The Open Skies over Japan: Globalization of Civil Aviation	133
 	Hiroshi Itoh
Chapter 8 		
Prime Minister Koizumi's Legacy: the Reform of Postal Services	155
	Charles D. Lake II
Chapter 9 	
From Outbound to Inbound: Japan's International Travel and 	175
Tourism Promotion Policy Rationales, 1963-2003	 
 	Lonny E. Carlile
Chapter 10 
National Security and Mass Media Freedom 	193	 
	Lawrence W. Beer
Chapter 11	
Female Imperial Succession?: Public Policy Alternatives 	209
	Itsuo Sonobe 
Chapter 12	
Conclusions 	219 
	Hiroshi Itoh
Selected Bibliography	229
ACLI 	American Council of Life Insurers
ANA 	All Nippon Airways
APEC 	Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
ASEAN 	Association of Southeast Asian Nations
CGP 	Clean Government Party (Komeito)
CIS 	Commonwealth of Independent States
COM 	Citizen Ombudsman Movement (Shimin 
 	Ombusuman Undo)
DAC 	Development Assistance Committee
EC 	European Community
EEZ 	Exclusive Economic Zone
EPA 	Economic Partner Agreement
EU 	European Union
FA 	Fisheries Agency
FDI 	Foreign Direct Investment
FSA 	Financial Services Agency
FTA 	Free Trade Agreement
G-4 	The Group of Four
G-7 	The Group of Seven
GATT 	The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GDP 	Gross Domestic Product
GHQ, SCAP 	General Headquarters, Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
GNP 	Gross National Product
IAEA 	International Atomic Energy Agency
IAPC 	Independent Administrative Public Corporation
IATA 	International Air Transport Association
ICAO 	International Civil Aviation Organization
ICB 	Immigration Control Bureau
ICR 	Institute of Cetacean Research
ICRR 	Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition 
ICR 	International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling
IAW 	International Fund for Animal Welfare
IMF 	International Monetary Fund
ISD 	Initiative for Sustainable Development toward 
 	the 21st Century
ITP 	Industrial Training Program
IWC 	International Whaling Commission 
JAL 	Japan Airlines
JARPA 	Japanese Antarctic Research Program
JARPN 	Japanese Research Whaling Program in the North Pacific
JAS 	Japan Air System
JCLU 	Japan Civil Liberties Union (Jiyu Jinken Kyokai)
JCP 	Japan Communist Party
JDP 	Japan Democratic Party
JEIB 	Japan Export and Import Bank
JETRO 	Japan External Trade Organization
JICA 	Japan International Cooperation Agency
JSP 	Japan Socialist Party
Keidanren 	Japan Business Federation 
LDP 	Liberal Democratic Party
LLDC 	Least and Less Developed Countries
MAFF 	Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
MIAC 	Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Somusho)
MITI 	Ministry of International Trade and Industry
MLIT 	Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport 
MOE	Ministry of Environment
MOEI	Ministry of Economics and Industry
MOES	Ministry of Education and Science
MOF 	Ministry of Finance
MOFA 	Ministry of Foreign Affairs
MOGA	Ministry of General Affairs
MOJ 	Ministry of Justice
MOT 	Ministry of Transportation
MOT 	Ministry of Treasury
MOU 	Memorandum of Understandings concerning the U.S.- Japan Aviation 
MOWL	Ministry of Welfare and Labor
NAB 	National Association of Commercial Broadcasters (Nihon Minkan 
Hoso Renmei or Minporen)
NAFTA 	North American Free Trade Agreement
NATO 	North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NIES 	Newly Industrialized Emerging States
NGO 	Nongovernmental Organization
NMP 	New Management Procedures
NPEL 		National Public Employee Law
NPO 	Nonprofit Organizations
NPSC	National Public Safety Commission
NSK 	Japan Newspaper Editors and Publishers Association (Nihon Shimbun 
NTP 		Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty
NTT 		Nippon Telephone and Telegraph
NWA 		Northwest Airlines
ODA 	Official Development Assistance
OECD 		Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OEFA 		Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan
OIF 		Operation Iraqi Freedom
OSCE 	Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
PKO 	Peace Keeping Operations
PPL 		Postal Privatization Law
PRC 		People's Republic of China
SDA	Self Defense Agency
SDF 	Self Defense Forces
SDP 		Social Democratic Party
TIP 	Technical Internship Program
UA 	United Airlines
UK 		United Kingdom 
UNICEF 	United Nations Children's Fund
USAID 	United States Agency for International Development
WB 	World Bank
WHO 		World Health Organization
WTO 		World Trade Organization
List of Tables
1.1	A Policymaking Paradigm 	 20	 
6.1 	Cortell and Davis's Typology of Domestic Structural Contexts 	 99
9.1 	Tourism in MOT Priority Policies List, 1955-1999	181 
11.1 	Order of Imperial Successions	212

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Globalization -- Social aspects -- Japan.
Japan -- Social policy.