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Table of Contents
Monitoring and Tracking
1. Methods of Capturing and Handling Bats (Thomas H. Kunz, Robert Hodgkison, and Christa Weise)
2. Methods and Devices for Marking Bats (Thomas H. Kunz and Christa Weise)
3. Radiotelemetry: Techniques and Analysis (Sybill K. Amelon, David Dalton, Joshua J. Millspaugh, and Sandy Wolf)
4. Techniques for Photographing Bats (J. Scott Altenbach and Dave Dalton)
5. Detecting, Recording, and Analyzing Vocalizations of Bats (Stuart Parsons and Joseph M. Szewczak)
Populations and Assemblages
6. Survey and Monitoring of Bats (John P. Hayes, Holly K. Ober, and Richard E. Sherwin)
7. Methods for Assessing Abundance of Bats (Thomas H. Kunz, Margrit Betke, Nickolay I. Hristov, and Maarten J. Vonhof)
8. Population Dynamics and Survivorship in Bats (Colin F.J. O¿Donnell)
9. Application of Dynamic Population Models to Bats (Thomas G. Hallam and Paula Federico)
10. Analysis of Species Diversity of Bat Assemblages (Tigga Kingston) 
11. Spatial Methods for the Macroecological Study of Bats (Michael R. Willig, S. Kathleen Lyons, and Richard D. Stevens)
Reproduction and Development
12. Reproductive Assessment of Bats (Paul A. Racey)
13. Methods for Assessing Prenatal Growth and Development in Bats (Rick A. Adams)
14. Methods for Assessing Size and Birth and Postnatal Growth and Development in Bats (Thomas H. Kunz, Rick A. Adams, and Wendy R. Hood)
15. Methods for Age Estimation and the Study of Senescence in Bats (Anja K. Brunet-Rossinni and Gerald S. Wilkinson)
Behavior and Bats in Captivity
16. Maintaining Bats for Captive Studies (Susan M. Barnard)
17. Behavioral Studies of Bats in Captivity: Methodology, Training, and Experimental Design (Björn M. Siemers and Rachel A. Page)
18. Field-based Observations and Experimental Studies of Bat Behavior (Gerald Kerth and Dina K.N. Dechmann)
Functional Morphology, Activity and Movement
19. Analysis of Bat Morphology (Wieslaw Bogdanowicz)
20. Biomechanical Approaches and Ecological Research (Elizabeth R. Dumont and Sharon M. Swartz)
21. Flight Dynamics of Bats (Marc W. Holderied and Gareth Jones)
22. Analyzing Bat Migration (Paul A. Cryan and Robert H. Diehl)
Substance Analysis
23. Study and Analysis of Odor Involved in the Behavioral Ecology of Bats (Elisabeth K.V. Kalko and Manfred Ayasse) 
24. Environmental Contaminants and Bats: Investigating Exposure and Effects (Thomas J. O¿Shea and John J. Johnston)
25. Methods of Measuring Milk Composition and Yield in Small Mammals (Wendy R. Hood, Mary Beth Voltura, and Olav T. Oftedal)
26. Hormone Analysis in Bats (DeeAnn M. Reeder and Eric P. Widmaier)
Diet and Nutrition
27. Food Habits Analysis of Insectivorous Bats (John O. Whitaker, Jr., Gary F. McCracken, and Björn M. Siemers)
28. Dietary Analysis of Plant-Visiting Bats (Christian C. Voigt, Detlev H. Kelm, Brenda J. Bradley, and Sylvia Ortmann) 
29. Nutritional Ecology and Analysis of the Diets of Plant-Visiting Bats (Suzanne L. Nelson)
Thermoregulation, Energetics and Water Balance
30. Energetic Analysis of Bats (Christian C. Voigt and Ariovaldo Cruz-Neto)
31. Techniques for Studying Thermoregulation and Thermal Biology in Bats (Craig K.R. Willis and Christine E. Cooper)
32. Methods for Investigating Water Balance in Bats (John E. Bassett, Berry Pinshow, and Carmi Korine) 
33. Body Composition Analysis of Bats (D. Scott Reynolds and Carmi Korine)
Genetics and Evolution
34. Parentage and Kinship Analysis in Bats (Stephen J. Rossiter)
35. Phylogenetic Tools for Examining Character and Clade Evolution in Bats (Kate E. Jones and Emma C. Teeling)
36. Phylogeographic Analysis of Bats (Manuel Ruedi and Gary F. McCracken)
37. Karyotyping and Studying Chromosomes of Bats (Marianne Volleth, Ronald A. Van Den Bussche, and Robert J. Baker)
Parasites and Disease
38. Methods for Assessing Diseases in Bats (Gudrun Wibbelt, Stephanie Speck, and Hume Field)
39. Methods for the Study of Bat Endoparasites (Scott L. Gardner and F. Agustín Jiménez-Ruiz)
40. Collecting and Preserving Bat Ectoparasites for Ecological Study (John O. Whitaker, Jr., Christopher M. Ritzi, and Carl W. Dick)
41. Public Health Concerns and Bat Researchers, with Emphasis on Rabies (Linda J. Demma, Ann Schmitz, Cathleen Hanlon, and Charles E. Rupprecht)
42. Collection, Preparation, and Fixation of Bat Specimens and Tissues (Nancy B. Simmons and Robert S. Voss)
43. Methods to Promote Bat Conservation Outreach and Education Through Science- and Research-Based Activities (Allyson Walsh and Patricia A. Morton)

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