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Introduction: Principles and Practice of Public Health 
Notion of Public Health
Public Health versus Medicine
Public Health Approach to Disease and Disability and Injury Prevention
Core Functions of Public Health and Essential Public Health Services 
Origin of Public Health .
Modern Functions and Accomplishments of Public Health. 
Core Areas and Disciplines of Public Health. 
Challenges of Public Health 
Chapter 1: Principles and Methods of Biostatistics in Public Health 
Core Competencies Learning objectives
Basic Notions of Statistics and Biostatistics 
Population Characteristics 
Descriptive Statistics 
Types of Distribution 
Performance and Screening Test 
Types of Variables, Random Variables, and Probability Distributions 
Sampling, Sample Size, and Power 
Research Questions, Hypothesis Testing, and Statistical Inference (Testing) 
Analysis Techniques for Epidemiologic Data 
Critique of Scientific Literature¿Interpreting Statistics in Public Health Research. 
Chapter 2: Environmental Sciences in Public Health 
Core Competencies Learning objectives
Environmental Sciences and Public Health 
Health Hazards and Risk Assessment.
Major Sources of Environmental Hazards and Their Health Impacts. 
Genetic, physiologic and psychological factors to environmental hazards susceptibility
Mechanism of Disease Causation with Environmental Pollutants and Toxins
Environmental Protection Agency and Regulatory Entities
EPA, Environmental Justice and Public Health 
Chapter 3: Principles and Methods of Epidemiology 
Core Competencies Learning objectives
Definition of Epidemiology 
Role of Epidemiology in Public Health 
History and Modern Concept of Epidemiology 
Models of Disease Causation. 
Measures of Disease Frequency 
Measures of Disease Occurrence
Uses of Incidence and Prevalence Data 
Limitations of Prevalence Data in Public Health
Types of Rates (Crude, Specific, Adjusted)
Measures of Disease Comparison. 
Sources of Epidemiologic Data 
Epidemiologic Study Designs (Experimental and Observational) 
Study Validity (Bias, Confounding, Random Error) 
Epidemiologic Causal Inference 
Disease Screening: Principles, advantages and limitations
Bias in disease screening and detection
Ethical and legal duties of epidemiology in study design, data collection, analysis and dissemination of study findings 
Chapter 4: Health Policy and Management Sciences in Public Health 
Core Competencies Learning objectives
Management and Policy Sciences and Public Health 
General Notion of Policy Formulation and Implementation. 
Health Policies and Governmental Role in Development and Implementation. 
Public Health Laws and Application to Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 
Public Health Ethics 
Health Disparities: Insurance and Race/Ethnicity 
Community Health safety and preparedness
Organizational Problem Resolution: Organization and management theories
Strategic Planning and Marketing in Public Health [PHCC.4.9]
Quality and performance improvement
Program planning, development, conduct and evaluation
Chapter 5: Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health 
Core Competencies Learning objectives
Notion of Behavioral Sciences and Its Role in Health Promotions and the Prevention of Health-Related Events 
Health Demographics and Health Disparities (Inequity) 
Health Surveys and Behavior Interventions to Promote Health and Prevent Diseases 
Health Theories and Health Beliefs 
Behavioral Risk Factors in Major Diseases 
Health Promotion Components and Levels of Disease Prevention
Role of social and community factors in both the onset and solution of public health problems
Social and behavioral factors that affect health of individuals and populations
Ethical principles to public health program planning, implementation and evaluation
Principles of evidence-based public health and public health resources

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