Table of contents for Jude and 2 Peter / Gene L. Green.

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		Series Preface 000
		Author's Preface 000
		Abbreviations 000
		Transliteration 000
		Map 000
		Introduction to Jude 000
	I.	Epistolary Greeting (1/2) 000
	A.	Author: Jude (1a) 000
	B.	Recipients: The Called (1b) 000
	C.	Wish-Prayer for Mercy, Peace, and Love (2) 000
	II.	Letter Body: An Exhortation to Contend for the Faith (3/23) 000
	A.	Disclosure of Jude's Purpose for Writing: An Exhortation to the Beloved (3/
4) 000
	B.	A Call to Remember: Predictions about the Heretics and Fulfillment (5/
19) 000
	C.	Exhortations to the Beloved (20/23) 000
	III.	Closing Doxology (24/25) 000
		Introduction to 2 Peter 000
	I.	Epistolary Greeting (1:1/2) 000
	A.	Author: Simeon Peter (1:1a) 000
	B.	Recipients: Those Who Have Received a Faith of Equal Honor (1:1b) 000
	C.	Wish-Prayer for Grace and Peace (1:2) 000
	II.	Letter Body: A Warning against False Teachers (1:3/3:18a) 000
	A.	Body Opening: God's Call to Glory and Virtue (1:3/11) 000
	B.	Body Middle: The Apostolic Testimony and the False Teachers (1:12/
2:22) 000
	C.	Body Closing: A Call to Holiness (3:1/18a) 000
	III.	Letter Closing: A Doxology (3:18b) 000
		Works Cited 000
		Index of Subjects 000
		Index of Authors 000
		Index of Greek Words 000
		Index of Scripture and Other Ancient Writings 000

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Bible. N.T. Jude -- Commentaries.
Bible. N.T. Peter, 2nd -- Commentaries.