Table of contents for Climate chaos : your health at risk : what you can do to protect yourself and your family / Cindy L. Parker and Steven M. Shapiro.

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: A Climate Change Tale
Chapter 2: Climate Chaos: What May Come
	What This Book is About
	What's Happening to Our Climate
	Why the Climate is Changing
	The Greenhouse Effect
	Greenhouse Gases and Temperature
	Sea Level Rise
	Dangerous Climate Change
	The Most Worrisome Greenhouse Gases
	The Speed of Climate Change
	Greenhouse Gas Emissions Across Nations
	Peak Petroleum
	The Book's Outline
Chapter 3: Home is Getting Hotter
	It Could Get Hot
	Heat and Our Health
	The Most Vulnerable to Heat Stress
	Poverty: Another Risk Factor for Heat Stress
	Geography Matters
	Gender Considerations
	Race and Ethnicity
	Fewer Deaths from Cold Weather?
	Global Warming and Behavior
Chapter 4: Air: Breathing Harder
	The Climate-Air Pollution Connection
	Ozone and Health
	The Most Vulnerable to Ozone Effects
		Other Vulnerable Populations
	Particulate Matter
	Forest Fires and Breathing
	Other Air Toxins
	Pollen and Climate Change
	Who Decides How Clean Our Air Will Be?
	Air Quality and Your Mental Health
Chapter 5: Water: Water, Water Everywhere or Neverthere
	Risks to Our Water
	How We use Water
	Where Our Water Comes From
	How Much Water We Need
	Droughts Affect Health
	Droughts and Infectious Disease
	Droughts and Fires
	Floods Affect Health
	Climate Change and Water Availability
	Melting Snowpack
	Melting Glaciers
	Bottled Water
	Water Conservation-More Than Just Personal Virtue
	Water Scarcity, Conservation, and Mental Health
Chapter 6: Cataclysmic Events: Pounding People and the Planet
	A Cavalcade of Harm
	Floods and Inundations
	Floods, Contamination, and Disease
	Floods, Mold, and More
	Storm Surge
	Salt Water Contamination of Wells
	Other Effects of Cataclysmic Events on Health
	Risk to Infrastructure and Health
	Displaced People
	Cataclysmic Events and Mental Health
	The Science of Sea Level Rise
		Thermal Expansion
		Melting Inland Glaciers
		Greenland's Melting Ice
		Melting Arctic Sea Ice
		Melting Antarctica
		Melting Ice = Sea Level Rise
	The Science of Hurricanes and Other Storms
Chapter 7: Infectious Disease: Bacteria, Viruses, and Parasites, Oh My
	The Relationship Between Climate and Infectious Disease
	Malaria and Climate Change
	Other Diseases Mosquitoes Carry
	Diseases from Other Insects
	Diseases Carried on Ocean and Wind Currents
	Foodborne Diseases
	What's Next
	Infectious Disease and Mental Health
Chapter 8: Food: Nature's Bounty Bashed
	Plants, Climate Change, and Our Food Supply
	How Crops Grow
	Heat's Harm to Crops
	Climate Change and Pesticide Use on Crops
	Soil, Erosion, and Climate Change
	Plants and Ozone
	After Peak Oil and Its Effect on Food
	Aquatic and Marine Food Supply
	Climate Change and Food Toxins
	How Much of An Effect
	Meat: What We Eat Drives Climate Change
	Other Climate Change Contributors
	Climate, Food, and Mental Health
Chapter 9: Ecosystem Health: Cycles of Life... or Death
	Ecosystems and Our Health
		Farms and Prairies
		Forests and Biodiversity
		Coastal Wetland Ecosystems and Storm Buffers
		Marine Ecosystems
		Marine Dead Zones
		Biodiversity Loss and Infectious Disease
		Biodiversity Loss = Extinction
	Energy and Ecosystem Health
		Coal's Damage to Ecosystems
		Oil's Damage to Ecosystems
	Reducing the Impact of Fossil Fuels on the Climate and Ecosystems
		Energy Efficiency
	Alternatives to Fossil Fuels
		Renewable Energy
		Nuclear Energy
	A Final Word on Ecosystems
Chapter 10: Human Behavior: Choice to Change
	Where Human Behavior and Climate Change Meet
	How We Come to Behave
	How We Change Our Behavior
	Individuals and Climate Change
		Brains and Behavior
		Environmental Concern and Emotions
		Thinking: Beyond Concern to Attitudes, Beliefs, Values....
		Personal Responsibility and Self-Efficacy
		Risk Perception and Fear
		Sociodemographic Variables
		Hope for Individual Behavior
	Community Factors and Climate Change
		Government and Institutional Policies
		Media and Communications
		Social Identity: Norms, Connections, and Movements
		Other External Factors
	Hope for the Meeting of Individual and Community Factors
Chapter 11: Epilogue
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