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1. Physiology of upward- transport in the human female genital tract: Ioannis Zervomanolakis, Helmut Ott, Dijana Hadziomerovic, Verena Mattle, Beata Seeber, Irene Virgolini , Dirk Heute, Stefan Kissler, Gerhard Leyendecker, Ludwig. Wildt
2. Bioengineering studies of the embryo transfer procedure: Osnat Eytan, David Elad, Ariel J. Jaffa
3. Utero-tubal transport capacity and its impairment in endometriosis and adenomyosis: Stefan Kissler, Stephan Zangos, Inka Wiegratz, Joachim Kohl, Achim Rody, Regine Gaetje, Natascha Dobert, Ludwig Wildt, Georg Kunz, Gerhard Leyendecker, Manfred Kaufmann
4. Uterine contractility: Visualization of synchronization measures in two simultaneously recorded signals: Edward Oczeretko, Agnieszka Kitlas, Marta Borowska, Jolanta Swiatecka, Tadeusz Laudanski
5. Uterine contractility evaluated on cine MRI: Kaori Togashi, Takashi Koyama 
6. Twin-twin transfusion syndrome modeling: Jeroen PHM van den Wijngaard, Michael G Ross, Martin JC van Gemert
7. Pump twin complications explained by hypoxia in the acardiac twin: Rosa de Groot,van den Wijngaard, Johan Beek, Peter GJ Nikkels, Martin JC van Gemert
8. Fetal blood flow in branching models of the chorionic arterial vasculature: Zoya Gordon, David Elad, Ariel J. Jaffa, Osnat Eytan 
9. Myocytes, myometrium, and uterine contractions: Roger C. Young 
10. In situ Ca signalling: lack of Ca sparks in rat myometrium: Theodor Burdyga, Susan Wray, Karen Noble
11. Control of uterine Ca2+ by membrane voltage: towards understanding of excitation-contraction coupling in human myometrium: Smygol Anatoly, Andrew Nlanks, Gilles Bru-Mercier, Joana Gullan, Steven Thornton
12. Modelling myometrial smooth muscle contraction: Limor Bursztyn, Osnat Eytan, Ariel J. Jaffa, David Elad 
13. Interstitial Cajal-like cells in human uterus and fallopian tube: Laurentiu M Popescu, Sanda M Ciontea, Dragos Cretoiu 
14. Microstructure and mechanics of the chorioamnion membrane with an emphasis on fracture properties: Steven E. Calvin, Michelle L. Oyen 
15. In vivo characterization of the mechanics of human uterine cervices: Margit Bauer, Edoardo Mazza, Alessandro Nava, Michael Bajka, Fernando Cacho, Uwe Lang, Gerhard A Holzapfel
16. Analysis of cervical dynamics using ultrasound image processing: Rimma Pugatsch, David Elad, Ariel J Jaffa, Osnat Eytan 
17. Cardiovascular developmental insights from embryos: Bradley B Keller, Li J Liu, Joseph P Tinney, Kimimasa Tobita 
18. Mechanobiology of embryonic limb development: Niamh C Nowlan, Paula Murphy, Patrick J Prendergast 
19. Hedgehog signaling: A biophysical or biomechanical modulator in embryonic development?: Takashi Nagase, Masafumi Machida, Masaaki Yamagishi 
20. A mathematical model of penile vascular dysfunction and its application to a new diagnostic technique: Ofer Barnea, Shimon Hayun, Gabriel Gillon 
21. Penises as variable-volume hydrostatic skeletons: Diane A Kelly
22. A three-dimensional model of the penis for analysis of tissue stresses during erection: Eran Linder-Ganz, Juza Chen, David Elad, Amit Gefen 
23. The geometric clutch as a working hypothesis for future research on cilia and flagella: Charles B Lindemann 
24. Fluid dynamic models of flagellar and ciliary beating: Robert Dillon, Lisa Fauci, Charlotte Omoto, Xingzhou Yang 
25. Molecular basis of sperm flagellar axonemes: Structural and evolution aspects: Kazuo Inaba 
26. Functional anatomy of the female pelvic floor: James A Ashton-Miller, John OL DeLancey 
27. Evaluation of the dynamic responses of female pelvic floor using a novel vaginal probe: Qiyu Peng, Keiichi Shishido, Yoshimura Yasukuni, Omata Sadao, Christos E Constantinou 
28. Finite element studies of the deformation of the pelvic floor: Joao AC Martins, Matilde PM Pato, Eduardo B Pires, Renato MN Jorge, Marco Parente, Teresa Mascarenhas 
29. A contextual model of pelvic floor muscle defects in female stress urinary incontinence: A rational for physiotherapy management: Stephanie Madill, Linda McLean 
30. Clinical female pelvic anatomy for maternal childbirth injury simulations: Lennox Hoyte, Margot S. Damaser

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