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1	The Textures of Society
What is Society?
Society and Social Theory
Social Theory as Practical Life: Charles Lemert
Key Themes in Contemporary Social Theory
Organization of the Book
Summary Points
Further Reading
Further Questions
Internet Links
2 The Frankfurt School
Horkheimer and Adorno: Dialectic of Enlightenment
Freudian Revolution: The Uses of Psychoanalysis
Fromm: Fear of Freedom
Adorno: The Authoritarian Personality, Anti-Semitism and the Psychodynamics of Modernity
Written In The Stars: Adorno on Astrology
Marcuse: Eros, or One-Dimensional Futures?
Freud¿s Cultural Message: Sufferings, Submissions and Discontents
Utopia and Social Transformation: Marcuse on Libidinal Rationality
Criticisms of Marcuse
Further Reading
Further Questions
Internet Links
3	Structuralism
Saussure and Structural Linguistics
Critical Comments on Saussure
The Raw and The Cooked: Levi-Strauss and Structural Anthropology
Roland Barthes: Structuralist Semiology and Popular Culture
Foucault: Knowledge, Social Order and Power
Society and Disciplined Bodies
The Limits of Structuralism: Foucault¿s History of Sexuality
Criticisms of Foucault
Further Reading
Further Questions
Internet Links
4	Post-Structuralism
Lacan: The Mirror Stage and Imaginary
Lacan¿s Reformulation of Structuralism: Language, Symbolic Order and the Unconscious
Althusser: Social Order as Interpellation
Cinema Studies: The Screen as Mirror
Zizek: Beyond Interpellation
Appraisal of Lacan
Derrida: Difference and Deconstruction
Rereading Psychoanalysis: Derrida¿s Critique of Lacan
Appraisal of Derrida
Post-structuralism and Postcolonial Theory: Bhabha¿s The Location of Culture
Further Reading
Further Questions
5	Theories of Structuration
Anthony Giddens: Structuration and the Practical Routines of Social Life
Giddens on Modernity and the Self
Giddens, Politics and The Third Way	
Criticism of Giddens
Pierre Bourdieu: Habitus and Practical Social Life
Questions of Taste: Bourdieu¿s Distinction
Criticism of Bourdieu
Summary Points
Further Reading
Further Questions
Internet Links
6	Contemporary Critical Theory
Habermas: The Democratization of Society
The Early Habermas: Development and Decline of the Public Sphere
Habermas on Capitalism, Communication and Colonization
Emotional Imperialism: Feminist Criticism of Habermas
Habermas on Globalization and Post-National Societies
Criticism of Habermas
Honneth: The Struggle for Recognition
Further Reading
Further Questions
Internet Links
7	Feminism and Post-Feminist Theory
Theorizing Patriarchy: 1970s Feminisms
Dinnerstein: societal nurturing arrangements
Chodorow: The Reproduction of Mothering
Benjamin: The Analysis of Love
Julia Kristeva: Semiotic Subversions
Kristeva on motherhood and maternal ethics
Appraisal of Kristeva
Judith Butler: Scripts of Gender Performance
Appraisal of Butler
Queer Theory
Further Reading
Further Questions
Internet Links
8	Postmodernity
Deleuze and Guatarri: Postmodernity as Schizoid Desire
Lyotard on Libidinal Intensities: The Triumph of Desire?
Baudrillard: Postmodernity as Simulated Media Culture
Jameson: Postmodernity as Global Capitalist Transformations
Bauman: Postmodern Liquids
Postmodern Ethics: The Global Moral Gap
Further Reading
Further Questions
9	Networks, Risks, Liquids
Manuel Castells: The Network Society
Criticism of Castells
Global Networks and Fluids: Urry on Mobilities
Ulrich Beck: Organized Lives in a World of Risk
Beck on Reflexive Modernization
Criticisms of Beck
Living with Liquidization: Bauman
Bauman on Liquid Lives, Loves and Fears
Criticism of Bauman
Further Reading
Further Questions
Internet Links
10	Globalization
Uncertain Lives in the Global Electronic Economy
The Globalization Debate
Global Cosmopolitanism: Beck
Globalization Since 9/11
Criticism of the Globalization Debate
Globalization, Work and The New Economy
Globalization, Communication and Culture
Globalization and The New Individualism
Further Reading
Further Questions
Social Theory Today and Towards 2025
From Giorgio Agamben to Manuel De Landa

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