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Preface by Jerry Hicks
PART I: Pivoting, and the Book of Positive Aspects
 Does Life Sometimes Seem to Be Unfair? 3
 Is "Doing Your Best" Still Not Enough?
 Whatever I Can Desire, I Can Achieve
 To Achieve Success Is My Natural Birthright
 Money Isn't the Root of Evil or of Happiness
 I Am the Attractor of My Every Experience
 What Do We Mean by Vibration
 I Knew of the Consistency of the Law of Attraction
 Whenever I Feel Abundant, Abundance Finds Me
 Rather Than by Default, Live Life Deliberately
 Tell the Story You Want to Experience
 Every Subject Is Really Two Subjects
 What Is the Story I'm Now Telling?
 The Pivoting Process Can Reorient My Life
 I Am the Creator of My Life Experience
 Aligned Thoughts Are Thoughts That Feel Good
 Seeing My World Through Eyes of Source
 I Can Deliberately Choose to Feel Better
 Could Illness Be Caused by Negative Emotion?
 Pivot from Feeling Bad to Feeling Good
 Am I in Harmony with My Desire?
 What Do I Want, and Why?
 I Can Feel Better Right Now
 Attention to Unwanted Attracts More Unwanted
 Am I Focused Upon the Wanted or the Unwanted?
 Focus on the Solution, Not the Problem
 What I Do Want Is To Feel Good
 Whenever I'm Feeling Bad, I'm Attracting Unwanted
 My Thoughts Dovetail into Stronger Matching Thoughts
 Creating A Book of Positive Aspects
 The Law of Attraction Adds Power to Thoughts
 I'll Begin My Day with Good-Feeling Thoughts
 Sleep Time Is Realignment of Energies Time
 An Example of a Positive Aspects Bed-Time Process
 An Example of a Positive Aspects Morning Process
 I Know How I Want To Feel
 My Universe Is Positively and Negatively Balanced
 My Universe Responds to My Attention to
 Decisions To Feel Good, Attract Good Feelings
 How Can I Not Feel Their Pain?
 My Sympathy, as of No Value to Anyone?
 To Not Hurt When They Feel Hurt?
 I Am Not Responsible for Other's Creations
 Listen for Guidance, or Reach for Good Feelings?
 What If I Played the "What-If?" Game?
PART II: Attracting Money and Manifesting Abundance
 Attracting Money and Manifesting Abundance
 Lackful Action Doesn't Pay Off
 First, I'll Find My Vibrational Balance
 Neither Money Nor Poverty Make Joy
 I Am Here as a Joyful Creator
 The Power of Vibrationally Spending Vibrational Money
 Needing Money Won't Attract It
 If a "Poor" One Doesn't Feel Poor?
 What Is My "Financial Abundance" Story?
 If the Poor Criticize the Rich?
 What If Our Dollars Lose Value?
 To Reverse a Downward Spiral?
 A War Against War Is War
 Can We Succeed Without Talent?
 Can We Get Something Without Giving?
 Living Abundantly Isn't "Magic"
 Trading Freedom for Dollars?
 Negative re: Dollars or Cancer?
 He Didn't Struggle for Dollars?
 Is Spending Money Comfortable?
 How to Change My Point of Attraction?
 My Standards Are Mine to Set
 Does "Saving for Security" Work?
 Telling a New Story About Abundance,
 Money, and Financial Well-Being
 An Example of My "New" Story About Money
PART III: Maintaining My Physical Well-Being
 My Thoughts Create My Physical Experience
 Complaining About Complaining Is Also Complaining
 I Can Feel Good in My Body
 Words Don't Teach, But Life Experience Does
 The Law of Attraction Expands My Every Thought
 Fifteen Minutes to My Intentional Well-Being
 I Am Not Bound by Other's Beliefs
 There Is Time Enough to Accomplish It
 Why Do I Want Perfect Bodily Conditions?
 I Can Trust My Eternal Inner Being
 The Role of Thought in Traumatic Injuries?
 Could a Congenital Illness Be Vibrationally Resolved?
 Major Diseases Come and Go, But Why?
 I've Witnessed My Body Heal Itself, Naturally
 By Attention to Wellness, I'll Maintain Wellness?
 When Inspired to Visit a Medical Doctor?
 Euphoria, in the Jaws of a Lion?
 How Could Someone Feeling Pain, Focus Elsewhere?
 My Natural State Is a State of Well-Being
 But Could a Baby's Thought Attract Disease?
 Why Have Some Been Born with Illnesses?
 Let's Discuss the Concept of "Incurable" Diseases
 Focus on Fun to Regain One's Health?
 Did Ignoring the Illness Resolve the Illness?
 What's the Effect of Vaccines on Diseases?
 Medical Doctors, Faith Healers, and Witch Doctors?
 Your Physician, as a Means to Well-Being
 What Can I Do to Help Them?
 But, if They're In An Unconscious Coma?
 Could I Inherit My Grandmother's Illness?
 What Is the Media's Role in Epidemics?
 Catch Uncomfortable Sensations While They're Small
 Are Arthritis and Alzheimer's Diseases Somehow Resolvable?
 Are Exercise and Nutrition a Health Factor?
 If a Healthy Person Feels Mostly Tired?
 What is The Chief Cause of Illness?
 An Example of My "Old" Story About My Physical Well-Being
 An Example of My "New" Story About My Physical Well-Being
PART IV: Perspectives of Health, Weight and Mind
 I Want to Enjoy a Healthy Body
 I Want to Balance My Desires and Experiences
 I Needn't Compare My Body to Others
 What If I Saw Myself as Perfect?
 Pushing Against Unwanted, Attracts More Unwanted
 My Attention to Lack, Attracts More Lack
 Planting Fear Seeds Does Grow More Fear
 Must Attention to Illness, Attract Illness?
 Is My Attention Predominantly Focused on Well-Being?
 Other's Physical Evidence Needn't Be My Experience
 How Can I Influence All Toward Maintaining Health?
 I'll Relax and Sleep Myself into Well-Being
 Do Negative Emotions Indicate Unhealthy Thoughts?
 To What Degree Can I Control My Body?
 Can We Consciously Grow New Muscle and Bone?
 When One's Desire Overrules One's Belief?
 But If I Believe in Dangerous Germs?
 I Am Guided Toward What I Do like
 First, I Must Be Willing to Please Myself
 Is There an Appropriate Time to Die?
 Are All Deaths a Form of Suicide?
 A Process to Manage One's Body Weight?
 Regarding Food, Can I Follow My Bliss?
 What Are My Beliefs About My Food?
 Opinions of Others, About My Body Are Insignificant
 An Example of My "Old" Story About My Body
 An Example of My "New" Story About My Body
PART V: Careers, as Profitable Sources of Pleasure
 My First Steps In Career Choice?
 "What Do You Do for a Living?"
 Law of Attraction, and Career?
 Filling My Void thru Service?
 Will My Success Uplift Others?
 I Want Freedom, Growth, and Joy
 I Want My Life to Feel Good
 I Create My Own Joyous Career
 Immoral to Get Without Giving?
 Welcome to Planet Earth
 Most Important Is Feeling Good
 What's Holding Back My Career?
 I'll Seek Reasons to Feel Good
 Do I Want to, or Do I Have to?
 If My Pleasure Attracts Money?
 I Want My Work to Feel Free
 What Are It's Positive Aspects?
 My Time, at Work is Perceptual
 Should I Try to Work Harder?
 An Example of My "Old" Story About My Career
 An Example of My "New" Story about My Career
 Time to Tell a New Story

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