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Series Preface_000
Author's Preface_000
Introduction to the Pastoral Epistles_000
First Timothy
Introductory Part (1 Tim. 1:1/20)_000
Apostolic Greeting (1 Tim. 1:1/2)_000
False Doctrines, Divine Economy, and Timothy's Task (1 Tim. 1:3/7)_000
Law and Gospel, Doctrine and Conduct (1 Tim. 1:8/11)_000
Commission of Paul as Apostle (1 Tim. 1:12/17)_000
Admonition to Timothy (1 Tim. 1:18/20)_000
Worship, Life, and Order in the Church (1 Tim. 2:1/3:16)_000
Pray for Everyone: Christianity Is Universal (1 Tim. 2:1/7)_000
How Men and Women Should Behave (1 Tim. 2:8/15)_000
Requirements for a Bishop (1 Tim. 3:1/7)_000
Excursus 1: 1 Timothy 2:15 in Reformation Theology_000
Requirements for Deacons (1 Tim. 3:8/13)_000
Church of the Living God (1 Tim. 3:14/16)_000
Excursus 2: Ecclesiology and Ordained Ministry, Part 1_000
Instructions for the Pastoral Work of Timothy (1 Tim. 4:1/6:2)_000
False Teachers of Ascesis (1 Tim. 4:1/5)_000
Excursus 3: Hospitality and Gratitude_000
Value of Godliness (1 Tim. 4:6/11)_000
Conduct of the Church Leader (1 Tim. 4:12/5:2)_000
Dealing with Widows (1 Tim. 5:3/16)_000
Position of Elders in the Church (1 Tim. 5:17/20)_000
Instructions Concerning Right Judgment (1 Tim. 5:21/25)_000
Duties of Slaves (1 Tim. 6:1/2)_000
True and False Teachers (1 Tim. 6:3/21)_000
False Teachers Are Mentally Disturbed (1 Tim. 6:3/10)_000
Excursus 4: Chrysostom on Self-Control_000
Exemplary Life and Teaching (1 Tim. 6:11/16)_000
Instructions about Rich People (1 Tim. 6:17/19)_000
Excursus 5: Chrysostom on Generosity_000
Final Admonition to Timothy (1 Tim. 6:20/21)_000
Second Timothy
Opening of the Letter (2 Tim. 1:1/5)_000
Greeting (2 Tim. 1:1/2)_000
Thanksgiving (2 Tim. 1:3/5)_000
Witness and Suffering in the Footsteps of Paul (2 Tim. 1:6/2:13)_000
Gospel as Testimony and as Tradition (2 Tim. 1:6/14)_000
Excursus 6: Tradition_000
Good and Bad Examples (2 Tim. 1:15/18)_000
Exhortation to Be a Strong Witness (2 Tim. 2:1/7)_000
Promise of Salvation (2 Tim. 2:8/13)_000
False Teachers and Their Conduct (2 Tim. 2:14/3:9)_000
Right Conduct as Purification (2 Tim. 2:14/26)_000
Excursus 7: Ecclesiology and Ordained Ministry, Part 2_000
Folly of False Teachers (2 Tim. 3:1/9)_000
Concluding Advice to Timothy (2 Tim. 3:10/4:22)_000
Paul's Example and Scriptures (2 Tim. 3:10/17)_000
Excursus 8: Scripture and Tradition_000
Final Words of the Apostle (2 Tim. 4:1/8)_000
Personal Communications (2 Tim. 4:9/18)_000
Final Greetings (2 Tim. 4:19/22)_000
Appointment of Elders in Crete (Titus 1:1/16)_000
Greeting (Titus 1:1/4)_000
Requirements for Elders and Bishops (Titus 1:5/9)_000
False Teachers Are Corrupted Liars (Titus 1:10/16)_000
Virtues among Christians (Titus 2:1/15)_000
Virtues of Older Men, Older Women, and Younger Women (Titus 2:1/5)_000
Virtues of Young Men, Titus, and Slaves (Titus 2:6/10)_000
Grace of God in Jesus Christ (Titus 2:11/15)_000
Excursus 9: Self-giving of Jesus_000
Good Works in the Society (Titus 3:1/15)_000
Christians as Good Citizens (Titus 3:1/3)_000
Saving Presence of God through Jesus Christ (Titus 3:4/7)_000
Dealing with Opponents (Titus 3:8/11)_000
Final Instructions and Greetings (Titus 3:12/15)_000
Introduction to Philemon_000
Address and Expressions of Gratitude (Phlm. 1/7)_000
Appeal for Onesimus (Phlm. 8/21)_000
Travel Plans and Greetings (Phlm. 22/25)_000
Introduction to Jude_000
Jesus Christ_000
Christian Faith_000
After the Word: Hermeneutical Postscript_000
Appendix A: Moderation of Emotion_000
Appendix B: Mental Disorders_000
Appendix C: Varieties of Giving_000
Subject Index_000
Scripture Index_000

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