Table of contents for Don D. Nibbelink's fearsome folklore of farting / Don D. Nibbelink.

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The First Time
Let's Start Farting!
	The World's Biggest
	Bad Odors
		And Yes, It's True What They Say About Beans
		Avoiding Excess Flatulence
	Give a Flying Fart
	Where Did The Word "Fart" Originate?
Historical Farts
	Blazing the Trail
Rascally Rabelais Farts
Geoffrey Chaucer Farts
	Thanks Geoffrey, For The Fart Tales
Swift Farts from Jonathan
	He, Who Farts First, Farts Best
Benjamin Franklin Farts
	Genuine Frankincense
And Never the Twin Will Fart
	Twain ¿ la Pepys
	Mark Twain's 1601
		The Principals
		The Text
Around the World In 80 Farts
	Everybody Does It
		Fart and fahrt, what is fart?
		Farts in Verse
		The Most Famous German Farter of Them All
		Games Played
		Nun's Fart
		Le Farts Fran¿ais
	North America
		Creek Indians
		Hopi Indians
		Navajo Indians
		Gros Ventres Indians
	South America
		Jibaros and Canelos Indians
		Spanish Morocco
The Canary Island Fart Sniffers
	Even Tweeter Does It
Farting Contests
	The Old College Try
	Annual Crepitation Contest
	Crepitation Finals
The World Championship Match
	Sumito Wouldn't Quit
Poetic Farts
	Limericks and Couplets
	Farts in Limerick
	Farts in Couplet
Funny Farts
	The Power of Positive Stinking
Discretion Is the Better Part of Valor
	When It's Better To Hold Than Blow
	When To Try To Refrain
	When It's Safe To Let It Out
Photogenic Farts
	Old King Cole Smelled It
Medical Farts
	Do As I Say, Not As I Do
	Early Times
	Modern Times
	The New England Journal of Medicine
Fear Of Farting
	Watch Out!
	Those Who Chose Not to Fart
	A New and Useful Treatise
		That Wind Is a Spirit
		Proportion between the Flatuous Spirit
		What This Wind in Man Is
		Of the Place Where Wind Is Bred
		Of the Manner How Wind Is Bred
		The Differences of Wind in Body
		Of the Causes of Wind
		Of the Signs of Wind
		Of the Symptoms Coming from Wind
		Of the Prognosticks of Wind
		Of Diet to Be Observed by Windy Bodies
		Of the Cure of the Pain of the Head
		Of the Cure of the Noise in the Ears
		Of the Cure of the Toothach from Wind
		Of the Cure of a Windy Pleurisie
		Of the Cure of a Windy Palpitation
		Of the Cure of Windy Melancholy
		Of the Cure of the Colick
		Of the Cure of the Liver
		Of the Cure of the Spleen
		Of the Cure of the Tympany
		Of Priapismus
		Of an Inflation or Windy Impostume
		Modern Times
Pyrotechnical Farts
	My Old Flame
Silver Screen Farts
	The Famous Blazing Saddles
	Famous Farts in Movies
	Howard Stern's Private Parts
	Seinfeld Farts
Computer Farting
	Don't Do This at the Office
The Trombone Farts
	Conning the Cronies
Musical Farts
	Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit
	Farts and Music
	Tunes for Howard Stern
The Extraordinary Mr. Methane
	Flight of the Bumble Bee. Really?
The Fart Fleet
	The Thunder Mug Trophy
Don't You Wish
	Rascally Pranksters
	Once Upon A Time
	The Butcher's Story
	The Baker's Story
	The Candlestick Maker's Story
The Fart Bomb
	Especially Creative Uses
	Can Farts Be Preserved?
	What Is a Fart Bomb?
	Miscellaneous Uses
	Fartwell Bar and Grill Usage
	Creative Uses
Fearsome Farters
	I Got Rhythm
Four-Legged Farters
	And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon
	The Kangaroo
	The Dog
The Sheep
The Camel
The Horse
	The Cow
Doctor of Flatulence
	Where's the Gas Leak?
Sammy's Double Whammy
	More About Sam, the Gas leak Man
Joseph Pujol Farts
	Blowing Out the Footlights
The Funeral Fart
	Swing Low; Sweet Chariot
Uncle Elmer Farts
	He Died Broken Farted
The Football Fart
	The Only One To Win A Football Game
Imitation Farts
	Imitation Is The Most Sincere Form of Flattery
Frank's Frankincense
	The Customers Got Wind Of It
Terminal Flatulence
	Can You Fart Yourself to Death?
The Fart Disposal
Felix, The Farting Feline
The Final Fart
	It All Comes Out in the End

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Flatulence -- Humor.
Flatulence -- Miscellanea.