Table of contents for Confronting global terrorism : the framework of a liberal grand strategy / Tom Farer.

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1. Introduction: Liberalism, Human Rights, Terrorism and Neo-Conservatism 01
1. Liberalism 06
2. Human rights 11
3. Terrorism 15
A. The Moral Economy of Terrorism in the Service of National Liberation? 19
B. Renewing the Struggle for a General UN Convention on Terrorism 24
4. Neo-Conservatism 29
A. Neo- and Realist Conservatives 29
B. The Neo-conservative Project 34
C. Liberalism and Neo-conservatism: Destined to Duel 36
2. Legal and Legitimate Use of Force: In the Struggle Against Transnational Terrorism is the UN Charter Quaint? 43
1. The Original Understanding 45
2. The New Global Context and the Call for Loosened Restraints on the Use of Force 56
A. Law and the Interests of Powerful States: 1945-89 56
B. Law and the Interests of Powerful States after the Cold War: The Neo-conservative Project and the Use of Force 60
C. The Neo-conservative Project and the Interests of the West 64
3. The UN's Restatement of its Norms 67
4. The Liberal Case for Conserving Normative Restraint 75
3. Cruelty and the National Interest: The Question of Legitimate Means 79
1. Standards and the Post 9/11 Setting 80
2. Deconstructing the Laws of War 84
3. Liberal Values and the Temptation to Torture 97
4. The Latin Americanization of the American "War" on Terrorism 122
4. Terrorism, Communalism and Democracy: The Limits of Tolerance 128
1. Civic Communities and Communities of Blood and of Faith 132
2. Communalism and Liberalism 135
3. Reconciling Liberal Government and Minority Claims: General Principles and Human Rights Norms 139
A. The Human Rights of Illiberal Minorities 141
B. The Evolution of Minority Rights in the Post-modern Era 144
C. Minority Claims and Liberal Values 149
4. Liberal Values and Minority Claims: Toward Practical Accommodation 152
5. Then . . . What is to be Done? 157
5. The Iconic Conflict between Israelis and Palestinians: The Normative Parameters of a Settlement 168
1. The Legal Parameters of a Just Settlement 175
A. Self-Determination of Peoples 176
2. The Problematics of Borders 180
3. The Question of Forfeiture 183
4. Israel and the Occupied Territories in Light of Human Rights Law and the Law of War 193
5. A Legal Right in Search of a Remedy 198
6. Conclusion: The South African Analogy 200
6. Toward a Liberal Grand Strategy 221
1. Ideas and Actions 221
2. Toward a Liberal Grand Strategy of Containment 226
A. Pluralists and Reductionists 226
B. Hearts and Minds 236
C. Words and Deeds 248

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