Table of contents for The employer's legal handbook / by Fred S. Steingold.

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A.	Legal Guidelines for Hiring Employees	1/3
B.	Job Descriptions	1/12
C.	Job Advertisements	1/14
D.	Job Applications	1/14
E.	Interviews	1/19
F.	Testing	1/21
G.	Investigations	1/25
H.	Making a Job Offer	1/30
I.	Rejecting Applicants	1/32
J.	Tax Compliance	1/32
K.	Immigration Law Requirements	1/33
L.	New Hire Reporting Form	1/34
Personnel Practices 
A.	Employee Files	2/2
B.	Employee Handbooks	2/6
C.	Employee Performance Reviews	2/9
D.	Disciplining Employees	2/16
Wages and Hours
A.	Overtime and Minimum Wage Requirements	3/5
B.	Equal Pay Requirements	3/17
C.	How to Pay Employees	3/18
D.	Calculating Work Hours	3/19
E.	Record-Keeping Requirements	3/22
F.	Child Labor Rules	3/22
G.	Payroll Withholding	3/26
H.	The Consequences of Bending the Rules	3/28
Employee Benefits
A.	Health Care Coverage	4/2
B.	Retirement Plans	4/9
C.	Other Employee Benefits	4/12
D.	Benefits for Domestic Partners	4/15
A.	Employer Identification Numbers	5/3
B.	Federal Employment Taxes	5/6
C.	Federal Self-Employment Taxes	5/9
D.	Federal Tax Deductions for Salaries and Other Expenses	5/10
E.	Independent Contractors	5/13
F.	Statutory Employees	5/14
Family and Medical Leave
A.	Who Is Covered	6/2
B.	Reasons for Taking a Leave	6/2
C.	Scheduling Leave	6/4
D.	Temporary Transfer to Another Job	6/5
E.	Substituting Paid Leave	6/6
F.	Advance Notice of Leave	6/6
G.	Certification	6/7
H.	Health Benefits	6/9
I.	Returning to Work	6/10
J.	Related Laws	6/11
K.	Enforcement	6/13
Health and Safety
A.	The Occupational Safety and Health Act	7/3
B.	Getting Help	7/8
C.	State OSHA Laws	7/10
D.	Hazardous Chemicals	7/10
E.	Workers' Compensation	7/12
F.	Disease Prevention	7/17
G.	Tobacco Smoke	7/18
H.	Drug and Alcohol Abuse	7/18
I.	Repetitive Stress Disorder	7/22
Illegal Discrimination
A.	Title VII of the Civil Rights Act	8/3
B.	Sexual Harassment	8/9
C.	Age	8/15
D.	Pregnancy	8/17
E.	Citizenship	8/18
F.	Gay and Lesbian Workers	8/18
G.	State and Local Laws	8/20
Workers With Disabilities
A.	The Americans With Disabilities Act	9/3
B.	Businesses That Are Covered	9/5
C.	Who Is Protected	9/5
D.	Exceptions to Coverage	9/10
E.	Providing Reasonable Accommodations	9/11
F.	Workers With Emotional or Mental Impairments	9/17
G.	Financial Assistance	9/19
H.	Health and Safety Standards	9/20
I.	Medical Exams	9/24
J.	Enforcement	9/24
A.	Wrongful Discharge Cases	10/3
B.	Guarding Against Legal Claims	10/6
C.	Guidelines for Firing Employees	10/8
D.	Investigating Complaints Against Workers	10/10
E.	Alternatives to Firing	10/12
F.	The Firing Process	10/13
G.	Heading Off Trouble	10/17
H.	Final Paychecks	10/18
I.	Continuing Health Insurance	10/18
J.	Unemployment Compensation	10/18
K.	Protecting Your Business Information	10/23
L.	Handling Postemployment Inquiries	10/25
Employee Privacy
A.	Monitoring Employees at Work	11/3
B.	Searches	11/8
C.	Employee Dating	11/9
D.	Other Off-Duty Activities	11/9
Independent Contractors
A.	Comparing Employees and Independent Contractors	12/2
B.	The IRS Rules	12/6
C.	Workers Automatically Classified as Employees	12/13
D.	State Laws	12/14
E.	The Risks of Misclassification	12/14
F.	Hiring Independent Contractors	12/15
A.	The National Labor Relations Act	13/2
B.	Unionizing a Workplace	13/2
C.	Employer Rights and Limitations	13/4
D.	Employee Rights and Limitations	13/5
E.	Making Unions Unnecessary	13/6
Lawyers and Legal Research
A.	Getting Help From a Lawyer	14/2
B.	Paying a Lawyer	14/6
C.	Resolving Problems With Your Lawyer	14/8
D.	Legal Research	14/9
Labor Departments and Agencies	A/2
State Drug and Alcohol Testing Laws	A/3
State Laws on Employee Arrest and Conviction Records	A/13
State Laws on Access to Personnel Records	A/21
State Minimum Wage Laws for Tipped and Regular Employees	A/27
State Meal and Rest Breaks 	A/33
State Health Insurance Continuation Laws 	A/38
State Family and Medical Leave Laws 	A/50
Right-to-Know Laws (Hazardous Chemicals)	A/57
State Laws Prohibiting Discrimination in Employment	A/58
Agencies That Enforce Laws Prohibiting Discrimination in Employment 	A/68
State Laws That Control Final Paychecks	A/72

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