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Brief contents
Part I Conceptualising development: meanings of development
	1	Questioning development 3
	2	Understanding colonialism 47
	3	Theories and strategies of development 79
	4	Globalisation, development and underdevelopment 127
Part II Development in practice: components of development
	5	People in the development process 183
	6	Resources and the environment 229
	7	Institutions of development 275
Part III Spaces of development: places and development
	8	Movements and flows 327
	9	Urban spaces 381
	10	Rural spaces 443
Conclusion 491
List of boxes ix
List of case studies x
List of key ideas xi
List of key thinkers xii
List of critical reflections xiii
Preface to the Third Edition xiv
Guided tour xvi
Guided tour to website xviii
Acknowledgements xx
Introduction xxi
Part I Conceptualising development: meanings of development
1 Questioning development 3
Introduction: from 'development' to 'anti-development' 3
The meaning of the word 'development' 4
Thinking about development 6
Critiques of development: Eurocentrism, populist stances, anti-development and postmodernity 12
Spatialising development: the Third World/Developing World/Global South/
Poor Countries 22
Rich and poor worlds: relative poverty and inequalities at the global scale 32
Concluding issues: geography, development and 'distant others' 44
Key points 45
Further reading 45
Websites 46
Discussion topics 46
2 Understanding colonialism 47
Introduction: colonialism and imperialism 47
Phases of colonialism 56
Legacies of colonialism 71
Key points 77
Further reading 78
Websites 78
Discussion topics 78
3 Theories and strategies of development 79
Introduction 79
Theories, strategies and ideologies of development 80
Classical+traditional approaches: early views from the developed world 83
Historical approaches: empirical perspectives on change and development 96
Radical dependency approaches: the Third World answers back? 106
Alternative, bottom-up and participatory approaches: perspectives on 'another' development 114
Development theory, modernity and postmodernity 121
Key points 126
Further reading 126
Websites 126
Discussion topics 126
4 Globalisation, development and underdevelopment 127
Defining globalisation 128
Globalisation and development: 'for and against'/'solution or problem'? 128
Global transformations: a shrinking world or a more unequal world? 133
Globalisation and the information society: the digital divide and an unequal world 140
Economic aspects of globalisation: industrialisation, TNCs, world cities and global shifts 145
Economic change and global divergence 160
Global convergence: perspectives on cultural globalisation 160
Global convergence and divergence: patterns of hierarchic and non-hierarchic change + a summary 164
Political aspects of globalisation: the anti-globalisation and anti-capitalist movements 166
Concluding comments: globalisation and unequal development 178
Key points 180
Further reading 180
Websites 180
Discussion topics 180
Part II Development in practice: components of development
5 People in the development process 183
Introduction: putting people at the centre of development 183
Population and resources: a demographic time bomb? 184
Where do the world's people live? 186
Counting the people 188
Population change 188
Understanding population statistics 192
The demographic transition 192
Population policies 194
Population structure 196
Ageing populations 198
Quality of life 202
Conclusion 225
Key points 226
Further reading 226
Websites 227
Discussion topics 227
6 Resources and the environment 229
Introduction: the search for sustainable development 229
Resources and development 231
Water resources in development: where will new sources come from? 234
Energy resource developments: the search for equity and efficiency 239
Mineral resources: curse or cure for development? 242
Resource constraints and the development process 244
Environmental impacts of development 249
Conclusion: towards sustainable resource management 272
Key points 273
Further reading 273
Websites 274
Discussion topics 274
7 Institutions of development 275
Introduction 275
The rise of global governance 278
The role of the state 312
Civil society, NGOs and development 316
Conclusion 322
Key points 323
Further reading 324
Websites 324
Discussion topics 324
Part III Spaces of development: places and development
8 Movements and flows 327
Introduction: unravelling complexities 328
Movements and flows in the 'real world': growing coffee for export 328
People on the move 331
Communications and transport 344
North and South: an interdependent world 346
World trade: the changing scene 351
Developing countries and the debt crisis 369
Conclusion 377
Key points 378
Further reading 378
Websites 378
Discussion topics 379
9 Urban spaces 381
Urbanisation and development: an overview 382
Urbanisation in the contemporary developing world 384
Causes and consequences of rapid urbanisation in the Third World 391
City systems and development: questions of urban primacy, regional inequalities and unequal development 395
Urban and regional planning in Third World countries 400
Rural+urban interrelations in developing countries 405
Inside Third World cities 415
Final comments: urban management for sustainable urbanisation 440
Key points 441
Further reading 441
Websites 441
Discussion topics 441
10 Rural spaces 443
Introduction 443
Rural spaces in development thinking 444
'Old' and 'new' challenges in rural development 445
Agrarian structures and landholding in rural areas 450
Livelihood systems in rural areas 456
Approaches to agricultural and rural development 472
A new paradigm in rural development? 483
Conclusion 488
Key points 489
Further reading 489
Websites 490
Discussion topics 490
Conclusion 491
Bibliography 495
Index 535

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