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Bhaviveka on philosophy
Table of Contents
Part I:	Metaphysics and Ontology: 
1.	Theravada Metaphysics and Ontology: Kaccanagotta (Sa?yutta-nikaya) and 
Noa Ronkin
2.	Nagarjuna's Mulamadhyamakakarika (Fundamental Verses of the Middle 
Way): Chapter XXIV: Examination of the Four Noble Truths
Jay L. Garfield
3.	Vasubandhu's Trisvabhavanirdesa (Treatise on the Three Natures)
Jay L. Garfield
4.	Santarak?ita's "Neither-One-Nor-Many" Argument from The Ornament of 
the Middle Way (Madhyamakala?kara): A Classical Buddhist Argument on 
the Ontological Status of Phenomena
James Blumenthal
5.	Mipam Namgyel: The Lion's Roar Affirming Extrinsic Emptiness
Matthew Kapstein
6.	Dushun's Huayan Fajie Guan Men (Meditative Approaches to the Huayan 
Alan Fox
7.	Dogen's "Mountains and Waters as Sutras" (Sansui-kyo)
Graham Parkes
8.	Nishitani Keiji's "The Standpoint of Zen: Directly Pointing to the Mind"
Bret Davis
Part II: Philosophy of Language and Hermeneutics
9.	Sensation, Inference, and Language: Dignaga's Prama?asamuccaya
Richard Hayes
10.	Jñanagarbha's Verses on the Distinction Between the Two Truths
David Eckel
11.	Language and the Ultimate: Do Madhyamikas Make Philosophical Claims? A 
Selection from Khedrupjey's Great Digest
José Cabezón
12.	Zongmi's Inquiry into the Origin of the Human Condition (Yuanren lun): The 
Hermeneutics of Doctrinal Classification
Peter Gregory
13.	Dogen's Shobogenzo Fascicles "Katto" and "Osakusendaba"
Steven Heine
14.	Beyond Awareness: Torei Enji's Understanding of Realization in the Treatise 
on the Inexhaustible Lamp of Zen, Chapter VI
Michel Mohr
Part III: Epistemology
15.	The approach to knowledge and truth in the Theravada record of the 
discourses of the Buddha
Peter Harvey
16.	Dharmakirti and Dharmottara on the Intentionality of Perception: Selections 
from "An Epitome of Philosophy" (Nyayabindu)
Dan Arnold
17.	The Role of Knowledge of Causation in Dharmakirti's Theory of Inference: 
The Prama?a-varttika
Brendan Gillon
18.	Yogacara Theories of the Components of Perception: The Buddhabhumy-
Dan Lusthaus
19.	Classification of Non-Authoritative Cognitive Processes (tshad min) in the 
Ngog and Sakya Traditions
 Leonard W.J. van der Kuijp
20.	Understanding the Two Truths: Tsongkhapa's Ocean of Reasoning: A Great 
Commentary on Nagarjuna's "Mulamadhyamakakarika"
Jay L. Garfield
21.	The Deluded Mind as World and Truth: Epistemological Implications of 
Tiantai Doctrine and Praxis in Jingxi Zhanran's Jingangpi and Zhiguan yili
Brook Ziporyn 
22.	The Presencing of Truth: Dogen's Genjokoan
Bret Davis
Part IV: Philosophy of Mind and the Person
23.	Theravada Philosophy of Mind and the Person: Anatta-lakkha?a Sutta, 
Maha-nidana Sutta, and Milindapañha
Peter Harvey
24.	Pudgalavada Doctrines of the Person
Dan Lusthaus
25.	Vasubandhu's Abhidharmakosa: The Critique of the Pudgalavadins' Theory 
of Persons
James Duerlinger
26.	Vasubandhu's Abhidharma-kosa: The Critique of the Soul
Charles Goodman
27.	Candrakirti's Madhyamakavatarabha?ya VI.86 - 97: A Madhyamaka 
Critique of Vijñanavada Views of Consciousness
C.W. Huntington, Jr.
28.	Santarak?ita's Tattvasa?graha: A Buddhist Critique of the Nyaya View of 
the Self
Matthew Kapstein
29.	Zhiyi's Great Calming and Contemplation: "Contemplating Mental Activity 
as the Inconceivable Realm"
Hans-Rudolph Kantor
30.	"The Mind is Buddha": Pojo Chinul's Secrets on Cultivating the Mind
Jin Park
31.	Nishida's Conception of Person
Gereon Kopf
Part V: Ethics
32.	Theravada Texts on Ethics
Peter Harvey
33.	The Bodhisattva Path: Santideva's Bodhicaryavatara
William Edelglass
34.	Asa?ga's Bodhisattvabhumi: The Morality Chapter
Gareth Sparham
35.	Essentials of Observing and Violating Bodhisattva Precepts: Wonhyo's Non-
Substantial Mahayana Ethics
Jin Park
36.	Thich Nhat Hanh's Interbeing: Fourteen Guidelines for Engaged Buddhism
William Edelglass
37.	Joanna Macy: The Ecological Self
William Edelglass
38.	Buddhist Feminist Reflections
Karma Lekshe Tsomo
Buddhist Philosophy: Selected Primary Texts, William Edelglass and Jay Garfield	viii

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