Table of contents for The Everything rock and blues piano book with CD : master riffs, licks, and blues styles from New Orleans to New York City / Eric Starr, Lisa Laing, Jessica LaPointe.

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Chapter 1: Rock and Blues 101
History of the Blues
Early Innovators
Styles of Blues
History of Rock
Technological Advancements
Styles of Rock
Chapter 2: Let's Get Started
Keyboard Layout
Scale Degrees
Sitting at the Piano or Keyboard
Hand and Finger Placement
Fingering in the Right and Left Hands
Chapter 3: Notation as a Tool
Notation Overview
Range, Treble and Bass Clefs
Pitches and Clefs
Ledger Lines and Octaves 
Note Names and Rhythm
Time Signatures
Keeping Time and Counting Aloud
Chapter 4: Keys, Scales, Pedaling, and Technique Building
Key Signatures
Major Scales
Minor Scales
Using the Sustain Pedal
Technique Builders
Chapter 5: Advanced Scales
Blues Scales
Pentatonic Scales
Dorian Mode
Mixolydian Mode
The Dominant Scale and Chromatics
Lydian Dominant
Chapter 6: Harmony
Major and Minor Triads
Diatonic Triads of the Major Scale
Dominant Seventh Chords
Diminished, Half Diminished, and Augmented Chords
Secondary Dominant Chords
Borrowed Chords
Types of Cadences
Chapter 7: Extensions, Suspensions, Passing Chords and More
Major and Minor Seven Chords
Major and Minor Nine Chords
Suspended Chords
Altered Dominant Chords
Tri-tone Substitution
Chromatic Passing Chords
Chapter 8: Combining Chords and Scales and Arpeggios
Combining Chords with Scales
Soloing with the Harmonic Minor Scale
Using Arpeggios
Soloing with the Dorian Mode
Soloing with Major and Minor Pentatonics
Soloing with Blues Scales
Soloing with Dominant and Lydian Dominant Scales
Chapter 9: Elements of the Blues
I-IV-V Chord Progressions
12 Bar Blues
The Left Hand
Boogie Woogie
Walking Bass Lines
Two-Beat Bass Lines
Chapter 10: Riffs, Embellishments, Turnarounds, and Endings 
Common Riffs
Call and Response Phrases
Dynamics and Accents
Embellishments and Decorations
Turnarounds and Endings
Chapter 11: Blues Across America
Mississippi Delta
New Orleans
Chicago blues
Other Important Blues Regions
Blues and Jazz in the Big Apple
Creating Licks with 3rds
Creating Licks with 6ths
Chapter 12: Elements of Rock
Distinguishing Rock from Pop
Chord Voicings
Structural Elements Defined
Common Chord Progressions 
Spicing it up with Arpeggios
Chapter 13: Rock-n-Roll and Rhythm & Blues
The Dawning of a New Era
Ray Charles
Fats Domino
Little Richard
Jerry Lee Lewis
Johnnie Johnson
Chapter 14: The Development of Rock
The Beatles
The Doors
Progressive Rock
Stevie Wonder
Southern Rock
Singer-Songwriters and Piano Pop
Chapter 15: Study Pieces
What is an Etude?
Analyzing Chords
Blues Etude #1 - Blues for Dr. John
Blues Etude #2 - Tinsel Town Boogie
Blues Etude #3 - Lazy Blues
Rock Etude - Solar Wind for Polyphonic Synthesizer
Pop Etude - For Kicks
Chapter 16: Equipment
The Piano
Keyboards and Synthesizers
Piano vs. Keyboard
Buying the Right Piano
Buying the Right Keyboard
Chapter 17: Accessories and Learning Tools
The Metronome
Music Writing Software
Home Recording 
Recording Music for Educational Purposes
Appendix A: Key Innovators and Recordings
Appendix B: Resources

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Piano music (Blues) -- Instruction and study.
Rock music -- Instruction and study.
Blues (Music) -- Instruction and study.