Table of contents for C++ in one hour a day / Jesse Liberty, Siddhartha Rao, Bradley Jones.

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 (c)Table of Contents
Part I: The Basics
1	Getting Started
2	The Anatomy of a C++ Program
3	Using Variables, Declaring Constants
4	Managing Arrays and Strings
5	Working with Expressions, Statements and Operations
6	Organizing Code with Functions
7	Controlling Program Flow
8	Pointers Explained
9	Exploiting References
Part II: Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming and C++
10	Classes and Objects
11	Implementing Inheritance
12	Polymorphism
13	Operator Types and Operator Overloading
14	Casting Operators
15	An Introduction to Macros and Templates
Part III: Learning the Standard Template Library (STL)
16	An introduction to the Standard Template Library
17	The STL String Class
18	STL Dynamic-Array Classes
19	STL Linked List
20	STL Set and Multiset
21	STL Map and Multimap
Part IV: More STL
22	Understanding Function Objects
23	STL Algorithms
24	Adaptive Containers: Stack and Queue
25	Working with Bit-Flags Using STL
Part V: Advanced C++ Concepts
26	Understanding Smart Pointers
27	Working with Streams
28	Exception Handling
29	Tapping Further into the Preprocessor
A	Working with Numbers: Binary and Hexadecimal
B	C++ Keywords
C	Operator Precedence
D	Answers

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