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Chapter 1: Is Cyber Crime a Serious Problem?
Chapter Preface
1. Identity Theft Is a Serious Problem
Chris Swecker
2. Identity Theft Is a Declining Problem
Thomas M. Lenard
3. Cyberterrorism Poses a Serious Threat to Global Security
Simon Finch
4. The Problem of Cyberterrorism Is Exaggerated
Pete Simpson
5. Internet Piracy Threatens the Entertainment Industry
Orrin Hatch
6. The Problem of Internet Piracy Is Overstated
Dave McClure
7. Online Predators Are a Serious Threat
Jeff Buckstein
8. The Media Stereotype of Online Predators Is Inaccurate
Janis Wolak, David Finkelhor, Kimberly J. Mitchell, and Michele L.
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Chapter 2: What Factors Contribute to Cyber Crime?
Chapter Preface
1. Organizational Mismanagement, Not Hackers, Explain Most Data
Kris Erickson and Philip Howard
2. Vigilantism Motivates Some to Violate Cyber Laws
Nancy Gohring
3. Scam-Spammers Prey on Consumer Fears and Insecurities
James Blascovich
4. Peer-to-Peer File Sharing Is a Form of Rebellion Against Corporate
Marc Freedman
5. The Internet Helps Promote Terrorism
Steve Coll and Susan B. Glasser
6. The Internet Provides a New Way for Stalkers to Pursue Their
Kacy Silverstein
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Chapter 3: How Can Companies and Consumers Reduce the Impact of
Cyber Crime?
Chapter Preface
1. Consumers Should Be Allowed to Freeze Their Credit History
Anita Ramasastry
2. Consumers Should Not Be Allowed to Freeze Their Credit History
Stuart Pratt
3. Software Manufacturers Should Be Liable for Internet Security
Bruce Schneier
4. Software Companies Should Not Be Liable for Internet Security
Harris Miller
5. Colleges Should Play a Greater Role in Combating Internet
Grahan Spanier
6. Combating Internet Piracy Is Not an Appropriate Role for
Mark Luker and Michael Petricone
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Chapter 4: What Laws Will Best Prevent Cyber Crime?
Chapter Preface
1. A Federal Data Breach Notification Standard Is Necessary
William Yurcik and Ragib Hasan
2. Weak Federal Disclosure Laws Will Not Protect Consumers
Bruce Schneier
3. The Cybercrime Treaty Will Improve the Global Fight Against Internet
Cyber Security Industry Alliance
4. The Cybercrime Treaty Threatens Civil Liberties
Bob Barr
5. A Crackdown on Student Internet Copyright Infringers Is
Mitch Bainwol and Cary Sherman
6. A Crackdown on Student File-Sharing Is an Ineffective Strategy
Fred von Lohmann
7. The Federal Cyberstalking Law Will Protect Victims
Jim McDermott
8. The Federal Cyberstalking Law Violates Free Speech
Wendy McElroy
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