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 Table of Contents 
Part I: The Visual C# Environment
HOUR 1: Jumping In with Both Feet: A Visual C# 2008 Programming Tour
HOUR 2: Navigating Visual C# 2008 
HOUR 3: Understanding Objects and Collections 
HOUR 4: Understanding Events 
Part II: Building a User Interface 
HOUR 5: Building Forms-The Basics
HOUR 6: Building Forms-Advanced Techniques 
HOUR 7: Working with Traditional Controls 
HOUR 8: Using Advanced Controls 
HOUR 9: Adding Menus and Toolbars to Forms 
Part III: Making Things Happen 
HOUR 10: Creating and Calling Methods 
HOUR 11: Using Constants, Data Types, Variables, and Arrays 
HOUR 12: Performing Arithmetic, String Manipulation, and Date/Time 
HOUR 13: Making Decisions in Visual C# Code 
HOUR 14: Looping for Efficiency 
HOUR 15: Debugging Your Code 
HOUR 16: Designing Objects Using Classes 
HOUR 17: Interacting with Users C
Part IV: Working with Data
HOUR 18: Performing File Operations 
HOUR 19: Working with Text Files and the Registry 
HOUR 20: Working with a Database 
HOUR 21: Working with Graphics
HOUR 22: Controlling Other Applications Using Automation 
Part V: Developing Solutions and Beyond 
HOUR 23: Deploying Applications 
HOUR 24: The 10,000-Foot View
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James Foxall is vice president of Tigerpaw Software, Inc. 
(, a Bellevue, Nebraska, Microsoft Certified 
Partner specializing in commercial database applications. He manages the 
development, support, training, and education of Tigerpaw CRM+, an award-
winning CRM product designed to automate contact management, marketing, 
service and repair, proposal generation, inventory control, and purchasing. At 
the start of 2008, the current release of Tigerpaw CRM+ had more than 
16,000 licensed users. Foxall's experience in creating certified Office-
compatible software has made him an authority on application interface and 
behavior standards of applications for the Microsoft Windows and Microsoft 
Office environments.
Foxall has been writing commercial production Visual C# code for more than 
14 years, in both single-programmer and multiple-programmer 
environments. He's the author of numerous books, including Practical 
Standards for Microsoft Visual C# and MCSD in a Nutshell: The Visual C# 
Exams. He also has written articles for Access-Office-VBA Advisor and Visual 
C# Programmer's Journal. Foxall has a bachelor's degree in management of 
information systems (MIS). He is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and 
an international speaker on Microsoft Visual C#. When not programming or 
writing about programming, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing 
guitar, listening to amazing bands like Pink Floyd and OSI, and playing 
computer games. You can reach him at
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This book is dedicated to my children, Ethan and Tess, who 
constantly remind me to have fun.
I would like to thank Neil, Brook, and all the other top-notch people at Sams.
I also would like to thank all the readers of the previous editions who 
provided feedback to make this book even better!
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