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	1790 00
To John Adams, January 9
To Robert Smith, January 23
To Joseph Habersham, January 27
To James Seagrove, February 1
To Edward Butler, February 3
To Charles Philips, February 3
To John McPherson, February 13
To John Houstoun, February
To Archibald Maclaine, March 3
To Edward Rutledge, March 12
To Monsieur de la Forest, March 26
To Edward Butler, March 27
To Alexander Gillon, March 31
To George Hooper, April 5
To William Lee, April 7
To Thomas Parker Butler, April 15
To Edward Rutledge, April 14
To Alexander Gillon, April 14
To Gillon and Saunders, April 23
To Alexander Gillon, April 23
To Frances Butler, April 29
To Crawford Davison, May 4
To James Fraser, May 5
To John McQueen, May 5
To Edward Rutledge, May 15
To Roger Parker Saunders, May 24
To Alexander Gillon, May 25
To R. Coghlan, June 2
To John Houstoun, June 7
To James La Motte, June 10
To Peter Spence, June 27
To Dorothea Fitzgerald, July 24
To George Mason, July 25
To George Washington, July 29
To Edward Rutledge, August 17
To Roger Parker Saunders, August 26
To John McQueen, September 2
To Roger Parker Saunders, September 2
To Peter Spence, September 5
To Roger Parker Saunders, September 6
To Joseph Habersham, September 7
To Peter William Van Lankern, September 8
To Van Staphorsts and Hubbard, September 8
To Thomas Bourke, September 13
To Oliphant and Son, September 23
To John Houstoun, September 27
To Edward Rutledge, October 14
To John McQueen, October 22
To Thomas Cobham, October 31
To Edward Rutledge, October 31
To T. B. Ernst, October
To Edward Van Harthals, November 3
To Weeden Butler, November 16
To Peter Spence, November 20
To John McQueen, November 27
To Lady Henrietta Butler, November 28
To Richard Hutson, December 2
To John McQueen, December 15
	1791 00
To Thomas Bourke, January 6
To Jane Beaver, January 9
To Lodewijk Hovy and Son, January 22
To George Hooper, January 23
To James Jackson, January 24
To Edward Rutledge, January 29
To Daniel Bourdeaux, January 29
To G. C. Richards, February 5
To John Lecky, February 11
To Don Diego de Gardoqui, February 17
To Mrs Hoffman, February 21
To Willem and Jan Willink, April 26
To George Washington, June 6
To Tench Coxe, June 17
To Charles Pinckney, June 20
To Charles Pinckney, June 22
To George Washington, July 6
To Charles Pinckney, July 8
To John McQueen, July 19
To Thomas Bourke, August 2
To Alexander Gillon, August 21
To John Hunter, August 27
To James Gunn, August 31
To James La Motte, September 4
To Roger Parker Saunders, September 5
To John Houstoun, September 5
To William Cope, September 7
To Tench Coxe, September 7
To Henry Knox, September 9
To Isaac Holmes, September 10
To William Frogatt, September 20
To Robert Shuttleworth, September 20
To Van Staphorsts and Hubbard, September 23
To Daniel Bourdeaux, September 25
To James Seagrove, September 28
To John Houstoun, September 28
To Don Diego de Gardoqui, September 30
To Edward Campbell, October 1
To Daniel Bourdeaux, October 5
To John London, October 7
To James La Motte, October 20
To Edward Rutledge, October 20
To Alexander Gillon, October 28
To James La Motte, October 30
To Roger Smith, November 5
To Thomas Parker Butler, November 17
To John Rea, November 18
To G. C. Richards, November 19
To John Hunter, November 22
To Hary Grant, December 8
To Thomas Cobham, December 30
	1792 00
To Wade Hampton, January 12
To Elizabeth Willing Powel, January 29
To Henrietta Gordon, February 12
To Frances Butler, February 12
To William Payne, February 18
To Robert Goodloe Harper, February 18
To Thomas Raikes, February 20
To Van Staphorsts and Hubbard, February 20
To Robert Shuttleworth, February 20
To Edward Van Harthals, February 20
To Robert Shuttleworth, February 27
To George Hooper, March 18
To Thomas Pinckney, May 12
To George Hooper, June 21
To Herbert Beaver, June 27
To James Simons, June 29
To Alexander Hamilton, June 29
To Philemon Dickinson, July 1
To Sir John Menzies, August 5
To James Seagrove, August 7
To John McQueen, August 9
To Roger Parker Saunders, August 9
To John Julius Pringle, August 12
To George Hooper, August 14
To Anne Graeme, August 24
To Charles Pinckney, August 24
To Adam Tunno, August 25
To Lodewijk Hovy and Son, August 25
To Roger Parker Saunders, September 8
To Josiah Tattnall, September 12
To James Gunn, September 12
To Thomas Frost, September 14
To Robert Anderson, September 18
To John Ewing Colhoun, September 26
To Wade Hampton, September 26
To Thomas Bourke, September 27
To John Hunter, September 28
To John Julius Pringle, September 29
To Tench Coxe, September
To Roger Parker Saunders, October 9
To Sir George Houstoun, October 9
To Anne Graeme, October 10
To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Edward Rutledge, October 17
To Robert Shuttleworth, October 27
To John Rea, November 2
To John McPherson, November 6
To James Seagrove, November 11
To Charles Cotesworth Pinckney and Edward Rutledge, November 12
To Phineas Bond, November 18
To Peter Freneau, November 22
To Andrew Pickens, November 22
To Daniel Bourdeaux, November 22
To William Temple Franklin, November 25
To John Ayres, November 26
To Don Juan McQueen, December 6
To Leonard Marbury, December 7
To George Hooper, December 10
	1793 00
To Edward Neufville, January 1
To John Lloyd, January 2
To Robert Anderson, January 5
To Morgan Brown, January 24
To Ralph Izard, January 26
To James Simons, January 26
To Peter Freneau, January 27
To Wade Hampton, January 28
To George Washington, January 28
To John Mayrant, January 29
To Andrew Pickens, February 2
To George Washington, February 6
To John Hunter, February 6
To Alexander Gillon, February 12
To George Hooper, February 22
To Van Lankern and Sons, February (?)
To Isaac Lascelles Winn, March 13
To Benjamin Lincoln, March 13
To William Temple Franklin, July 23
To Thomas Bourke, August 8
To Robert Goodloe Harper, August 9
To William Temple Franklin, August 11
To John London, August 12
To George Hooper, August 12
To James Gunn, August 17
To William Temple Franklin, August 21
To Thomas Young, August 22
To Nathaniel Hall, September 16
To Alexander Gillon, September 26
To James Gunn, October 3
To Jeremiah Wadsworth, October 10
To George Hooper, October 25
To John London, October 25
To Thomas Young, October 28
To Barnett and Howard, October 29
To John Julius Pringle, November 1
To John Cunningham, November 1
To Gideon D. Pendleton, November 5
To John Bee Holmes, November 5
To James Seagrove, November 5
To John Houstoun, November 5
To John Allston, November 16
To Isaac Huger, November 18
To Henry Lee, November 20
To William Temple Franklin, November 22
To [Addressee omitted], November 26
To Simpson and Davison, November 26
To Peter William Van Lankern, November 28
To Van Staphorsts and Hubbard, November 28
To Edmund Randolph, November 28
To Joseph Nutt, December 2
To Edward Neufville, December 8
To Richard Wayne, December 8
To Wade Hampton, December 10
To Matthew McAllister, December 18
To Richard Henry Lee, December 22
	1794 00
To Thomas P. Carnes, January 12
To John Y. Noel, January 21
To William Temple Franklin, January 22
To Gideon D. Pendleton, January 28
To Richard Wayne, January 28
To William Tennent, January 28
To William Temple Franklin, January 29
To Robert MisCampbell, January 29
To Edward Rutledge, January 29
To Charles Goodwin, January 29
To Thomas Sumter, February 1
To Robert Anderson, February 1
To Wade Hampton, February 3
To James Madison, February 4
To Archibald Broun, February 14
To James Ladson, February 18
To Frances Pinckney, February 18
To Richard Wayne, March 3
To John Rutledge, March 4
To George Hooper, March 6
To Robert Goodloe Harper, March 6
To James Simons, March 11
To George Washington, March 15
To John Allston, March 25
To Joseph Eve, March 25
To Thomas Young, March 25
To Zebulon Hollingsworth, April 3
To James Iredell, April 3
To John Allston, April 9
To John Allston, April 19
To John Allston, April 25
To Thomas Young, April 29
To Zebulon Hollingsworth, May 4
To Robert MisCampbell, May 7
Index 00

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Butler, Pierce, 1744-1822 -- Correspondence.
Legislators -- South Carolina -- Correspondence.
Plantation owners -- South Carolina -- Correspondence.
Plantation owners -- Georgia -- Correspondence.
Statesmen -- United States -- Correspondence.
United States. Constitution -- Signers -- Correspondence.
United States -- Politics and government -- 1789-1797 -- Sources.
Political culture -- United States -- History -- 18th century -- Sources.
South Carolina -- Politics and government -- 1775-1865 -- Sources.
Southern States -- Social life and customs -- 1775-1865 -- Sources.