Table of contents for The everything parent's guide to children with juvenile diabetes / Moira McCarthy, with Jake Kushner.

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Chapter 1: What Is Type 1 Diabetes?
The Physiology of Type 1 Diabetes
Signs and Symptoms
Type 1 Versus Type 2
Statistics and Type 1
Common Misperceptions and Truths
Treatment Options
Chapter 2: Type 2 Diabetes and Children
The Physiology of Type 2 Diabetes
Signs and Symptoms
Why Type 2 Is Hard for a Kid
Taking Control of Type 2
Treatment Options
Support for Type 2
Chapter 3: Diagnosis Day
 	How It Happens
Where to Go and What to Expect
What Happens at the Hospital
The Emotional Toll
How and What to Tell Your Friends
The Guts to Go Home
Chapter 4: Bonding with Your Diabetes Team
The Pediatric Endocrinologist
The Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)
The Nutritionist
The Social Worker
How to Find a Good Match
Building a Positive Relationship
Chapter 5: Letters, Numbers, and Other Diabetes Codes
A1c¿Not as Easy as ABC
Breaking Down Daily Averages
Realistic Goals at All Ages
Good Numbers Versus Bad Numbers
The Numbers in Your Child¿s Future
Chapter 6: Tools of the Trade
The Way It Used to Be
Today¿s Insulin Choices
How to Know What¿s Best for Your Child
Meters 101
Glucagon 101
New Devices: Today and on the Horizon
Chapter 7: All about Pumps
What Is an Insulin Pump?
The Pros and Cons of Pumping
Ages and Pump Issues
Where to Begin
Cool Pump Tricks for Everyone
Saying No to Pumping
Chapter 8: The First Weeks
 Settling In
 Organizing, Storing, and Toting the Supplies
 How to Use Your Medical Team During the First Weeks
 That First High Blood Sugar
 That First Low Blood Sugar
 Nighttime Checks: How Many and How Often?
Chapter 9: Family Dynamics
 Sibling Matters
 Extended Family
 Spouses and Sharing the Disease
 Divorced Parents and Diabetes Planning
 When Diabetes Strikes More than One Child
Chapter 10: School Time
The First Day Back
How, When, and What to Tell Other Students
Making the School Nurse Your Partner
504s and Other Long-Term Plans
When Your School Doesn¿t Have a Nurse
The Rest of the Team
When a School Won¿t Cooperate
Chapter 11: Playtime
Around the Block Can Feel Like Around the World
Adjusting for Outside Days
Youth Sports and Diabetes
Safe Playgroups and Play Dates
Birthday Parties
The Beach, the Mountains, and the Wilderness
Chapter 12: Support for Parents and Caregivers
Why Parents Need Support
Finding Support
Online Support
In-Person Support
Using Your Support
Becoming the Support Person
Chapter 13: Support for Your Child
Kids Need Support Even More Than You
Where to Find Help
Diabetes Camps
Online Support
When Basic Support Is Not Enough
Chapter 14: The Honeymoon Period
What Is the Honeymoon Period?
How to Cope
Hope and Denial
A Time to Learn and Explore
Can the Honeymoon Be Extended?
When It¿s Over
Chapter 15: Independence and What it Means
Age-Appropriate Independence
The Slumber Party
High School Freedom
When to Say Goodbye to the School Nurse
Checking Meters, Asking Questions
Setting Your Child Free
Chapter 16: Hitting the Wall: Kids and Burnout
Signs and Symptoms
Battling Burnout
When Nothing Works
Counseling: Finding the Best
Other Places Your Child Can Heal
The Age Question
Chapter 17: Hitting the Wall: Parent and Caregiver Burnout
Signs and Symptoms
Avoiding Burnout
Battling Burnout
When Nothing Works
Counseling: When and Where?
How to Escape
Chapter 18: Teen Issues
Attitude Changes
The ¿Cool¿ Factor
Sex and Other Traps
Recognizing a Cry for Help
Chapter 19: Sick Day Management
Common Ailments and Disabilities
Cuts, Scrapes, and Breaks
Stomach Bugs and Treatment
Emergency Room Visits
Stocking Your Sick Day Cabinet
Other Long-Term Health Issues
Chapter 20: Advocacy and Fundraising: Are They Right for You?
The Advocacy and Fundraising World
The American Diabetes Association (ADA)
The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)
Other Big Names
Is Volunteering Right for You?
When It¿s Wrong
Chapter 21: The Path to a Bright Future
Twenty-five Years Ago
Better Treatment Options Are Here
The Artificial Pancreas
Cures on the Horizon
Complications: Why the Long-Term Statistics Change
What You Can Do
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Top Diabetes Centers in Major Cities

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