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Table of Contents
Foreword									 i
Introduction									 1
Documents 1950-1959
The Public Library Service Demonstration Bill			11
James W. Wadsworth, Harold H. Velde, Dewey J. Short,
Wright Patman, John Jennings, John Lesinski,
Carl D. Perkins, Andrew Jacobs
Marshall Plan Assistance						31
Arthur H. Vandenberg
Bipartisan Foreign Policy						35
Homer Ferguson
Address on Foreign Policy						40
Harry S. Truman
The Civil Rights Issue Must Not Be a Political Football		48
Vito A. Marcantonio
Which Way to Peace and Freedom?				51
Walter H. Judd
Selective Service Law						77
Millard E. Tydings
Employment of Homosexuals and other Sex Perverts		88
	In Government						
Senate Investigations Subcommittee Report
Letter to an American Mother				 103
Sigmund Freud
Address to Congress						 105
Douglas MacArthur
Introducing a Civil Rights Legislative Program		 115
Hubert H. Humphrey
The Fight Against Communism	129
Pat McCarran
Investigation of Organized Crime	135
Estes Kefauver
The Way to Freedom		143
John Foster Dulles
Radio Broadcast		153
Robert A. Taft
America the Beautiful		165
Ronald Reagan
Veto of the McCarran-Walter Bill	171
Harry S. Truman
Concession Speech		184
Adlai E. Stevenson
Draft of Report to President Truman	186
Eleanor Roosevelt
The Speakership		193
Joseph W. Martin
The Bricker Amendment		197
John W. Bricker
Farewell Address		202
Harry S. Truman
Inauguration Address		213
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Civil Rights Legislation		221
Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.
American Agriculture		227
Everett M. Dirksen
Last Chance in Indochina		237
Mary McLeod Bethune
Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka	253
Earl Warren
Extension of Voting Rights to Citizens at Age Eighteen	260
William Langer
The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico	271
Antonio Fernos-Isern
The Strike Against American Airlines	278
Thomas J. Murray
Accomplishments and Failures of the Eighty-Third Congress	281
Sam Rayburn
Senate Condemnation of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy	301
Sam Ervin, Arthur Watkins, Bourke Hickenlooper
Court Order Can't Make Races Mix	323
Zora Neale Hurston
Time, Chance, and an Appointment with History	327
Rosa Parks
Medical Research		333
Margaret Chase Smith
Southern Manifesto		344
Ninety-six Politicians
Federal Aid Highway Act		348
Prescott S. Bush
The Power of Propaganda in Southeast Asia	353
Thomas A. Dooley
The Eisenhower Doctrine		369
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Standard of Living of the American Indian	379
James E. Murray
The School Crisis		381
Walter Lippmann
Selection of Ambassadors		384
Theodore F. Green
The Administration of Our Government	386
Leverett Saltonstall
Natural Resources: God's Gifts are Man's Challenges	393
Wayne L. Morse
The Mutual Security Act of 1957	403
George D. Aiken
Senate Confirmation Hearing for the Ambassadorship	415
	To Ceylon
J. William Fulbright and Maxwell H. Gluck
Conservation of Natural Resources	419
Fred A. Seaton
Smoking and Health		427
Leroy E. Burney, Calvin T. Klopp, Wallace F. Bennett
Civil Rights and Legislative Constitutional Responsibility	433
Richard B. Russell
Federal Assistance to Education	440
George S. McGovern
Loving Your Enemies 		449
Martin Luther King, Jr.
United Nations Security Council Speech on Lebanon	465
Henry Cabot Lodge
United States Military Power	472
John F. Kennedy
School Integration at Little Rock	486
Orval E. Faubus
National Defense Education Act	492
Edwin K. Thomson
Commission to Study Problems of Alcoholism	497
Olin D. T. Johnston
Economic Assistance to Native Americans	515
William Langer
Responsibility of the Individual Senator: The Caucus	525
William Proxmire
The Massive Irresponsibility of the Spenders	538
Barry M. Goldwater
Defense Appropriations		547
Gerald R. Ford
Speech Before the American Medical Association	559
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Oregon Primary Election Law	567
Richard L. Neuberger
Alaska and Hawaii Statehood	573
Ernest Gruening
Chronology								 587
Further Reading							 605
Index									 607

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