Table of contents for Biosemiotics : signs of life and life of signs / by Jesper Hoffmeyer.

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Table of Contents
Preface xxx
Part l: The Biosemiotic Approach 5
1. On Biosemiotics 6
 Is the biosemiotic approach reductionistic ?
 Is the biosemiotic approach simply disguised
 Is the biosemiotic approach suspicious metaphysics
2. Surfaces Within Surfaces 19
 Biological membranes
 The semiotics of a slap
 The self
 The lipid bilayer
 The creation of life
3. Sign and Cause 41
 Final causes
 What is the status of the 2nd law of thermodynamics
 Final causes in biology: Utricularia floridana
 The functionalist idea in biology
 The central dogma
 Semiosis and finality
 Firstness, Secondness, and Thirdness
Part 2: The Semiotics of Nature 73
4. Code-Duality 74
 Life as a dead-end
 Digital codes
 Analog codes
 The epistemic cut
 Replicators and interactors
 The analog coding of epigenisis
 The lifecycle as a unit of evolution
 Genes are indeed special
5. The Semiotics of Heredity 117
 The logic of mortality
 Acetabularia acetabulum
 Semiotics of reproduction
 Epigenetic heredity
 The genome
 C. elegans
 The human genome
 Organic codes
 The cellular city
 Signal transduction
 Semiotics of ontogeny
 From egg to individual
 The individualized brain
 The semiotics of heredity
6. The semiotic niche 180
 Self-organization, semiosis, and experience
 The semiotic niche
 Semiotic freedom
 Semethic interaction
 The ecosemiotic motif
 The biosemiotic core of evolution
 Semiotic partitioning
 The Baldwin effect
 Intelligence and semiosis
 The ghost of Lamarckism
7. Endosemiotics 227
 The metabolic code
 Dictyostelium discodium
 The multicellular self
 Cognition and semiotic emergence
 The internal surroundings
 The self as iconic absence
 The bodily psyche
 The psychological body
 The global organism -- Ecological endosemiotics
Part 3: Biosemiotics and the Human Being 283
8. From Animal to Human Being 284
 Facing reality
 The puzzle of discontinuity
 The awakening of the cerebral cortex
 From iconic to indexical reference
 Language occupies the brain
 Language and biosemiosis
 Corporeal-kinetic forms
 The linguistic organ
 The tone in the talk
 Syntax as movement
 Freedom as a problem
9. Perspectives 334
 Experimental biology
 "Man's place in nature"
 Aesthetics and ethics
 Medical bioethics
 Ecology and environment
 Medical science
 Cognition science
10. Biosemiotic technology 361
 The semiotization of technology, a historical sketch
 The biosemiotics of the industrial revolution
 Clever techniques
 Modern biotechnology
Postscriptum: Short historical notes 376
 Sebeok's Vision comes true
 The language metaphor
 Code tapping animals
 The Tartu Group
 The Copenhagen group
Notes 390
Literature 428

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