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vi Contents
C h a p t e r 4
Libel 93
Libel Terminology 95
The Plaintiff 97
The Plaintiff's Burden of Proof 99
The Defendant's Case 149
Preventing Libel Suits 172
Ideas for Reform 174
C h a p t e r 5
Privacy 176
Private Facts 178
Intrusion and Trespass 187
False Light 204
Commercialization 212
Emotional Distress and Personal Injury 223
C h a p t e r 6
Intellectual Property 233
Copyright 235
Copyrightable Works 236
Unfair Competition 271
C h a p t e r 7
Political Speech 281
Referenda and Other Public Issues 283
Elections 288
Regulation of Political Candidate Broadcast Programming 304
Regulation of Public Issue Programming: The Fairness Doctrine 319
Lobbying: The Right to Petition 322
A01_MID4670_07_FM.QXD 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page vi
Contents vii
C h a p t e r 8
Commercial Speech 326
First Amendment and Advertising 328
Unfair and Deceptive Advertising 342
Federal Remedies 355
Other Federal Regulations 366
Media's Right to Refuse Advertising 376
Self-Regulation 377
Securities Transactions 381
C h a p t e r 9
Obscenity and Indecency 399
Obscenity 401
Indecency 415
Violent Pornography 436
Controlling Nonobscene Sexual Expression 442
C h a p t e r 1 0
The Media and the Judiciary 454
Defining Jury Bias 456
Remedies for Prejudicial Publicity 462
Controlling Conduct in Court 468
Controlling Prejudicial Publicity 476
Voluntary Cooperation 502
Contempt Power 504
C h a p t e r 1 1
Protection of News Sources, Notes, and Tape 510
Protection under the Common Law 512
Protection under the First Amendment 513
A01_MID4670_07_FM.QXD 6/29/07 9:52 AM Page vii
A Federal Common-Law Privilege? 527
Protection under State Statutes 528
Protection under Federal Statutes and Regulations 537
Congressional Authority 541
Search Warrants 541
Breaching Confidentiality 545
C h a p t e r 1 2
Access to Information 548
Access and the Constitution 550
Access to Events 555
Access to Records 560
Access to Meetings 585
Obtaining Access: A Final Word 592
A p p e n d i x A
Finding and Reading the Law 593
A p p e n d i x B
The First Fourteen Amendments to the Constitution 599
Glossary 602
Case Index 609
Subject Index 617

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Press law -- United States.
Mass media -- Law and legislation -- United States.
Freedom of the press -- United States.