Table of contents for Messiaen's explorations of love and death : musico-poetic signification in the Tristan trilogy and three related song cycles / by Siglind Bruhn.

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Table of Contents
Preface	7
Introduction	9
Part I ¿ Languages and Metaphors of Love	
The Ambiguities of Desire	15
The Beloved and God	15
The Song of Songs: Eros versus Longing for Union with God	18
Fin' amors and Spirituality in the Troubadour Tradition	21
Rougemont on Religious Aspects in Medieval Concepts of Love	25
Mystic Readings of the Tristan Myth	30
An Unlikely Impetus	33
Languages of Devotion, Magic, and Awe	35
Visual and Verbal Inspirations	35
Surrealistic Juxtapositions and Syllabic Sound Patterns	37
Music's Obligation as a Language	39
Modes of Limited Transposition	42
Symmetries Horizontal and Vertical, Visual and Spiritual	44
The "Boris Motif¿ and the effet de vitrail	46
Processes of Expansion	48
A Word on Colors, Resonances, and Birdsong Transcriptions	53
Part II ¿ God Present in All Things	
Poèmes pour Mi	57
Loving a Woman and Loving God	57
Antiphons of Sublimated Conjugal Love	62
Nature and Its Jewels	70
Moving on to the True Home	75
Whose Servant?	80
Messiaen's Musical Subtext in the Poèmes pour Mi	87
Chants de terre et de ciel	89
Companion and Guardian Angel	100
The Innocent Child	104
A Man's Hell and Heaven	109
Messiaen's Musical Subtext in the Chants de terre et de ciel 115
Trois petites Liturgies de la présence divine 117
Turning Inward 121
God Present in Christ 130
Omnipresent in Love and Grace 137
Messiaen's Musical Subtext in the Trois petites Liturgies 148
Part III ¿ Fated Love, a Demanding Path toward God
Harawi: chant d'amour et de mort 155
Green Dove, Limpid Pearl 158
Piroutcha and the Violet of Love 164
Dancing, Swirling, Leaping Stars 173
The Dazzling Grandeur and Solace of Death 183
Messiaen's Musical Subtext in Harawi 195
Turangalîla Symphony 197
A Vengeful Venus and a Five-dimensional "Play of Time" 200
Two Love Songs 205
Three Cosmic Projections 209
Two Contemplations of Love's Superhuman Aspects 220
Two Hymns of Joy 226
Messiaen's Musical Subtext in the Turangalîla Symphony 230
Cinq Rechants 233
The Magic Spaces of Incipient Love 236
Isolde the Healer 243
The Cave of Splendid Isolation 246
Consummation 251
Looking back 253
Messiaen's Musical Subtext in the Cinq Rechants 258
Appendix: Myths, Stories, and Poems Featured in the "Tristan Trilogy" 261
I Tristan and Isolde 261
II Other Mythic Tales of Love, Fate, and Death 263
III Inhuman Horrors and the Fateful Female 267
IV The Generous and Welcoming Lover 271 Bibliography 277 List of Illustrations 281 List of Poems Quoted in Full 284 Index 286 About the Author 288

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Messiaen, Olivier, 1908-1992 -- Criticism and interpretation.
Music -- 20th entury -- History and criticism.
Tristan (Legendary character) -- Songs and music -- History and criticism.
Love in music.
Death in music.