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Now That You Have Diabetes
1. Is diabetes a new disease? 
2. What does the term "diabetes mellitus" mean?
3. Can I catch diabetes from someone else?
4. Is there a time of year when my family or I am more likely to get diabetes?
5. Does eating sugar cause diabetes?
6. Is diabetes a dangerous disease? 
7. Can I ignore the risks of diabetic complications since the thought of them scares me? 
8. How close are we to a cure for diabetes? 
9. How do I know whether I have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes? 
10. Should I tell my boss and coworkers that I have diabetes? 
11. What is my health-care team and how can I find these health providers?
12. How often should I plan on seeing my doctor to be as healthy as I can be?
13. Is there a list of tests and other things I am supposed to do to stay healthy?
14. How can I tell if my diabetes program is successful? 
Blood-Sugar Highs and Lows
1. What are the symptoms of high blood sugar? 
2. What type of damage does high blood sugar do to my body? 
3. If I didn't have diabetes, what would my normal blood sugar be?
4. What are my blood sugar goals if I have diabetes? 
4. Should I be concerned with glucose control if I have Type 2 diabetes? 
5. Why should I work so hard to improve my blood sugar level? 
6. Should I take vitamins or minerals to improve my blood sugar?
7. How will alcohol affect my blood sugar? 
8. How does the fact that I am overweight affect my ability to obtain normal blood 
9. Will I gain weight as I lower my blood sugar? 
10. How does the health of my teeth affect my blood sugar? 
11. How often should I see my doctor to keep my blood sugar under control? 
12. Where can I find new information that will help me with my blood sugar 
Low Blood Sugar Tips
13. Why do I yawn when I have low blood sugar? 
14. Why do I always seem to get low blood sugar after having sex? 
15. Why do I no longer feel the warning signs of low blood sugar?
Living Well -- Diet and Nutrition
1. How can I eat healthy? 
2. I've heard I'm supposed to eat five fruits and vegetables a day. Why? 
3. I don't have lots of time to spend shopping for food and making healthy meals. What 
can I do? 
4. How do I know when I should see a registered dietitian? 
5. What is a meal plan? 
6. Diet food and all those fruits and vegetables seem so expensive. How can following 
my meal plan cost less? 
7. How can I get my spouse to follow his or her meal plan?
8. How can keeping a food diary help my diabetes? 
9. What is food-combining and how does it work? 
10. Will becoming a vegetarian help my diabetes control? 
11. What about very low-calorie diets-are they recommended for people with diabetes? 
12. How often do I need to eat for good diabetes control? 
13. Is it a good idea to eat 4 or 5 small meals during the day instead of 3 large meals?
14. I'm not as hungry anymore, and I eat less often. Will this affect my diabetes control?
15. What foods can I eat when I am sick? 
16. What can I eat for snacks?
17. Does reading food labels help me stay healthy?
18. How big is a serving?
19. Why are serving sizes important? Is there an easy way to remember them?
20. How many grams of sugar am I allowed to eat in a day? 
21. Now that sugar is no longer forbidden for people with diabetes, can I eat all the 22. 
sweets I want? 
23. I'm confused about sugars and starches. Will a brownie or a piece of bread raise my 
blood glucose the most?
24. Are there sweeteners that are free foods? How can I tell which to use?
25. Can I eat all I want to food that is labeled "sugar free"?
26. Why don't some sugar-free foods taste very good? 
27. How can I overcome my craving for chocolate?
28. Should I use a sweetener when I bake?
29. Why is fat in food so bad? 
30. How do I know if I'm eating the right amount of fat?
31. How can I make my favorite recipes lower in fat? 
32. What are fat replacers? 
33. Can I have an unlimited amount of fat-free foods? 
34. How can I eat more monounsaturated fats? 
35. What are trans fatty acids and how do they affect my diabetes?
36. What are omega-3 fatty acids and should I include them in my diet?
Dining Out
37. How can I work in my favorite foods when eating out?
38. How do I reduce fat in a meal when I eat at a restaurant?
39. How can I eat less fat when I eat out in restaurants?
40. Will fiber help my diabetes control? 
41. Will fiber in my diet help me? 
42. Why should I eat more fiber?
43. Is it true that beans can improve diabetes control? 
44. What is carbohydrate counting? 
45. Is protein good for me? 
46. Are plant sources of protein better for me than animal protein? 
47. Are eggs off-limits now that I have diabetes? 
48. How can I use herbs and spices?
49. Are sports drinks such as Gatorade okay for people with diabetes? 
50. Is it acceptable for me to have a glass of wine with dinner? 
51. Is it okay for me to drink alcohol? How much can I drink? 
Living Well -- Matters of the Heart
1. Am I more at risk to develop heart disease because I have diabetes? 
2. How high is my risk for heart attack with Type 2 diabetes? 
3. Will lowering the fat in my diet reduce my risk for heart disease?
4. What should my cholesterol level be? What is the difference between "good" and 
"bad" cholesterol? 
5. How much can changes in diet lower my blood cholesterol level? 
6. Why did my doctor recently start me on a blood pressure medication even though my 
blood pressure is only slightly elevated? 
7. What diet change must I make to improve my blood pressure? 
Living Well -Weight Management and Exercise 
1. What are my health benefits if I lose weight? 
2. Should I join an expensive diet and weight-reduction program to lose weight? 
3. How can I lose weight when I have to eat on the run? 
4. How can I lose weight and keep eating the foods that I like? 
5. Does drinking water help you lose weight? 
6. Won't skipping meals help me cut back on calories and lose weight? 
7. How can I lose weight when I hardly eat anything now? 
8. Will a very low-calorie diet work for me?
9. How can I determine my ideal body weight?
10. What is BMI and why is it important? 
11. Why do I gain weight as I get older? 
12. Does insulin resistance lead to weight gain? 
13. I binge-eat under stress. How can I avoid overeating the next time I feel pressured?
14. I easily get overwhelmed with decisions. Would I do better if I had planned meals? 
15. How can I say no to friends who push food? 
16. Why would my husband or friend try to sabotage my diet? 
1. What does exercise do for me?
2. Does exercise raise or lower my blood sugar? 
3. How do I get the regular exercise that I need to improve my blood sugar? 
4. How do I know I'm healthy enough to exercise?
5. This year I'll be celebrating my 75th birthday. Am I too old to exercise? 
6. I've had Type 2 diabetes for 20 years and want to start exercising. What do I need to 
7. What kind of exercise burns enough calories to lose weight? 
8. Because I have arthritis in my hips, can you recommend exercises other than walking? 
9. Do I need a snack when I exercise? 
1. Is there a best medication to treat diabetes? 
3. Is there a best time of day to take my medication? 
4. How can I remember to take my diabetes pills to prevent high blood sugar? 
5. What should I do if I forget to take my diabetes pills? 
6. If I forget to take my medications, should I take two pills for the next dose? 
7. Should I take my medication on an empty stomach or with food? 
8. What do you suggest that I do when my doctor wants me to take insulin, but I would 
rather take pills for my diabetes? 
9. My doctor recently switched me from taking two different medications for my diabetes 
to insulin therapy. Does this mean my diabetes is getting worse? 
10. I sometimes feel shaky, nervous, and sweaty. Is this a side effect from my diabetes 
11. My doctor warned me that I am taking the highest possible dose of Glyburide and that 
I may have to inject insulin in the future. I am extremely afraid of needles. Is there any 
way I can avoid insulin therapy? 
12. I have controlled my diabetes with diet, but my doctor recently prescribed a 
medication. Do I still need to follow my diet?
13. Should I expect my blood sugars to level off after I start a new diabetes medicine? 
14. During the holidays, when I know I will be eating more, can I increase the amount of 
medication I am taking to keep my blood glucose under control? 
Diabetes and Type 2 Medications
1. What medications are available to treat Type 2 diabetes? 
2. How do the medications listed [in the question above] work to lower my blood 
3. Are these oral medications the same as insulin? 
4. Do all medications used to treat Type 2 diabetes work equally well? 
5. I have many friends and relatives with Type 2 diabetes and not one of us is being 
treated with the same medication. Some of us take no medications at all, others are on a 
single medication, and even others are taking two or three medications. Two people I 
know are taking insulin injections. Why are there so many differences in the way we are 
6. Which Type 2 medication should I use? 
7. I have had Type 2 diabetes for 10 years and was started on insulin before many new 
oral medications were available. Is it possible that I could once again be controlled on an 
oral medication or a combination of medications? 
8. I have a friend with Type 2 diabetes who takes insulin injections and tests her blood 
glucose at home. I am taking a combination of glyburide and metformin. No one ever 
told me to test my blood glucose. Should I be checking my blood glucose at home, too? 
9. My mother is 70 years old and has just been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Her 
doctor wants to start her on a medication. Is this really necessary at her age? 
Diabetes and Alternative Treatments
1. Are there any useful herbal remedies for diabetes? 
2. Are there any health benefits to fish oil? 
3. I read about some special vitamin and mineral supplements for people with diabetes. 
4. 	Do people with diabetes have special needs for vitamins? If so, which ones should 
I take? 
Diabetes and Medications for Other Conditions
1. Should I take an aspirin daily if I have diabetes? 
2. Many medications you can buy without a prescription say "consult with your physician 
before using if you have diabetes." Should I heed these warnings? Are there general rules 
to use when buying medications without a prescription? 
3. Should I tell my physician if I am taking any medications I purchased without a 
4. Will the medication I am taking for depression affect my blood sugar? 
5. Is it safe for me to use birth control pills if I have diabetes? 
6. Is it safe for me to take birth control pills, or will they make my diabetes worse?
7. Why are my blood sugars high while I am taking prednisone for my asthma? 
Foot Issues (Peripheral Neuropathy)
1. What is peripheral neuropathy? 
2. How does diabetes cause nerve damage?
3. How do I know if I have peripheral neuropathy? 
4. Does diabetes cause more than one kind of neuropathy? 
5. Are there any treatments for peripheral neuropathy? 
6. What foot problems do people with diabetes experience? 
7. Why is it important for me to take special care of my feet? 
8. If my feet don't hurt, should I still check them every day? 
9. How do I know whether I have a [foot?] infection?
10. Should I be concerned about a small red blister on my foot from walking in new 
11. Why do my feet burn at night when I'm trying to go to sleep? 
12. What can I do for the numbness in my feet? 
13. Does the pain in my feet have anything to do with high blood sugar? 
14. Does my weight affect my feet? 
15. Does a meal plan have anything to do with my feet? 
16. Will Medicare pay for my therapeutic shoes? 
17. Since I don't want to end up with foot problems, how do I know whether my athletic 
shoes are okay? 
Miscellaneous Complications
1. Can diabetic complications be predicted?
2. What kind of eye problems are caused by diabetes?
3. Does diabetes put me at risk for developing thyroid problems?
4. Why are my fingernails thick and pulling away from the nail bed?
5. Am I more likely to develop skin infections because I have diabetes?
6. What is peripheral vascular disease?
7. How do I know when I have poor circulation in my feet and legs?
8. Can diabetes cause diarrhea?
9. Why do I sometimes leak urine?
10. Is insulin resistance important to my diabetes?
Diabetes and Pregnancy
1. What are the risks to my baby during my pregnancy? 
2. I missed my menstrual cycle and may be pregnant. Will my diabetes medications harm 
my baby?
3. Will my diabetic kidney disease get worse if I get pregnant? 
4. I have Type 2 diabetes and was quite overweight when I became pregnant. Should I try 
to lose a few pounds for a healthier pregnancy? 
5. Does getting diabetes when I am pregnant mean that I am more likely to get permanent 
diabetes later? 
Prevention Basics
1. Can diabetes be prevented? 
2. I have Type 2 diabetes and I worry about other family members getting it. Is there any 
way it can be prevented? 
3. Will losing weight help me prevent getting diabetes? 
4. Does exercise help prevent diabetes? 
5. I have impaired glucose tolerance. What are my chances of getting diabetes later in 

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