Table of contents for When technology fails : a manual for self-reliance, sustainability, and surviving the long emergency / Matthew Stein.

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Table of Contents
I An Introduction to Self-Reliance
An uncertain Future? Why This Book? Preindustrial self-sufficiency? Old-
Fashioned Self-Reliance and Modern Sustainable Technology
II Present Trends, Possible Futures
Current Trends? Sustainability and Limits to Growth? Oil Reserves? Water and 
Food? What about the Weather?? Systems Modeling and Systems Response? Trees? 
Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming? Depletion of the Ozone Layer? Ozone and 
Plankton? Polar Ice Caps? Earthquakes and Volcanoes? Prophecies? What Can I Do?? 
Planning for the Future? The ¿Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon¿? Effective Action
Ill Supplies and Preparation
Are You Prepared?? Planning for the Short Term? Short-Term Preparedness 
Checklist?72-Hour Survival Kits? First Aid Kits? Earthquake Precautions? Longer-
Term Planning and Storage? Basic Supplies and Portable Equipment? Calculating a 
Year¿s Food Supply? Storage Tips? Dry ice Fumigation and Vacuum Packaging? Shelf 
Life Guide? Tents? Clothing? Sleeping Bags? Insulating Sleeping Mats? Backpacks? 
Stoves? Cookware? Footgear? Planning for the Long-Term Future
IV Emergency Measures for Survival
Survival Strategies? Basic Strategies? Compact Survival Kit? Developing a 
Survivor Personality? Typical Survivor Personality Traits? Intuition: A 
Survivor¿s Powerful Ally? Water Requirements? Dehydration? Conserving Water? 
Fire? Starting a Fire with Matches? Starting a Fire with Flint and Steel? 
Starting a Fire with Bow and Drill? Starting a Fire with a Hand Drill? Starting 
a Fire with a Fire Plough? Food? Basic Guidelines? Plants? Insects, Grubs, and 
Worms? Shelter? Squirrel¿s Nest? Building on Fallen Trunks and Trees?¿ Scout 
Pits and Coal Beds? Snow Shelters? Emergency Snow Shoes? Cordage? Recommended 
Plant Fibers? Fiber Test? Preparing Fibers? Spinning Fibers into Cord? Simple 
Tools? Discoidal Stone Knives? Bone Tools
V Water
Water Requirements? Stocking Up for Emergencies? Guidelines for Coping with 
Disaster? Water Pollution? Types of Contamination? Disinfecting Your Water? Heat 
Sterilization? Portable Water Filters? My Filter Recommendations? Chemical 
Sterilization? Preserving Water? Using Silver to Preserve Water? Treating and 
Finding Water the Low-Tech Way? Wells? Modern Water Treatment? Chlorine 
Treatment? Ozone Treatment? Activated Carbon Filtration? Reverse Osmosis? 
VI Food: Growing, Foraging, Hunting and Storing
World Population and Food Supply? Agricultural Productivity? Irrigation Gains 
and Losses? Soil Health and Soil Losses? Sustainable Agriculture? ¿Grow 
Biointensive¿? Double-Dug, Raised Beds?	Intensive Planting? Composting? 
Companion Planting? Seed Propagation? Pest Control? Extending the Harvest in 
Cold Climates? Sprouting: Your Own Mini-garden on a Windowsill? Foraging for 
Food? Brief Guide to Wild Edible Plants? Poisonous Plants to Avoid? Preserving 
and Storing Food? Root Cellars and Other Cold Storage? Drying and Smoking Food? 
Preserving Meat? Dairy, Tofu, and Tempeh? Making Butter? Ghee? Yogurt? Cheese? 
Making Rennet for Cheese? Raising Animals? Hunting and Trapping? Bow and Arrow? 
Traps? Skinning and Cleaning? Fishing? Angling? Catching Fish by Hand? Spearing 
Fish? Fishing with Nets
VII Shelter and Buildings
Green Buildings? Rammed Earth? The Process? Basic Soil Test? Rammed Earth Forms? 
Wall Systems? Modern Adobe Methods? Adobe Blocks? Adobe Walls? Adobe Roofs? Cast 
Earth? Straw Bale Buildings? Load-Bearing Straw Bale Construction? Finishing 
Straw Bale Walls? Building with Insulated Concrete Forms? Pumice-Crete? Passive 
Solar Design? Passive Solar ¿Rules of Thumb¿? James Kachadorian¿s Patented Solar 
Slab ? Traditional Low-Tech Structures? Log Cabins? Timber Frame Construction? 
Tipis, Yurts, Wickiups, and Wigwams? Earthquake Resistance? Improving Earthquake 
VIII First Aid
Initial Evaluation? Survey the Scene? Consent and Liability? ABCs of First Aid? 
Treatment Priority? Unconscious Victim? CPR? Survey for In juries and Control 
Bleeding? Pressure Points? Tourniquets? Wounds? Abrasions? Incisions? Puncture 
Wounds? Abdominal Wounds? Head Wounds? Chest Wounds? Choking? Heimlich Maneuver? 
Bandages and Dressings? Shock? Symptoms? Treatment for Shock? Fractures and 
Dislocations? Treating Fractures? Reducing Dislocations? Sprains and Strains? 
Animal Bites? Snake Bites? Spider Bites? Tick Bites? Stings? First Aid for 
Foreign Object in Eye? Moving Injured People? Clothing Drag for Single Rescuer? 
Multi-Helper ¿Stretcher¿ Rescue? One- and Two-Person Carries? Emergency 
Childbirth? Signs of Impending Delivery? Stages of Labor? Emergency Childbirth 
Supplies? Delivery? After Delivery
IX When High-Tech Medicine Fails
The Holistic Health Movement? The Low-Tech Medicine Cabinet? The Essence of 
Healing? Genetics and Cellular Growth? Body Energy? Colloidal Silver? Healing 
with Herbs? Types of Herbal Preparations? Powerful Herbal Combinations for 
Better Health? Dr. Clark¿s Herbal Parasite Cleanse? Kidney Cleanse? Liver 
Cleanse? Detoxification? Naturopathic Healing? Fasting? Supplements and Food? 
Homeopathy? Healing with Energy? Shamanic Healing? Hypnosis for Pain Control and 
Healing? Visualization and Mind-Body Healing? Mending Broken Bones? Egyptian 
Healing Visualization? Some Notes on Death and Dying
X Clothing and Textiles
Fiber Arts? Preparing Fibers? Spinning? Weaving? Knitting and Crocheting? Furs 
and Skins? Brain Tanning Buckskin? Dealing with Furs? Bark Tanning Leather? 
Patterns and Custom-Tailored Clothing? Footwear
XI Energy, Heat, and Power
Shifting to Renewable Energy (RE)? Why Renewable Energy?? Energy Conservation? 
¿Negawatts¿ and RE? Net Metering? AC Versus DC? Batteries? Backup Generators? 
System Sizing? Photovoltaics? Insolation? Panel Orientation? Maximum Power Point 
Trackers? Wind Energy? Micro-Hydropower? Solar Hot Water? Solar Space Heating? 
Solar Water Pumping? Steam Energy? Fuel Cells?	Heating with Wood? Energy, 
Power, and Electricity Primer
XII Metalworking 
A Brief Introduction to Metals? Casting Metal? Make Your Own Sand Casting 
Furnace? Forging? Low-Tech Heat Treating	
XIII Utensils and Storage
Making a Simple Wooden Cup or Bowl? Basket Basics? Growing, Curing, Cleaning and 
Sealing Gourds ? Storing Fluids in Skins and Other Animal Parts? Primitive 
Pottery? Pinch, Coil and Slab Pottery¿ Throwing Pottery on the Wheel
XIV Better Living through Not-So-Modern Chemistry
Soapy Plants? Lye Soap? Making Candles? Alcohol? Malt and Mash Fermentation? 
Distillation? Vinegar? Pitch Glue? Hide Glue? Vegetable Oils
XV Engineering, Machines, and Materials
Forces and Statics? Stress and Strength? Fluids? Materials? Mathematics? 
Trigonometry? Logarithms
XVI Making the Shift to Sustainability

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